A needless symbol for the rupee

A symbol for the rupee

A symbol for the rupee

So, at last, the humble rupee has a symbol.

After sitting on a shortlist of five symbols for weeks, a jury of five has finally picked a winner and gained it the nod of the Indian cabinet too.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni, who announced the winning entry (seen on left) said, “It denotes the robustness of the Indian economy.”

“The symbol for the Rupee would lend a distinctive character and identity to the currency and further highlight the strength and robustness of the Indian economy as also a favoured destination for global investments,” an official statement went on to add of the winning design by IIT post-graduate D Udaya Kumar.

But seriously does the exercise serve any purpose beyond adding another key to our already cluttered computer keyboards?

Did we as a nation have such a crying need for a symbol for our currency? Weren’t we doing well even without it?

Symbols, after all, are for those who are yet to find an identity. Isn’t our economy well and truly past that stage already?

What it seems like sadly is another instance of us blindly aping the West – the ‘financial superpowers’ like the US, the Britishers and the European Union countries. Since they have it, we too had to.

Talking of robustness of economy, will this exercise help curb inflation?

Will it trigger a mad rush of investments?

Or will it help empower the countless millions below the poverty line?

As for the symbol itself, the less said, the better.

Rs was easy to write, type.

The new symbol, meanwhile, requires quite some getting used to.

Even the government admits it will be at least a year before it gains wider currency as it needs the approval of the international unicode consortium’s technical committee.

A symbol expressing the strength of the Indian economy needing an international consortium’s rubber-stamp… Ironical, is it not?

Rajesh Kumar R


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  2. AWESOME !!

  3. Mr.RajeshKumar is not thinking straight.I will not suggest that he should have a counselling, but he should try to understand there are millions who love the new symbol. So many things in the world will not eradicate poverty ,inequality etc. Luckily he was not fit enough to comment when our national flag was designed, or else he would have ranted the same.

  4. Fight for independence,waste of time(did we crave for it),National Flag ( Waste of energy) Independence day and Republic Day celebrations( pure waste)!!!!, Rajesh Kumar please be an Indian and be proud to be an Indian or are you ashamed to be called an Indian. You do not deserve India.

    • I agre with Pushpa.. go to hell Rajesh kumar

    • as rightly said there is a lot who alwys sees everything as waste.
      if v dont bring new then how v have the proud full antiques or heritage treasures.
      when time goes v should keep changing- ofcourse for good.

  5. Mr Rajesh Kumar, you are a perfect definition of an Idiot

  6. Mr Rajesh, It’s symbols, flags etc which unite people, raise pride and related things. Many a things one does are not useful to many others but we still do them. So stop being pessimistic and hope that this symbol of Rupee becomes synonymous with growing Indian Economy and becomes a major currency like Dollar accepted world over as world currency.

  7. Mr. Rajesh,

    If this is waste of time… why you doing anything in your day to day life when you woke up? Just go back to sleep…. everything you do in a day is waste of time. May be even going sleep is waste of time…..

  8. I thought it was a waste of time to comment on such a idiotic post, but then again i am here. So let me waste some more time and say that the flag, the currency symbol, the national bird, the national animal, the national anthem are what identifies us. We are branding ourselves all the time. We always try to improve our Brand. I am proud of our brand.

  9. You are too pessimistic. I think we are going to emerge as one of the world’s largest economies within 10 years

  10. I am H.D.Wadia,I congratulate Mr.Kumar for creating The symbol of the Indian Rupee.It makes me Happy and Sad at the same time.Happy because I created the same Symbol,ditto a month before its results were announced onTV,and sad because i could not send my entry through.Frankly,i was not aware whom to approach.Iam not after any publicity but saddened by the thought that i came to know about this symbol competion very late.

  11. It is great to have the new symbol. Mr. Rajesh when we can have Mumbai for Bombay, When we can change Kolkatta for Calcutta why not change the Rs symbol. Surely this will have an International standing like Euros or Dollars.

  12. It is heartening that the country is now come of age as a strong player in the world economy and the symbol signals her arrival. The symbol is not only well designed but is also simple and appealing.

  13. Not having the vertical line in the R makes it non intuitive and very strange symbol to use for foreigners. A simple Rs with lines across would have been nice.

    Why do we need to differentiate from Pakistani or other Rupees. The $ is used by many countries and has enhanced its prestige.

  14. Waste??.. In Fact this was long overdue.
    As for the symbol I feel it is so very appealing and heartwarming I love it!
    A very innovative symbol indeed!

    Thank you Udaya Kumar!

    • its welcome but i dont see it as innovative. why should v follow that 2 lines like us ? innovative means new. the R is also slighty rembeles the hindi alphabet?? so i dont see any innovations in this. but it is most welcome to have a new symbol


    I have been using this sign for over two years and now suddenly it has become a big deal. I can produce dozens of witnesses including my bank manager to vouch for my use of this symbol for years. All IIT teaches is plagarism.

    • Oh Sudir,
      i do understand that sometimes our thoughts are resembled somewhere. u may have had similar but not the same.
      anyhow u can be proud that ur imaginations or creativity isso high of national importance. hence when u do hav some u should try it out. u should have send urs for the selection committee. u could hav avoided this.
      keep creative and same time productive

  16. Why does having part of Devanagiri script merit special attention. This was given from the get go, specially all decision being made by the hindi belt had to win. Probably also approved by politicans who have a persona of a Q-tip… You couldn’t get anything better anyway….specially now that 95% fall under reserved category:-)

    • So you are a south indian who hates north indians and hindi for no apparent reason.
      Get your own country and then try to save yourself from Chinese, Bangladeshi and Pakistanis… then you will come running to India so save your @$$.

    • Hey know the facts right the designer is a Guy from Tamilnadu.

    • Very well said. This is another symbol of attempted Hindification of India.

      Meanwhile UNDP report declares that Eight North Indian states have more poverty than 25 poorest countries of Africa. yes worse off than Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda…

      And here we are boasting about having become superpower and overtaking USA.

      North India has so much illiteracy that we can not even dream about coming out of the gutter of poverty, and north’s biggest concern is how to push Hindi down the throat of South Indian children

      This ethnic cultural and linguistic cleansing of South indians should stop? Are south indians second class citizens in our own country?

  17. it is too hard to write the symbol

  18. it is too hard to write this symbol

  19. Hello Friends,
    Stop bitching at each other. Talk of the positive and or negatives of this symbol instead.

    I only wish the new symbol shall strengthen the power of Rupeee and all politicians and businessmen-who parked their blackmoney outside India shall now bring it back to India and strengthen our economy further. Is it too much to wish?

  20. Its good to have a symbol. It is a good initiative and Udayakumar came up with great symbol. But it doesn’t show the robustness of our economy as said by minister. It is just a symbol which represents our Indian economy. Nothing more than that.


    IT reminds me of the Rx symbol of a doctor’s prescription. Probably it signifies MONEY as the best medicine for all indians! Any way we have no choice but accept all decisions of the CENTRE——-we are very used to it.

  22. Well said Mr R. Rajesh! The comments from most of the people are hysterical. How a symbol is going to make the economy stronger and bring more investments? If it brings such wonders, we should thrash our earlier prime ministers for omission of such a “prime step”. If they had done it immediately after independence, India would have become rich and poverty would have become history in India now. Oh God, what an omission by Nehru, Gandhis, etc !

  23. First congratulations to UDAY
    It seems to be a chinees word

  24. Mr Rajesh,
    First i do not know if you deserve being called Mr. Rather than taking pride of the symbol, you start to criticize it? TOI should not allow such people to write stupid things on their site. Shame on you Rajesh.

  25. This looks like some Hindi Letter.
    I prefer a easy to write Symbol. If it is like say a Tamil letter, How many of those people of Hindi belt accept?

    Having a symbol is great but it must be easy to write. Wrong choice of repee symbol.

  26. Needless to say that this symbol is overdue. It should have been initiated in 1947. It is well needed to symbolize the INR. It will also be useful when INR shall be made fully convertible. A symbol emphasis pride and unity. None of the currency symbol helped their respective economy to fight inflation, poverty and jobloss. Still the people using those currency feels proud to write it. I personally don’t feel that it is too hard to write it on paper but it is not possible to write using computer keyboard at this moment. Regarding international approval – all currency symbols need it, including the recently introduced Euro, which is from a group of 1st World contries.
    Mr. Rajesh Kumar R, it is needless to say that you better be informative and open-minded before writing such article and publishing that to public.

  27. Mr. Suresh, please do not compare this with hindi, please read the indian history. The script is called as devanagari. Many scripts including hindi are based on devanagari script. Devanagari is a ancient script of Bharat having a history of more than 5000 yrs. lets come out of local identity and be a real Bharatiya/Indian/Hindu

    • “lets come out of local identity and be a real Bharatiya/Indian/Hindu”

      So being a real Bharatiya/Hindu means no Sikhs Christians Muslim Jains Budhists Jews are allowed to be real Indians?

      And south Indians and North East folks with our own languages are not real Indians.

      So only North Indians living in slums and with 400 million North Indians poorer than Africa 9as per UNDP report) are the proud Indians….who use open roads as toilets, spit paan everywhere, are unemployed…only those people are proud indians?

  28. My humble opinion, Rupee symbol after 6 decades of independence is waste of time, energy and money. In India still there are places without proper road, Power till now. It was very much unfortunate that there is no good drinking water supplied by govt to any one corner in India. Even after 6 decades we could not provide an Identity card for our own citizen. Congress ruled the nation almost 5 decades and its leaders stayed and enjoyed almost all the developed nations. No one even imagine building of our country . These are the very basics which the govt doesn’t realize and doesn’t want to realize. Pray god for rapid change of our politicians and government officials mind and attitude.

  29. Making of a symbol is like Mascot/ Brand of any great thing/ event etc. We are a great country with great economy and creation of Indian Brand of currency Rupee was very much needed. However, in the basket of currencies, it will have meaning if Rupee is made fully convertible. Govt. should think on these lines. Moreover, the symbol should be put on Notes & Coins also as it will help replace old notes/ fake notes. Demonitization may not be necessary in that context and Govt. can have control on notes in circulation.

  30. rajesh is an idiot

  31. Rudra Mani Sharma

    The symbol should have come immediately after the independence.

  32. stripythetigress

    The new design for Rupee is PERFECT. It symbolizes a new, resurgent India – a oon to be ECONOMIC SUPERPOWER. Good job by th GOI. As for Rajesh Kumar, your article throwing watr on this effort is typical of a jealous, constipated, neer-do-well guy with too much time on your hands. For once, celebrate what is good about India.

  33. Subbiah Sridhar

    Very nice! It should have been done long back. Anyhow, better late than never! Considering our motherland’s emerging power in the world not only in IT Sector but in other fields, our currency, no doubt, deserves a symbol like other currencies. It also gives a boost to our national language Hindi, as the format itself is the alphabet R written in Hindi script. Good. Looking forward for the day when our ‘Indian Rupee’ becomes freely acceptable like USD or GBP or the Euro, the world over.

    Subbiah Sridhar
    16th July, 2010

  34. I personally didn’t impressed much by this new symbol representing INR.

  35. This is perfect. Our currency must have a symbol and I love this new symbol for Indian rupee. It is great.

  36. Another national emblem that clearly shows uncontrolled deficits, corrupt policies, 500 million hungry mouths, congested cities. How many emblems we need to identify it.

  37. I agree with the author. What is the point?
    As for the amazing nationalism that is coming out defending a symbol, good for you! I just wish you applied your sense of democracy here. As an Indian, particularly as a FREE and democratic Indian, I have the right to question this country’s system and processes rather than a blind acceptance of everything. That is why we are a great country, because I can say what is on my mind without worry of a Big Brother watching me.
    So, please, if this is a person’s point of view, at least show them the courtesy of acknowledging it rather that blindly dissing the author and calling yourselves “true Indians”.
    Yes, you can talk too, but not just because you want to hear the sound of your own voice!

  38. Dr Deepak Dudhmande

    Stupid article by a pessimist writer who in unable to appriciate any good step foeward.
    the writer deserves every possible criticism.

  39. I don’t see what is the problem to have our own symbol, it cost some money but now we are the 5th country in the world to have this currency symbol. You talk about poverty, it will remian for years or say more 100 year. So it means we should not do anything. We always talk about our rights but why we don’t talk about our duties. For everything why we look for some steps from government. Poverty will no go just like this, we all should ask ourself are we doing something in this direction.
    So i believe there are very few leader who are doing something good for country let them do. Rest all are busy in vote bank by increasing reservation.

  40. India is missing in Rupee Symbol read my post http://www.goodbadnews.wordpress.com

  41. You said it. People of India have many problems.
    Will this Symbol of rupee help in any way?.
    The govt.machinery, the cabinet all spent a lot of time and money for this.
    wasted a lot of media time and space

  42. one thing i liked most was the smile on IITian Uday Kumar’s face yesterday in the news. we are supposed to have a symbol representing our economy and we had it. if IPL teams can have their symbols then why not rupees………..just chill guys and Mr Rajesh ku must be very happy observing so many negative replies to his writeup…..but think u all ……..aren’t we happy that even we have a symbol now.

  43. The delay is creating an Symbol after India became Independent and Republic is a concern. We should have have one very very earlier. We can argue days saying what does it makes a diffrence (Rs, Rupeees, INR) can still serve the purpose. Ideally this is the economic face of India. We need a independent Face and identity (not shared with some one, who does not want a name which is unique and easily identifiable). Lets not try to push our frustratation of Polictical system, Poverty on this. This would not right away bring investmnets, nether increase our salary nor purchasing power. This would give us a Identity (which was delayed). When we visit any other country, we proudly say we are Indian, now we can identify and say this is our Currency. The Indian Power (still in nacent stage).

  44. Sorry agarhya, I disagree..
    Yes we proudly say we are Indians, even if we do not visit any other country.(
    How many of the 100+ crore indians visit other countries or even other states in india or other districts in the state).
    Now can we be little prouder to be indians with a symbol for our currency/..

  45. it is too hard to put this symbol correctly…it vl look ugly if 2 parallel lines r not equal…

  46. I am unable to appreciate none of the last 5 symbols that entered into the selection finals.
    The selected one is hardly any motivation. The symbol does not reflect our economy. Too much of sound on this issue. We could have had a symbol if at all needed that can be written in one stroke – yeah convenience of usage.

  47. i strongly disagree with u…….
    it is a step to promote indian currency like dollar yen etc..so that like dollar is used as international currency even indian rupee gets a recognition….

  48. Well said Shruti.
    Also I do agree with the author. In fact instead of digressing to things like changing name of cities and giving rupee a symbol (which help none but asian paints), why not focus our attentions to issues like broadband, UID, direct tax code and of course the usual infrastructure (read bijli paani sadak)…
    Also if a person has a different opinion does not justify false chauvinism..

  49. C. Chandra Prakash

    I think Mr. Suresh is a typical Tamizhan, that is why he says it is look like Hindi. Dear Mr.Suresh, all recognized Indian languages having their own script except Hindi. Hindi is writing in Devanagiri script i.e., Sanskrit.

  50. I am really happy to see that an article written having so many counter arguments . Thats the whole spirit of India “Unity in Diversity” Appreciate all guys for your thoughts. Now why should we continue to use Rupee still ? That we have to differentiate ourself why dont we change the currency name itself from Rupee to Bharathi ? or Indi ?

  51. The symbol is a welcome Change – The currnency name Rupees is used may many countries and all of them are much lower in terms of value, whereas Indian economy and its economic strengths have been admitted by economist world over. To distinguish IRS from other Rupees, the Symbol is overdue. Regarding the devnagri base,and other comments- people should realise that languages came into existence to unit people to esnure better communications. But in India, the Politicians have been successfully used this to divide the people. The first blunder committed by India was to divide the country on linguistic basis. We cannot undo what has been done. Let us use this as a new opportunity to unite Indians

  52. P.Subburethina Bharathi

    Congratulations D Udaya Kumar, Ultimate …

    You have designed a symbol for Indian Rupee.
    This symbol gives an identity to Indian money.
    Now your name is in the crown of Indian economy.
    Your name will live long with your symbol.
    Very good creative mind. Do it everything with confidant.

    All the best

    P.Subburethina Bharathi,
    B.E, M.B.A, M. Phil, PDAIM, DIS, PGDPM&LL, DLLAL.,
    Assistant Professor,
    Hallmark Business School,
    Tiruchirappalli – 620 102.
    Tamilnadu, India

  53. OK about the symbol.But how the Indian economy will grow by a symbol?If it is like so, our national air carriers like Indian Airlines & Air India would hv not been in high loss after changing their names to the present names. Our nation is also having three names frequently used by all of us just think for our nation– India , Bharat & Hindustan.

  54. Vinayachandran

    It is sorry to hear that we needed a Rupee Symbol even from 1947 itself. If our governments should have given priority to population control, health and literacy from 1947, our country should have achieved the developed nation status even decades ago.

  55. M. K. Srivastav

    I thank to every body, who wasted their time in the leadership of Mr. Rajesh Kumar that is why it inspired me to waste some more time.
    I agree that an intellectual should think a bit away from the crowed, but it does not mean he should adopt a stupid path.
    Every happening comes with two side of the coin even a birth of a baby too. The baby may become a great person like M. K. Gandhi, A. Lincon, R. N. Tagore, A. Sen or M. Tuglaque, Hitler etc.
    Being an intellectual we must take the positive aspects and inspire people to come in one stream.
    This symbol selection activity was being done since a long time and published in print media as well as in electronic media. If we are so scared for any activity, we should give our comment before the happening of event not after, it is now just the beat about the bush.

  56. Please ask yourself why you needed a name. Utterly idiotic thinking. Symbols do not solve your problems. They give you an unique identity.

  57. Mr.Rajesh first of all i would like to clap for u for maintaining the Indian mentality of criticizing things for any good things happens in Society or in Country.
    We cant do any thing for our nation but we surely keep in mind to question. and we very proudly say that we are Democratic Country we are free to express our feeling,express it but express for the betterment of the society and the nation not for the sake of just doing it.
    ‘Rs’ is easy to write that is more important to you .You dont’ see that positive aspect that our currency got an Individual Identity in the Global Market.Apart from ‘Rs’ and ‘INR’ our currency will have an own Identity like other country.
    Just don’t be an Indian feel Proud being an INDIAN.

  58. I appreciate the efforts taken by all concerned to give identity to our currency after years of independence and everyone should feel proud of , forgetting all political or diversified thinkings. India and INR is going to be in the list of heavily traded currencies like GBP,US Dollars etc., in the Foeign Exchange Market. It is an identity for the eeconomical growth of India competing with developed countries . Anyone say ” waste of time” the one who can never feel proud of his motherland ashamed to be known as Indians. Corruption and political way of handling things are common not only in India. People will look at one when he does things different. Indian growth in all fields make world turns their face on it. No need to think of the happenings of the past but find ways to stop such things happening further would be a boost to our economy. Stand and feel united as Indian victory comes within no time and every Indian would see and enjoy it.

  59. Gopal Ambastha

    We should have Re-Look.

  60. The symbol is beginning of the rise of India in the international market. There are some flaws, I do not deny it. But, why think of the faults only? At this moment, I wish the symbol a great future and expect it to be as popular as USD and Euro in coming years.

  61. Good Show. My sincere appreciations.
    The symbol gives the identity to the Indian Currency.

  62. Rajesh……. Give it rest..
    stop being a cynic. We have something to place ourselves among the economic world, then go for it.
    And why not?

  63. waste of time….dont read at all…what is the problem with having a unique symbol….some day you will ask why flag and national symbols are needed even.

  64. I have read half of article, felt is a junk, and leaving is in the middle… 🙂

    Author is too pessimistic. I welcome new symbol. hope our flag and sysmbol fligh high in coming years.

  65. No Mr.Chilipi, the author is not pessimistic. just realistic. Flag waving,slogan shouting patriotism wont do. The whole system is corrupt.
    The rupee symbol and such stuff is diverting attention from real issues of the people. We must think sensibly and work together to make the politics and bureaucracy pro people.

  66. In a land of Anti North and Anti south, as long as I support all that is pro north I am a good Indian or vice versa. What a BS.
    The root of all this goes back to the original framer’s, and those still in powers that have a flag that is so simiar to the Indian flag. Nilesh, No I will not go away, I will get in you face until you see this hipocracy.
    Let removal of cows, Elephants from city street be a symbol of India,
    Let higher pct of people educated be the symbol of India.
    Let there be a PM who is not just educated but who does not standup every time Sonia comes into the room “bring back dignity to the PMO” and that be a symbol of Strength.
    Let a young minister be a sports minister rather than because of “Hum makan malik hua karthe the” be a symbol of India.
    Let there be a policy where people do not die because of incompetence towards the Maoist, be a symbol of India.
    Let the jawans who fight for India be paid their due instead of the current policy of denial, be a symbol of India.
    Let one language be an administrative language, be a symbol of India, and yes I do not want/like Hindi as our national language. Just because a majority speak it should not be forced on all. Just because the south were prudent in population control and the north said “sab bhgwan ki dien” and went forth and populated does not give north the right.
    NO I will not go away, until the hypocrites are called out.

  67. views of Mr Rajeh is realistic. at last our currency had symbol. thanks to Mr uday

  68. Yes Mr.Javed.. we must thank Uday for saving our nation. Imagine what would have happened if Uday like superman hadn’t appeared with this magical symbol and salvaged 100+ crores of poor Indians from the dumps of starvation,poverty,unemployment,malnutrition,lack of education,corrupt politics,terrorism etc ..

  69. Great people have great symbols. New man made culture, pride and honour for rich and politics. great politics. I wounder what are these animals named as supper powere, G- 20, Secure council. Vishal Bharat etc. Ay of them has anything to do with poor people of India? Exploitation bith big names.

  70. Gooddddddddd
    thanks uday kumar
    now our “Rs.” get its Proper Value,
    so keep it up

  71. Pure waste. Supporters – Do you know how much it costs to implement? When Euro was introduced, $50 billion was spent. Is the new Rs symbol worth for it? Don’t be a cop cat. If a cat put stripes on its skin, cat cannot become a Tiger. There are lot of things that can be copied from USA. Indian patriots – Don’r be fanatics. These fanatics show their patriotism her , but divide the nation by caste, god, religion, language, noorth and south India. Rajesh is correct.

  72. Dr. K. Ramachandarchar

    Symbol creation is a needed attempt.
    But rupee is vanishing like other smaller denominations like paisa and its multiples.
    Single rupee has become equivalent to toffies.
    Unless rupee improves its buying power, it has no place. The present government should think of creating now a new Indian monetary unit somewhere equivalent to present ten rupee. Then should follow it with the creation of a symbol.

  73. Right or Wrong? Your criticism is welcome as there is always room for pros and cons views.

  74. Great to look…it`s well composed, simple and meaningful. CONGRATULATIONS to creator..you`ll be remembered!

  75. pleeeaaase,

    are there no other problems in our land.

    someone asked for music and fireworks for grand welcome even…

    rupee went down after new logo arrived…

    bye cl

  76. Bhai ek baat bata car toh maruti 800 3 hand bhi kaam deti hai duniya 50 lakh ki kyon khareedti hai.

    man!!!! dere’s sumthin called social status so just chill out n njoy our new symbol

  77. Praveen Gaurav

    The symbol is ready. 1% of work is already done by D Udaya Kumar. Now for rest 99% let us make it strong enough by being a part/spearheading of countries economic growth. No one will question for the symbol…. not throughout the world.

  78. I agree with the author . having a symbol rupee is useless . I dont think , international countries will even care about it . no country trades in indian rupee at international markets . new symbol seems to hype to divert the people attention of inflation in india . india just waste money , just for pride . India organises common wealth , really good athelets dont come india like usian bolt .Even common wealth head , oueen of england isnt coming . India should concrete on developing infrastructure , education . It is just waste of money . This money could have used for save tiger program , i guess that will bring more pride . India needs to grow up . I bet this symbol would have been long forgotten in another 5 years .

  79. hello Rajesh and Co.,
    the main worry of Rajesh for India having an emblom for its currency is that we are imitating the west, but for your kind attention may notify it to you that youstart imitating the west from the time you get up from your bed and going to the wash room taking the brush and paste to your dressing up and wearing a watch, a pen, apair of socks and the shoes to the numerous things you do in a day. You forget that the modern currency itself is a contribution by the west. Stop saying I don;t see a thing by looking in to the darkness. instead start looking in the light and see things. poverty, correption, etc. etc. is there all over the world and avoiding an emblom for the currency is no way going to help it. try to develop some sense of integrity

  80. Totally disagree with Rajeshkumar…

    You looks like mentally disturbed …!!


    I love the SYMBOL…and India needs it. Do the proper investigation before writing on some topic and give some proper justification before writing such sick paragraphs.

    By the way, who cares what you write..!! sify in nowhere in current trade. I just read coz 1 of my frd send me this link.

  81. The designer has not cared to see that all pointed ends are sharp and will loose the shape when reduced. These ends should have been rounded.

  82. I am a WASP from the U.S. and i see that you are a mucker futhrin’ corksucking icehole,
    that has no business having an opinion about anything. u r a disgrace to ur planet, your country, to ur religious affilation or beliefs.

  83. The author is expressing his opinions.

    On the other hand, Indians, as always, have highlighted their unparalled intolerance by retorting with brash comments like “stupid article”, “go to hell, Rajesh Kumar” etc. I am sure there are more polite and rational ways of disagreeing. But the politeness is the first casualty in this callous nation.


  85. The new rupee symbol is ugly to say the least. $, L(pound), Y (Yen), E (euro) symbols have been designed elegantly. But the Half cut R reminds one of the chopped and hacked off back of the new Ritz car from Maruti. Change or new ideas just for the heck of it is the order of the day and in the process well established principles of design and aesthetics are thrown to the wind. It is happening in all walks of life. Only Dr. K. Ramachandarchar talks sense here – it is time to do away with the worthless rupee altogether and go for a new currency. The govt. does not have the capability to maintain enough Rs. 1 currency in circulation (notes or coins)!!. To this day a change of 1 Cent is meticulously returned when you shop in the US. Time to use credit cards and cheques for all transactions.

  86. You stupid idiot,

    If you feel it difficult to write then you better carry on with Rs. , even writting USD for $ is still in use.

    And duffer, No body is going to hang you if you write Rs.

  87. I don’t know who the idiot has invented the new Rs. symbol and who the idiot has approved it to use. I shall request to think logically.
    1) The new sign is embarrassing , how to pronounce do the idiot inventor has thought – the inventor copy past the English dictionary pronounciation Rupees.
    So , the inventor wish to call an ASS in HORSE.
    2) There are so many invention still remains to invent in the field of Technology and Medical – so why the inventor doesn’t fill to think about that .
    3) The inventor of new symbol of Rs. is an idiot foolish and fancy in cut and paste and Mix. He doesn’t have idea that how the Yen,Euro,Pound, etc. symbol of money has invented . I shall request the inventor and approver of new Rs. symbol to search the internet about the invention of money symbol of aforesaid.

    So, think that logically you may name cat to a dog , but the cat never be the dog.
    The inventor and its supporter may blind and trying to blind others is not good.

    thanks a lot

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