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Tweets on Obama’s Nobel: ‘I want it too’

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Within minutes of the  Norwegian Nobel Committee announcing the Peace Prize for Barack Obama, Indians were abuzz on Twitter with their take on the shocker.

Did the US President deserve it? A case of an award too soon?

We let the tweets speak for themselves. Here are our favourites:

@jhunjhunwala: Rakhi Sawant to share Nobel Prize with Obama for “efforts made to keep the institution of marriage alive”

@manuscrypts : Did they mean Osama? for being nice this year or something?

@GautamGhosh: Obama winning Nobel Peace Prize is like firms giving salary hikes when KRAs are set – a year before they are met! Heh!

@BDUTT If he can win then why not our Prime Minister, he deserves better than him…

@OldmonkMGM: India and Pakistan demands a Nobel Peace prize for each other for not bombing the s*** out of each other

@vijaysankaran : Nobel Peace Prize is now like the Bharat Ratna… it’s about who you are, not what you did-)

@recnamorcen : The Nobel Peace Prize should go to…. EKTA KAPOOR … for KSBKBT & others.. promoting cultural amalgamation

@jhunjhunwala : Pakistan asks for credible evidence to show that Obama has indeed won the Nobel Prize,asks for dossier from Nobel org

@madversity : “We Need Change and Change We Need”: Ok I said it now give me my Nobel Prize

@tantanoo : So Bush declares war, Obama lobbies peace and wins Nobel Peace prize. Nice algorithm I say.

@chuck_gopal : Who’ll win next year? Michael Moore? Karan Thapar? John Buchanan?

@sudhamshu : Just when we lauded the Nobel committee for coming up with deserving candidates for Physiology, Physics & Chemistry, they came up with Peace

@CraigGrannell : Apparent rules for winning: following warmonger into leader role; stop being as much of a warmonger.

@nikhilv : Breaking news: Obama’s Nobel Peace prize victory speech just won the Booker #obama

@TinyToots : I also want Nobel Peace Prize. Everyday I refrain from doing violence to so many people. Why is nobody nominating me?

@suddentwilight : the #nobel peace prize is another #filmfare #stardust #iffa award whr who u r and nt what u do gets u the award ! did #obama dance for it 2?

@fossiloflife : Oh wait I think Filmfare awards will have more value than a Nobel Peace Prize!

@codinghorror : World bestows surprise Nobel Peace Prize upon Obama. THAT is how f***ing sick of Bush they were. Wow.

@OldmonkMGM: Pick the odd man out: The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama

@sidin : Obama to win Commonwealth Gold and lifetime Oscar. Also X Prize, Magsaysay and Bigg Boss 3. And Dancing With The Stars.

@MitchBenn : It’s official! George Bush was such an a***hole you can win the Nobel Peace Prize just by not being him.

@mysti : Is ‘hope for a better future’ enough to win a Nobel Prize? they should be passing those around like candies then.

@venkat2 : next in line for Obama – Khel Ratna, Bharat Ratna, Hind Purush..and Mayawati will erect a small statue next to her

@manuscrypts : Someone is bound to find an Indian connection. I await Bharat Obama…

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