Get the World in your Inbox

We know the newspaper keeps you informed. But we thought we’d save you the extra hassles – the late newspaper boy, the paper-hungry dog, and, the nastiest of them all, the sodden papier-maché you get on a rainy day.

Newsletter for Sify Mail subscribers. Click to enlarge

Newsletter for Sify Mail subscribers. Click to enlarge

Now, get all the news, views and gossip right in your inbox – with’s World in your Inbox newsletter. We send you the most-read and most relevant news on India from all top newspapers and websites in the country.

You no longer have to tear your hair trying to go through the ocean of information out there on the Internet, trying to pick and choose the stories that matter to you..

With just one newsletter out, we’ve already had some great responses.  Some of you have loved it – and we thank you for all mails you’ve sent our way – and some of you feel we can better ourselves. We do love constructive criticism.

So do keep browsing through our newsletter and do keep letting us know what you’d like to see in your inbox the next time.

To get this mailer, all you have to do is become a Sify Mail subscriber. Send in your queries and requests to

One response to “Get the World in your Inbox

  1. Why are you publishing news items about vibrators and vaginas ? Is this a cheap stunt to increase the number of hits?

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