Dhoni’s wedding and a few questions it throws up

Dhoni weds Sakshi

Dhoni weds Sakshi

It was not the big fat Indian wedding that we might have expected.

In keeping with the personality of the man, MS Dhoni married his childhood sweetheart Sakshi Rawat in a low-key wedding.

There were some interesting questions that the event threw up.

A report said that the wedding had been advanced because of “astrological considerations”.

Interesting, is it not, if that is true?

Even a man leading the Indian cricket team in the 21st century is held hostage by India’s all-powerful astrologers, who are part of an industry that runs into tens of thousands of crores in India.

Or did media-fuelled rumours of Dhoni’s shifting interest in starlets Deepika, Laxmi Rai and Asin speed up the wedding plans?

Did Sakshi throw a fit when she read the reports and demand an immediate marriage?

Or did Dhoni grow so tired of the ‘reports’ of his so-called liaisons that he decided that it was time to end all speculation and get on with his life?

Either way, it is nice to know that the two have now officially found each other and earned the best wishes on twitter from friends and teammates such as Sachin and Yuvraj.

Which brings us to our next question.

Why weren’t the two stars and many other of Dhoni’s teammates at the function?

These are men who spend the best part of their well-earning lives in each other’s company. And Dhoni happens to be their leader, their captain.

In the land of vasudeva kutumbakam, shouldn’t they and the rest of the team have shown greater solidarity by making it to the wedding?

Or was it a case of there being no time for sending proper wedding invites that led to these stars being away?

Anyway, let us let it rest at that.

Here is wishing our captain and his lovely bride the very best in life and love.

Images: Dhoni c&b Sakshi

R Rajesh Kumar

5 responses to “Dhoni’s wedding and a few questions it throws up


  2. hai dhoni!
    i am very fond of u.
    I am wishing a very good married life and have all success in your life.

  3. I am wishing u happy married life…………………..
    And for new innings……..

  4. how long will you keep covering this story? Don’t you have anything else important to report?

  5. agar shadi hi karni thi to koi achhi to dhundta bawalay tharki tharak mai akay shadi karli hmmmmmmmmmm

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