Why is Viveka’s ‘boyfriend’ being hounded?

Viveka Babajee & Gatuam Vora

Viveka Babajee & Gatuam Vora

It wasn’t a nice death – On June 25, Viveka Babajee was found hanging from her ceiling fan.

And if there’s an afterlife, it isn’t a wonderful one either – what with Viveka’s memories getting lost somewhere amidst her family releasing her private photographs to the media, her boyfriend denying the two ever had a relationship, and the press indulging in gossip mongering.

But that’s not what’s caught our attention.

We’d like to know why everyone is in such a hurry to tar and feather Gautam Vora?

We agree the two knew each other – though, reportedly, only for three months. Viveka’s diary entry says as much: “How do I make you understand that you have become so dear to me in so little time?”

We agree the two were close, but do we really know how close? Case in point – another diary entry. “Why can’t you give me a small place in your life?”

Could it mean Vora was actually speaking the truth when he said they were not in a relationship?

Then there was the report that Viveka’s friends told a leading newspaper “they had been in a relationship for only a couple of months… they were fighting all the time until one day they decided to break up.”

So how much abetting could Vora have done?

Viveka may have talked to him the night before she died, but is it fair to blame him for something not in his control?

Is it fair to blame any person for an ‘urge’ that suddenly popped up in the mind of a distressed woman in the middle of the night?

Why, then, do we see reporters hounding his friends, wanting to know why Vora was such a coward?

Let the man be. He doesn’t owe anyone – except Viveka’s parents and the police – an explanation.

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Surya Praphulla Kumar

2 responses to “Why is Viveka’s ‘boyfriend’ being hounded?

  1. So many lovestruck teenagers kill themselves or try to do so because of failed “relationships”. A junkie model kills herself and there is uproar.How sickening can media get?

  2. we need to thinks why did vora say that viveka and him were jus friends. and nothing much. while the photos displayed by the babaje family says a different meaning. In one photo he is trying to smooch viveka. now which friend would try to smooch a friend without lust in his mind.i dont know why the author is supporting vora.but there is something fishy with vora.

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