That Kaminey Flu

It was to be the week that let loose Kaminey (Scoundrels).

But Shahid Kapur’s brilliant new avatars, and all our grand plans for
the Independence Day weekend have been overshadowed by panic caused by
two dreaded words — H1N1 and Swine Flu.

Will a cough or a sneeze mean you have contracted the newest virus on
the global radar?

Where can you go if your  family falls sick? Can you afford the masks
and the medicines?

And when will you get a clear picture on what’s happening?

Well, we can’t put to rest all your concerns, but we can certainly
try. We’ve trawled the web, talked to experts and compiled everything
we know about the virus. And we would like to share it with you here.

We want to know what you think of the debate on the media’s role in
covering this crisis: Are we fuelling the panic? Or just doing our
jobs? Post your comments in the space below.

Until then, stay safe, be happy.

2 responses to “That Kaminey Flu

  1. Yup, the media & all around us are just being “Hysterical” about this “KAMINEY (SWINE) FLU”.. People believe that by wearing mask tey can prevent themselves but fail to understand that a persons touch or a drop of sweat or salaiva on their skin can also lead to getting this flu. I guess this entire hype is created by the companies manufacturing tablets & medicines to boost their falling profits & thanks to MEDIA for supporting such autrocious claims. Everyday there are thousands who die of HUNGER but no-one publisizes it.. Thats the State Of Affiars of this great country that is getting into the 62nd year of Independence. Happy Independecnce Day …

  2. A few hundred people get hit by swine flu, and the entire nation wears masks. A million people are HIV hit, yet no one wears a condom.
    Yeh mera Bharat Mahan

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