Aamir Khan loves it. Time you did, too!

Badminton has given us one of our greatest champs – Prakash Padukone.

The incredibly talented Syed Modi and the gritty Pullela Gopichand followed in the footsteps of the legendary former World No 1 and brought honours to the country in this fast-paced game.

Despite their exploits and despite celebrities like Aamir Khan and Prakash’s daughter Deepika publicly professing their love for the game, the sport continues to languish in India.

Sania still remains more popular than Saina, the 19-year-old World No 6 who is now gunning for glory at the 2009 World Championship being held at Hyderabad.

Root for her and follow the Indian team’s progress in the premier World Badminton Championship here on Sify Sports.

Isn’t it time that we showed that we care?

4 responses to “Aamir Khan loves it. Time you did, too!

  1. Hey I love the sport and am quite a regular at it. We have all played it during our childhood. Lets give it its due credit!

  2. Ours is one country which is independent but still a slave to the rest of the owrld. We do not support our national game & shy away from it. We are more interested in watching a game which has nothing but time-pass. Games which involve physical work like badminton, tenning or which require mental work like chess, carrom, etc are never encouraged.. Wish all such FIGHTING PLAYERS (todays freedom fighters for their own game) all the BEST..Jai Ho Bharath ki …

  3. Naveen Chaitanya

    Who cares what Amir Khan thinks or wants. Looks like the campaign to promote Khans as the face of India has reached its peak. It is time for all this to stop. No more khans. This is India. We love our actors and heroes. Bye bye khans….

  4. I beieve sify, should stop meddling around viveka’s case, rather highlight on the sudden demise of rear Admiral satheyandra singh, head Southern naval command, which seems to be a huge conspiracy.

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