Population needn’t be a bad word

India's burgeoning population has seen a five-fold increase over the last 100 years and will surpass that of China by 2050.

World Population Day

Yet another World Population Day (July 11) has passed us by.  Many eyebrows would be raised if I were to argue that our government should de-control population growth,  just like how it decontrolled oil and gas prices.

But it is high time we actually considered launching a procreation drive.

We launched the population control programme decades ago to shape a ‘secure future’ for the country. The result: Thousands of nuclear families with one child each, children who  don’t know the value of sharing.

It’s time we encouraged bigger families, with many children.

Before you start hurling stones at me for expressing such a ‘wayward’ view, try answer this question: Is population a menace?

A ‘yes’ means You and I are a menace.  It means our presence is a threat not only to the country, but to the universe because we eat up the resources and contribute to the so-called global warming.

But are we really a menace?

Who would have replaced the ageing workforce had we not been born?

Who would have maintained the momentum of the country’s growth?

Our  country is lucky because we were born irrespective of its anti-population growth drive.

Now the crucial question: Who will replace us and support the country when we become old,  if the government goes ahead with the one child norm?

Recently, an Australian scientist said human beings would be extinct in the next 100 years because of over population and lack of natural resources to support it. But his argument doesn’t hold much water. The human race will never be extinct due to over population and its consequences. It will disappear from the face of the earth due to man’s aversion to have children and, perhaps, infertility.

Why look down upon population? It can never be a burden to any country.

If anything, it is an asset. It will never keep a country poor. Instead, a country with a robust workforce is a treasure trove for the world.

It is the workforce of India that brought about the IT revolution in the country. It is this workforce that made the world turn toward India to outsource jobs to it, thereby making the country rich.

Let me remind you of what Infosys cofounder and Unique Identification Authority of India chairman Nandan Nilekani writes in his book Imagining India: “The idea of population as an asset rather than a burden has especially gained currency with the rise of knowledge-based industries such as IT, telecommunications and biotechnology in the 1970s. In fact, the information economy is the culmination of what the Industrial Revolution started — it has placed human capital front and center as the main driver of productivity and growth.”

But this workforce needs to be maintained and improved. For this, we need to decontrol, not control, the population.

Also to be borne in mind are the consequences of China’s successful one-child policy. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:  “The suicide rate of women in childbearing years (generally between 15 and 34) has increased considerably since the policy was implemented, especially in smaller Chinese cities. This is believed to be due to pressure to produce a single child, as it is usually desired to have a male child.”

So let’s dismiss all thoughts of controlling our population and and learn instead to be proud of it.

After all, it is our people who will make our nation a super power.

Salil Jose

29 responses to “Population needn’t be a bad word

  1. Good blog, population control was started by our government to support unemployment issues in 70-80, its time to stop this false propaganda.

  2. Mathew Varghese

    Good view.
    Dewveloped countries like Germany are struggling due to its incereasing average age , lack of productive age group and mothers’ aversion to having children.

  3. Mother earth has enough for everybody’s need but not for greed.

  4. Great…idiots like u can either be a politician or a religious leader.!! What the author is thinking…? more population brings more prosperity??…its pure insanity…we dont need one billion unhealthy uneducated people. 50 million healthy educated population is much better…mankind will not extinct with those numbers!!!

  5. How ignorant is this guy to pen down an absolute shocker! Today’s BBC headdline reads India has 421 million poor people, which is more than entire poor people in Africa! These same poor Indians, whose numbers are going to increase! Who will give them education and NUTRITION to turn them into productive work force – definitely not this writer nor our politicians! Please, please spare us from such Holy Crap ideas!

  6. population control is a must but we should learn from the mistakes of other countries and not go overboard like they did. India can afford a population of 800million. Today the ignorant only have many children and the educated and learned few because of obvious logistics which the latter are aware. Once the logistics are better they would like to have more children.All of today’s problems be it naxalism,poor quality politicians and politics,me mumbaikar, terrorism, deforestation,global warming, poverty ,crime, malnutrition and unemployment stem from this bludgeoning population.

  7. Salil Jose…. Did you ever walk on Indian streets…. Did you ever look around you and see if you had enough air to breath. You can still have a nuclear family with 1 or 2 kids. With over population you can definitely make India a hub for cheap labor. I am not saying shrinking population is good But, with optimum population you can at least walk on the road, breath clean air, appoint right candidates to lead you, lower greed in bureaucracy ….

  8. This is the most idiotic reasoning. Population growth happens naturally since the mortality rates have decreased. Life expectancy has increased dramatically and mortality rates have decreased substantially. The increase in population puts a burden on the limited natural resources of the planet. The fight for these limited natural resources like water can also cause wars between nations. Just take India. We pride ourselves for the growth and prosperity. But the number of people below poverty line (around 450 million) is more than the population of India 50 years back. Most convoluted reasoning. I’ll have ten kids I can’t care for and I expect the society to feed, clothe and educate them so that there will be many more young people to take care of me when I grow old. LOLZ

  9. What about standard of living? Terrorist etc. People who give examples of Europe are looking at wrong geographical area due to entitlement society that exists in Europe. I say, reduce population and increase retirement age. Low population and high productivity are receipe for high standard of living. India does not have enough water for its 1.25 billion population. It does not even have enough water to support 24 hour water supply for 500 million population. India is already overpopulated and that after most Indians leave India and go to other countries. The guy contradicts Australian scientiest. What are the author qualifications? Does he has a Ph. d in Economics— I think he is a college dropout who happens to have 10 children, and just venting his frustrations because he does not have money to support his children and send them to school. What a looser.

  10. Nature will take care of everything. If nature gets angry, lets face it! We can no way win a battle against nature.

  11. So, keep going!! Population is not the problem. Pollution and exploitation due to the polpulation rise is the problem

  12. It is highly simplistic to write in this fashion. India cannot support more human beings. The poverty you see and overcrowding at every place will reinforce this view.

  13. You have presented your view in a great manner and also justified them.
    But I disagree with you.
    Population has to be controlled. Just imagine yourself being father of 10 to 20 kids and on the other hand father of just 1 or 2 kids.

    Comming to the large and nuclear family issue, this is the thinking of indivdials in the family. Even if there is no population controll one cannot be sure that it will be large joint family.

    I guess you will think again and correct your posting.

  14. Population is an asset only if it is able to make positive contribution to the economy. While one-child norm is not desirable for reasons cited by the author, there can also not total decontrol. We should first ensure that our country’s poor have the basic amenities, have access to education and guaranteed employment.

  15. This article makes no sense! I think you have a communist mindset, where you believe population is state’s problem. Contrary to your concern for human race, I would say this universe could care less if there were no humans! Humans are not desirable elements for the sustainance of the universe. There are other species and evolution is constantly working on them. So watch out, we may soon have a species superior to humans. So, why bother??

  16. For People who support population control, Pls come out from the age old government propaganda in DD which shows a crowded public places like railway station, bus stop, Employment and finally the primary health center with triangle for family planning, these propaganda has made us to think that India is completely packed with population and that’s the reason for unemployment (Remember the sequence) but this is not true. I think people who say that there is no air to breath or no place to stand are from urban and suburban areas, I would kindly request to do this exercise which will open up their mind. Take your vehicle drive down 10-30 km you will come to know how India is populated.

    • ohh..vijay..there are some space remaining and you want that space too to get occupied by humans. Then i think u r interested in population growth only..what abt cultivation, forests, space for other animals??? do u have any opinion abt a balance between all these things?

  17. R.B.Chandrasekaran

    popn. growth to india will defintely deteriment to growth.now we have 42crores of people below povertyline .ie morethan indian popn.of independent year 1947.is it growth of economy^.it is idiotic to have more popn. india is already over populated. control is necessary.

  18. Over population is blamed as the cause of human misery. Where as over population is the result of restlessness of minds in human beings. If human minds are able to function as naturally as possible, this world can still hold much more population and with peace.

  19. the man is not idiot as it seems from reading the blog. his objectives are only different. he just wants more harvestable souls. only thing is he is dishonest enough not to reveal his bigotry or corruption .

  20. If, every two years, people could grow twice as much food on the same piece of land, the way they can put twice as many transistors on the same size of silicon chip, no one would worry about population. Instead, while there have been some improvements, much of how food is grown is the same as it was for thousands of years, and so any but a very slow increase in population means harder work by farmers and less to eat for everyone.

  21. I want to salute to Our minister’s thought and Who says that population is not a asset of country, If don’t beleive than You see the politician family member’s growth and according to bed politics ” More Childern More Vote” and bed politician and his family future safe. At present, More than 30% population below the poverty line and they do not have fresh water, food, health, education. So if We increase the population, We are decrease good future for next generation. From today, Country wants strong policy for control this population and this policy to be harder than China to control it.

  22. Yes family plannig is a bad word for jehadis and fanatic christians since the policy of the mullahs and fantuc cleragy and vaican and fantic church is to produce as many babies and by multiplying like oest make non-muslims or infidel kafirs and non-christians or infidels a minority and then eliminate them by terror or forced conversion using all means with the dream of getting heaven after death with virgins and wine as preached by their tyerror manuals, Quran and Bible.For peace in thsi world both quran and bible and semitic terror-promoting religions islam and christianity must be banned. Voting Must be limited to only 2 members of the family and polygany must be banned too in our country.

  23. I feel SORRY&feel PITY for indian muslims&christians WHO blindly follow their masters in the desert or europe without knowing that they ARE treated like dirt by both arab& white skinned racist muslims& christians. In 2000 year history of christianity there was NO Indian or coloured or Black skinned POPE& there was not EVEN an indiAN christian or blacK- skinned assistant to POPE FOR2000 years& THERE will NEVER be an Indian or Black Pope in Future as well,WhiLe WHITE europeans and americans do NO go to the same chrurch if Indians GO there and theyARE treated worse than slaves.Same is case with Arab Muslims.Arabs consider indian&paki muslims to be GOOd ONLY as servants&there WILL NEVER be an Indian or paki imam or grand mufti in the2 main mosques of Islam in Saudi Arabia&even Arabs do NOT GO to same mosques to pray along with Indian muslims,my friends in Gulf countries tell me.SHAME,SHAME INDIAN MUSLIM&CHRISTIAN SLAVES

  24. My question to all indian christians&muslims including the paki jehadis& other fanaticsw posting with fake hindu names too. The christians&muslims believe that by killing infidels or kafirs like hindus,sikhs,etc and converting theum using force and fraud and by destroying their places of worship, you will get heaven after death with vrigins&wine as extra gifts. When your bodies are buried in coffin or boxes under the soil after death, how will you go to heavn to enjoy virgins&wine.Has any one seen any flying coffin going to heaven or has any muslim or christian come back from ehaven to describe how he enjoyed the virgins and wine in heaven? Where is this heaven? is it in planet Mars? So logical&educated muslims&christians please dump your hate filled non-sensical cults&beliefs&believe like hindus that heaven&hell are in the mind&join the only secular&loving religion on Earth, hinduism which shouts that all human beings are members of ONE large family& there is ONLY love&NO hatred& terror as in christianity or islam.So wake up terror-minded hate-filled robots muslims& christians please, do NOT let yourself become just brain-less robots by terror manuals quran&bible&fanatic preachers,please.

  25. its again a media drive to justify crime against the nation perpetrated by ceratin religuoius groups engaged in increasing uncontrollable population.

    Planning commisssion plans and executes the plans in 5 years and population dismantles and makes India fail.

    I am sure this writer is not a well wisher of India.

  26. This blogger guy salil jose is a vatican agent like sonia maino and her christian ministers and vatican agents around her and that is why he is supporting the call of catholid pope to produce as many babies as possible to make hindus,sikhs and buddhists a minority and to control power and to make hindus,sikhs and buddhists slaves and robots like the britishers and the present vatican queen, sonia maino ruling us with help of christian advisors and using thousands of slaves and robots

  27. Population is not a bad word, but with our asset we are not doing much for our country. we should start Clean India program. Our surroundings, street & roads are not clean. Bathroom facilities are not available, very poor sanitation. We need to give tax incentives to motivate rich people to build public facilities and keep India clean. they have built new airports. great job. cleannnn

  28. dear respected sirs/madams,
    once again hats off to the greatest samachar website through which i am lucky to participate.
    this is an excellent discussion to be the heated argumental point.but i donot know how many females or ladies are participating in this discussion.i think this whole discussion is either for increasing or for decreasing the population with the forced or willing help and cooperation of all ladies and females on earth.because even by any artificial means most advanced scientifically i think one or all can not reach the imaginative targeted highest or higher numbers of population without the kind cooperation of all femals. how many ladies and females on our dearest earth ,can or would cooperate for the highest population growth in present day advanced knowledge exploding the world and our dearest earth—the GODDESS EARTH —-sustaining—all the living beings i do not know.
    thanking you all,

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