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We know the newspaper keeps you informed. But we thought we’d save you the extra hassles – the late newspaper boy, the paper-hungry dog, and, the nastiest of them all, the sodden papier-maché you get on a rainy day.

Newsletter for Sify Mail subscribers. Click to enlarge

Newsletter for Sify Mail subscribers. Click to enlarge

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With just one newsletter out, we’ve already had some great responses.  Some of you have loved it – and we thank you for all mails you’ve sent our way – and some of you feel we can better ourselves. We do love constructive criticism.

So do keep browsing through our newsletter and do keep letting us know what you’d like to see in your inbox the next time.

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That Kaminey Flu

It was to be the week that let loose Kaminey (Scoundrels).

But Shahid Kapur’s brilliant new avatars, and all our grand plans for
the Independence Day weekend have been overshadowed by panic caused by
two dreaded words — H1N1 and Swine Flu.

Will a cough or a sneeze mean you have contracted the newest virus on
the global radar?

Where can you go if your  family falls sick? Can you afford the masks
and the medicines?

And when will you get a clear picture on what’s happening?

Well, we can’t put to rest all your concerns, but we can certainly
try. We’ve trawled the web, talked to experts and compiled everything
we know about the virus. And we would like to share it with you here.

We want to know what you think of the debate on the media’s role in
covering this crisis: Are we fuelling the panic? Or just doing our
jobs? Post your comments in the space below.

Until then, stay safe, be happy.

Aamir Khan loves it. Time you did, too!

Badminton has given us one of our greatest champs – Prakash Padukone.

The incredibly talented Syed Modi and the gritty Pullela Gopichand followed in the footsteps of the legendary former World No 1 and brought honours to the country in this fast-paced game.

Despite their exploits and despite celebrities like Aamir Khan and Prakash’s daughter Deepika publicly professing their love for the game, the sport continues to languish in India.

Sania still remains more popular than Saina, the 19-year-old World No 6 who is now gunning for glory at the 2009 World Championship being held at Hyderabad.

Root for her and follow the Indian team’s progress in the premier World Badminton Championship here on Sify Sports.

Isn’t it time that we showed that we care?

How’s our new home?

As regular visitors will tell you, we’ve redone our home page.

Other changes, some subtle, some radical, are likely soon.

But it would be presumptuous to assume that we know what is best for you.

Hence this blog, run by our editors.

Brickbats? Bouquets? Sure.

But more than that, we want you to constantly tell us what works for you.

And what doesn’t.

We promise to listen.