How’s our new home?

As regular visitors will tell you, we’ve redone our home page.

Other changes, some subtle, some radical, are likely soon.

But it would be presumptuous to assume that we know what is best for you.

Hence this blog, run by our editors.

Brickbats? Bouquets? Sure.

But more than that, we want you to constantly tell us what works for you.

And what doesn’t.

We promise to listen.

9 responses to “How’s our new home?

  1. Finally.
    When will you finish redoing all the other sections? how do I mail the editor?
    And why do your tabs keep changing all the time? Or if they must, can’t they do so with a longer gap?
    Let’s see if you guys are really serious about feedback.

  2. Pl. put the dateline somewhere on top. There is no way whether one is viewing an older page or the current one

  3. I like it. But like Mr Somnath ask, I wanna know if you are really serious about feed back.

  4. # Somnath:
    You can always reach me here:
    We are examining your suggestion re the shifting tabs.
    And we are very, very serious about feedback. try us.

    # Ratha: Great idea re the dateline. Thanks!

    # Vikas: Thank you. Your appreciation matters. As for feedback, like I said above: Try Us!

    Ramananda Sengupta,
    Chief Editor,

  5. I am missing your daily weather report.

    and a satelite map of India on weather

    report. Please restore your old column

    on`weather` at earliest.

  6. You guys must now think of a WAP page. Most people now want news on the move, a page enabled for the mobile will be a great idea.

  7. I am having problem with opening the site in Linux Ubuntu. Please make sure that the site works in all OS and in all Browsers.

  8. Say Simple… You old home page is better than this one.But new also ok .But few things missing like weather report,If possible avoid ADV(flash) on the news column.

  9. The site looks great. I don’t know why – the new Sify logo puts me off.
    Just one doubt. Why does Stree appear under the News tab? Doesn’t it deserve a place in the first tier tabs? Moreover, it looks out of place under News.

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