Will we inherit the dearth?

Hinduism & its Military Ethos

Hinduism & its Military Ethos

Superpower in waiting.  That’s how many of us would like to describe India. An economic juggernaut, a state with nuclear weapons, waiting to take its rightful place at the world’s top table.

Air Marshal (retd) RK Nehra believes that wait is likely to be a long one.

Because, thanks to Buddhism, the once martial Hindus, who still are a majority in Hindustan, have now become peace-loving wimps.

And a ‘soft state’ can never become a superpower, it will always be a waiter at the top table, if that.

I must confess when I first heard about his book, Hinduism and its military ethos, I was less than impressed.

The book jacket, which portrayed a pale brick wall, or pavement, with a crack running down the middle, did nothing to change that impression.

But I should have known not to judge a book by its title, or its cover.

Air Marshal Nehra has obviously spent a lot of time and energy studying not just Hinduism, but every major religion of the world.

He starts by examining the India-born religions, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, before moving on to   describe the Judaic religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – in a nutshell. (All this, in 13 pages of crisp text.)

He then concludes that “Hinduism,  ‘the first formal religion of mankind’, remained confined to Bharat (India) while Christianity and Islam spread rapidly across the world simply because of the ‘stark simplicity of the creeds of the two faiths. These are easy to understand by laymen with average, (or even below average) intelligence. By comparison, Hindu philosophy is highly complex and their view of life difficult to understand.”

But wait, I digress.

Nehra’s argument is essentially simple: We as a nation lack the killer instinct. We lack the ruthlessness, the cunning, the immorality needed to become a true world power.

And he blames Buddhism for our recent meekness.

‘Of the recorded Hindu history of around 2,300 years, Bharat was under the jackboots of slavery for some 1300 years—a dubious record.’

The ancient Hindus, he says, ‘were a set of martial people who lived by the sword. Somewhere along the line, Hindus lost their way and their martial spirit…(they) developed a deluded sense of Dharma under the influence of Buddhism, and that was the main reason for their downfall.’

While the Bhagvad Gita emphasises the duty to engage in holy (righteous) war, Buddhism and Jainism injected self-defeating concepts like ‘ahimsa, (non-violence), shanti (peace) and satya (truth) into the Hindu psyche,  ‘with disastrous results,’ argues Nehra.

It is that mindset, he says, which produces  ‘patriotic songs’ which say things like: Duniya ka zulum sehna, aur munh se kuch na kehna,’ which loosely translated means: “it is a great tradition of ours to bear all type and manner of atrocities, without ever complaining.

“In addition to ahimsa, another insignia fondly, forcedly and firmly put on the Hindu lapel is that of ‘Tolerance’. It is difficult to utter the ‘Hindu’ word, without uttering ‘tolerance’ in the same breath,” he says.

“The Hindu is being constantly told that his religion and scriptures require him to be ‘tolerant’. It is generally projected as if Hinduism has no existence independent of tolerance; a Hindu should ‘walk’ tolerance, he should ‘talk’ tolerance. During TV debates, one often hears Hindu leaders, both pseudo-secularists and ‘communal’, going hysterical about ‘Hindu Tolerance’. ”

But yet in the Ramayana, he notes,  ‘Laxman displays extreme intolerance in cutting off nose of a woman, Surpanakha. What was her fault? She had only made a marriage proposal to Laxman, who at that time, was without his wife. In any case, those days, rulers used to have multiple wives.’

While in the Mahabharata, Arjun, at Krishna’s behest, killed Karna when he was helpless. Bhima, again at Krishna’s urging, hit Duryodhana on the thigh with his mace, violating prevailing norms of combat.

Thus, ‘the projected tolerance of Hindus, born out of bogus spirituality, is a myth. It is an artificial web woven round the Hindus by people with base instinct and baser intentions,’ he concludes.

Superpower? Top table? Not just yet.

The meek, as they say, will inherit the dearth.

Read Excerpts: Where’s our self-respect? | A clerk, a typewriter, and Pakistan

Ramananda Sengupta

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  1. I totally agree with the theory. And simply doubt the theory of non violence propagated by Britishers through Ghandhi in Indian Psyche that we are now bunch of jokers unable to understand who we are.

  2. what i beleive for long has come true and it makes me happy that m not alone to think and say like this.

  3. Read the new book: PM.KALKEE: Rise Of The Ancient Arya Civilization: Hindu India of the 21st Century.

  4. This article is a ‘JOKE’. I don’t think Indians are peace loving ,when it comes to being rude to fellow indians, we re do that day in and day out. We don’t have a leader with ‘GUTS’ last one died in 1984. Our leaders at present are appeasers of other states, that is the only reason that will make us wait for decades t o come.
    Ex: Bhopal tragedy only partial compensation
    was paid by union carbide and we are ready to pass nuclear liability bill. In US oil spillage , were there is no life lost, BP is made to cough out all the money.

  5. We should take pity on the illknowledge of the Nehra. RSS and VHP upbringing kept him illknowledged… He dont know that in the Buddhist kingship period from 560BC to 800 AD outsiders could not win over India. No outsider including Alexander could win over India ………. That was the valour of Buddhist Kings. Even Martial Art is Buddhist teaching…….
    Outsiders could infiltrate India only after murder of King Harshwardhan by Brahmins….. Most of the inventions were done in Buddhist period but Brahmins couldn’t makeout any……….. Mohammad Gazanvi was brought to India by Brahmin Tilak to destroy Buddhism …… Because Brahmins are foreigners in India, and they can not tolerate Buddhism’s tenets of equality, no-infidality and non-boozing. …………… Brahmins are still trying hard to vanish Buddhism from India , after appropriting all Buddhist places like Tirupati Balaji, Kanchipuram, Sri-shailam, Shabrimala, Jagannath Puri, Pandharpur, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Ambernath, Somnath and allll…………
    Nehra’s book is one more effort in this direction.

    • I think that you are prejudice in ur evaluation of the Brahmin. Go and read the history with some just eyes.

    • Ha Ha Ha, who the hell gave u a Dr. Sir?? Your only intention seems to be caste based bashing. Without going into specifics, sample this, CV Raman, most recent Ramakrishnan did not get noble prize coz they were brahmins, but based on their work. Dont forget Srinivasan Ramanuja by the way. And Kalaripathi ,the traditional Indian Marital arts, was not a budhist tradition.

    • Parmanand was a weak hindu so he left the faith, I am glad he left our faith.
      Only those with real faith stay and fight for what they believe in!! Dharma.
      I have respect for dalits who today remain in their hindu faith and fight all prejudice and ills! They have taken charge of their faith and stand up for it and fight the ills within. Parmanand was an escapist who ran away only to attack it from behind under the garb of another religon like a coward !! One day there will be trouble in this faith too and then parmanand will run again!!

    • Alexander was not afraid of Budhist king-he was afraid of Hindu king Chandragupta Mourya and he was the grandfather of king Asoka who was later converted to Budhism. Lord Buddha is one of Avatar of Hinduism-we worship him-do not bring the divisions with your poor knowledge of history. Wait-time is coming when it will be difficult to protect your religion as Christianity and Islam is marching in India

    • this only demonstrates the Histotical Knowledge and Anti-sentiments of yours. By the way. There were no Buddhist Kings in India. Only Ashoka later in his life converted to Buddhist religion. After that there are not Buddhists rulers in India. And Harshwardhan was again born a Hindu and than converted to Buddhism. And by the way he came after Gupta Hindu Empire. Mohammad Gazanvi was himself son of a Buddhist father who after defeat had converted to Islam to save his skin. And by the way this Turk fought the Hindu Shahi kings of Kabul and these Buddhist convert Islamists were kept out of India by Hindu Shahi’s of Kabul for almost three centuries. By the way the Muslim majority areas of India Subcontinent are the exact areas where majority was Buddhist. And it was not Brahmins but infact the ISLAM that destroyed Buddhism from India. In west and afghanistan Hindu Shahi rulers and Buddhist subjects today all fanatic Muslims. Eastern India and Bengal majority Buddhists and minority Hindu rulers the Sen Dynasty. With the death and protection of Sen dynasty all Buddhists converted to Islam………Get some basic education first because spewing your anti hindu venom which is typical of certain leftists and casteists with hindu sounding names.

  6. air marshall is absolutely right,

  7. I doubt information provided by Dr Param Anand is credible enough.please dont type in content which will create differences between communities within hindus.

  8. Hi
    I dont completely agree with Nehra. It was sheer bad luck that after independence the congress was the ruling party and they castrated the Hindu once and for all. It was bad luck that in the congress Nehru and his gang won while sardar patel and his people lost out.
    Thats the real bad luck that India went thro.

    India as a super power is laughable. When asked to bend we as a nation crawl. It needs a major revolution to make us a super power and divided as we are now into religions, castes and sub castes that can never happen in the near future.

  9. Air Marshell only knows what he is best at. Hitting out. Now he has done his with his pen. A eye for eye will only make the whole world blind. Enough violence is seen in Pakistan, for which Mr. Marshell must be very happy about. Also the fact the author has got is all wrong. Buddhism by the way is aggressive humanism. Neither it says that you submit other cheek if hit on one, nor it says of hitting out senselessly as author his propagating. Buddhism is tolrence in true world. i.e it teaches Middle way. Hold dialoge till last ounce of your energy.

  10. Don’t blame Buddhism, or any “ism”. What did Param Anand had to drink !! I want some of that too !!! Ghauri and Ghazanavi came to India looking for loot from Somnath temple in Gujrat! Buddhism was born in East – North East. China was Buddhist before it became communist! What Bauddhism has anything to do with lack of education, dearth of self respect and plain laziness. Ahimsa doesn’t tell you not to defend yourself. If you are not suitably educated to be in politics, let alone international politics, if you have not studied law, what good would you do as lawmaker, or minister, or Prime Minister. If you have no self respect, you well act like a mouse in front of others who are properly educated. If you are lazy, you will hide behind Ahimsa and take an easy way out, instead of facing the challenge, be it China, be it pakistan, or nepal. The weakness comes from lack of kn0wledge, when you are not sure yourself, how can you tell if your adversery is right or wrong! Talk is cheap, and pointing finger is easy. And thats what we Indians are good at. Making excuses, blaming others, “Sab Chaltaa hai, yaar!” attitude. Thats what made India a soft state, not Buddhism, or any other “ism”. We vote in our leaders, not based on their background, their services, but who looks good, or who is influential, or hails from what family or clan, and worse yet, we vote for five rupees, or a bottle of tharra or cheap scotch! Thats what makes India a soft state.

  11. What Buddhism got to do with India’s corrupt politicians? There is a difference between soft state and a state under corrupts which has no option but to toe the line (it is not as same as softness). If India is soft at all it is not because it is “soft” but because it is being run under those who got karmic misdeeds breathing heavily over their shoulders. Is that news that once corrupt one is sure to lose his/her voice and courage! This softness is not out of kindness but out of fear. To stay in power they indulge in corruption, so “softness” is the only way out.

  12. Well, how about Japan, where Buddhism has played a biger role than in India? Japan has progressed a lot and of course has been quite aggressive in the past.

  13. the hindus are extremely weak. Why is there very less communal riots in gujarat? after godhra the hindus hit back and butchered the muslims. now the muslims in gujarat understand that if you hit you will be hit back hundred times harder. that should be the psyche of the hindus.

  14. Any doubt? Buddhism was slow poison for Ancient India. Due to that King Ashok never fight any war after Kalinga.. Buddhism was spread into the world, just because the power of Magadh.

  15. India philosophy is maintaining equanimity. This tranquility has blessed Indian and Hindu culture longer life than any other religion or culture.

    Being strong and cunning pays in short term, but those who have bigger vision understands “Truth triumphs at the end”.

    If you are supporting this article, I just wish you have a 1000 year life to see, whats correct in long term.

    God Blesses India 🙂

    Slow and steady wins the race.

  16. Absolute nonsense subject and post martum. I cant even understand people can bring such nonsesnse and spend their life in doing great analysis…

  17. Hriday Pandey

    The likes of Param Anand, & there are many such jokers, are deluded. His simple philosophy is to blame all the misfortunes of the Hindus, on the Brahmins.Shouldn’t the non Brahmins take the responsibity for the plight of the Hindus? Air Marshall,Nehra, is right. Thanks to Buddhism , mostHindus have turned into pseudo-secular wimps.Thankfully the non Indian Hindus can still put up a fight.

  18. jithendranathan

    ” Five Glorious Epochs of Hinduism ” , authored by Veera Damodhar Savarkar , was the first documented effort propounding the theory that the Hindu race has become pacifist due to the influence of Buddhism on it psyche ….which could be true ….Conversly it can be argued that Chinese and Japanese societies which also had a martial tradition and had embraced Buddhism did not change its original charater ,, Why ?

  19. Dinkar has once said that “chama sobhti us bhujang ko jiske paas garal ho “

    Means the strong person has only right to forgive some on a weak cannot forgive or punish some one,

    India has to make their military strong in the coming years (within 10-20 years) only then world will hear their voice, Pakistan is only showing eyes due to the support of china, and America. India has to make itself so strong that it can come parallel with America and china in terms of military. And this is only possible by economical reforms and growth, and then only India can strengthen the military. For this people of India has to work hard also to make the county more economically sound,

    India is freed just 60 years back and this period is not very enough to strength

    America,Russia, Britain, france,israiel has solved their problems by themselves , why we Indian people and our politician want to solve their problems by other countries, we have to face our problem and solve them by our own strength , we have to fight Pakistan and chiana , straight by sam,dam, dand ,bhed just like America , france, Britain ,and israiel.
    These four country should be ideal for us for solving our problem,
    These four country never ask some one to help them , they took the help by force if they need it,America is taking help of Pakistan to fight with the taliban , without the interest of Pakistan,

  20. RSS coined word pseudo secularism unfortunately made currency in India, because of our misunderstanding of secularism. Secularism doesn’t mean equality to all religions, secularism means free of religion and not following any religion.

  21. Due to Buddhism many Hindus are still Hindu(Hindu budh) , other wise many of lower class had been converted into christen and Muslim so instead of blaming we should obliged to Buddhism , this is the greatest and oldest religion after santan dharma i.e. Hinduism . non violence makes this religion the top religion of the world as Veda told “AHINSA PARMO DHARMA” so in this ground it is more superior than Hinduism

  22. Kargil war ,shows that Hindus are not soft only difference is that they never attacks first , not like to enter in another country.

    Godhra and malegwan are also some bad example of it

  23. Buddhism did weaken India. But the alternative is not to choose the old Hinduism, rather the better option before us today is to choose a NEW Hinduism which will incorporate the killer instinct, more homogeneity (discipline), clarity in thought and communication, and an aggressive expansionist mindset.

  24. AM Nehra is not the only one or indeed the first one to express this opinion. There are many more examples which clearly show that Buddhism and particularly the Kalinga war by Ashoka was the turning point of Hindu warriors turning into meek & ‘tolerant’ to all kinds of atrocities. We have forgotten the words of Krishna to Arjuna and do not know the value of valour. Our forefathers have been propogating this meekness and it reached its peak when Gandhiji won independence via ‘Gandhigiri’.

  25. What Brij,Prakash and Bipna wrote are hundred percent true. This blogger by name Dr Param Anand is none other than the jehadi and isi agent anroshan who has been posting lies and lies and anti-hindu and anti-national postings for the past many months and surely he is pasid by isi and jehadi agents and dawood ibrahim,etc to pollute indian webistes with illogical and stupid comments to fool the indian and hindu bloggers.All Hindus and all indian bloggers please ignore such guys who use all sorts of dirty tricks including using fake hindu names,etc. So indias and hindus please ignore all the stupid postings and lies of such jehadi and fanatic creatures.

  26. Totally agree with Mr. Nehra. Where we’re living is a tame India. We’re not even following our Bhagwadgita, where it is written that if doing injustice is a sin, then suffering injustice is a bigger sin. People must understand that Tolerance is different from Suffering.

  27. The ideas of “Non-violence” and “Unity of consiousness” was present in Vedantic teachings as much as Buddhist ones. It is absurd to claim Buddhism is responsible for turning hindus weak. Hinduism as the social structure was already fragmented into mutliple castes and sub-castes creating a weaker society,thanks to brahmin-ego. And only after the fall of buddhism in India, it was conquered by Muslims and christians, who exploited the divisions in hindu society just as politicians of today.

  28. Non-violence as an ideology is foreign and aberrant to hindus and the greatest crime of Brittsih double agent Mohandas Gandhee faking as a freedom fighter was plotted by the british with liberal helpo by western media and indian media and with liberal logistical help in all levels has converted majority hindus as ennuchs and cowards and vegetables unable to react to any injustice to them. This is exactly what the British masters wanted Mohandas Gandhee to do and the British and western emdia using all sorts of GOebbelian tricks made Mohandas Gandhee as the greatest human being ever born, made him a Saint and this dirty trick helped the British colonizers to rule and loot trillions and trillions of dollars without NAY FEAR OF GETTING HURT OR KILLED BY THE brain-washed ennuch hindu majority. Read Indian and World History and see that NO developed nation has used non-violence to use ANY of their problems although the western nations want the poor nations like India TO USE MAHATMA AND NON-VIOLENCE ALL THE TIME. See the western hypocricy and dirty tricks used by them to keep hindus morons&cowards for the past many decades and centuries.If Lord Ram and Lord Krishna had used non-violence as a policy the world would have been full of demons and demonesses and due to dirty trick of mahatma gandhee and non-violence we have hundreds or thousands of politician demons and demonesses and day-light looters. Shame, RSS,VHP,BJP and all patriotic indians that you have been fooled and looted and made ennuch and cowards for the past many decades and centuries.

  29. Dharmendra Goel

    I do find lots of sense in AirMarshal’s central contention that we arfe bogus people who are mean -hearted and seek spiritual excuses for plain cowardice in face of Danger . We do indulge in back-bitintof all those whom we can not confront with our deep felt spleen and hatred.
    We oughtto drop this cloak of donned Tolerance and Religiosity which is just a depressing Hypocrisy and gloating of our Flunkeydom

  30. The tragedy with the History of India is like each blind person asserted what he felt as the Elephnt, too many have written diverse history of India,from their angle only.Tolernce and loving peace are the natural products of this hoary land.
    Our folks have seen what has happened to those who distorted history to wean people to their side!

  31. There is some truth in what he article says. Look at Tibet! No invader had been able to conquer the country till IT adopted Buddhism. Chinese occupation is a different story.

  32. I have not read Mr.Nehrus book regarding the above article.But I categorically deny his false statements regarding lakshmana cutting surpanakas nose and arjun killing karna and bhima killing duryodhana against dharmic means at the behest of krishna. Well, the above facts are misrepresented by Mr.Nehru.The facts have been twisted to suit his book and argument.Lakshmana cut surpanakas nose not because she proposed marriage,but because surpanakas tried to physically assault Mother Sita and lakshmana had to intervene and cut the nose.Surpanaka was not of warrior caste,but women with demonic tendencies. Regarding Arjun killing karna,and bhima killing duryodhana,krishna clearly points out of looking ethics and dharma in whole context and not isolated.The isolated act of arjun killing karna and bhima killing duryodhana looks unethical,but if you look at what karna and duryodhana did to pandavas especially molesting draupadi infront of the entire court mercilessely they deserved that punishment.So arjuna and bhimas act of killing by unethical means is not unethical but it was dharmic.

  33. The reason why people want to convert to different religions are
    1) To run away from caste system.
    2) People are still confused about polytheism
    3) Too many rituals.
    4) Even though we are free to do whatever at one place we are less discplined at others.
    5) The Hinduism is teaching lot of things which are good for books but does not make us enforce into a real practice. When something is not practical people cannot see and they won’t understand. Even though in the temple they teach lot of things they don’t teach us how to be self sufficent and how to control our temptations (saptarishis(kama,krodha,madha, matsya etc)).
    6) Polygamy in case of muslims or mormonism in case of christians.
    7) Christians they have bible study and lot of other things that enforces discpline which gives them lot of time to concentrate on other things and think clearly and same thing goes for islam.
    8) For us Hindus to be united we have to have common teachings (uniform) it does not matter who you are just one common standard. We can come back strongly.
    9) Please keep in mind whatever is practical and easy to understand is only what will prevail and those which are IIT type problems for common man will never be followed.
    10) We have to save Hindu system starting from villages that is our backbone.
    11) Above all our gurus and our leaders always get involved in some scandal instead of setting some good examples.


  35. If Buddhism made Indians meek and vulnerable to foreign invaders and would prevent us from becoming a super power, what about countries like China, Japan, South Korea etc who are predominantly Buddhist,but are advancing fast and by means could be called tolerant?

  36. Indian jokers will remain as jokers! Nehra is another Brahmin!

  37. First of all the name Hindu is borrowed from the invadors. Since last 60 yrs you guys borrowed name India from Britishers! You Hindu dirty people atleast try to have the name on your own!

    • Britishers call us hindus does not mean anything – after all what is there in a name? Hinduism has a name and it is the Sanatana Dharma. If some stupid can’t pronounce it and call it something else and others follow it, what is there to blame hindus? If you are “not dirty” then show your identity instead of hiding behind fake names.

  38. Yeshwanth Pai

    Nothing could be more apt than this writing. The history is very vivid in its explanation that after the disaster of Ashokas war at Kalinga, which was around 320 BC , till the Muslems invaded Hindustan there were almost no recorded internal wars worth mentioning. There was absolute tranquility and thus the martial arts were given a decent burial by the Kshatriyas, because Bharatvarsha was pratcising Buddhas peace principles and avoided wars thus making the armies almost non entities. So this made a fertile ground for the war hardened Muslims to invade Bharath (Khandahar to Kanyakumari to Kashmir to Bengal) -a pot of honey only waiting to be licked. So alas Buddhism, a religion unworthy of the human existance and perhaps meant only for sages was the main culprit for the “degeneratin” of the sophisticated habitants of Bharath Varsha.

  39. For all who suggest and recommend christianity and islam as model religions, here are the dark facts.The semitic religions,islam an christainity are the most hate-filled and intolerant terror cults and for peace to prevail in india and the world both these terror religions and their terror manual quran and bible must be banned. Both Quran and Bible preache 24 hours from churches and mosques and madrassas that killing others like non-muslims or non-christians like hindus,sikhs,buddhists,etc and converting them by force or fraud will give them heaven after death with virgins and wine as extra gifts and that is why these terror cults and their robotic followers have eliminated by genocide many millions of kafirs like hindus,sikhs,tribals,etc all over the world. So world nations and all really secular and loving persons and people must unite all over the world and campaign aggessivley for banning both terror cults,islam and christianity.

  40. ALL Hindus and ALL world citizens MUST See how illogical,backward and moronic are followers of semitic religions. I feel SORRY&feel PITY for indian muslims&christians WHO blindly follow their masters in the desert or europe without knowing that they ARE treated like dirt by both arab& white skinned racist muslims& christians. In 2000 year history of christianity there was NO Indian or coloured or Black skinned POPE& there was not EVEN an indiAN christian or blacK- skinned assistant to POPE FOR2000 years& THERE will NEVER be an Indian or Black Pope in Future as well,WhiLe WHITE europeans and americans do NO go to the same chrurch if Indians GO there and theyARE treated worse than slaves.Same is case with Arab Muslims.Arabs consider indian&paki muslims to be GOOd ONLY as servants&there WILL NEVER be an Indian or paki imam or grand in the2 main mosques of Islam in Saudi Arabia&even Arabs do NOT GO to same mosques to pray along with Indian muslims,my friends in Gulf countries tell me.SHAME,SHAME INDIAN MUSLIM&CHRISTIAN SLAVES

  41. My question to all indian christians and muslims including the paki jehadi blogger anroshan and other fanaticsw posting with fake hindu names too. The christians and muslims believe that by killing infidels or kafirs like hindus,sikhs,etc and converting theum using force and fraud and by destroying their places of worship, you will get heaven after death with vrigins and wine as extra gifts. When your bodies are buried in coffin or boxes under the soil after death, how will you go to heavn to enjoy virgins and wine.Has any one seen any flying coffin going to heaven or has any muslim or christian come back from ehaven to describe how he enjoyed the virgins and wine in heaven? Where is this heaven? is it in planet Mars? So logical and educated muslims and christians please dump your hate filled non-sensical cults and beliefs and belive like hindus that heaven and hell are in the mind and join the only secular and loving religion on Earth, hinsuism which souts that all human beings are members of one large family and there is only love and no hatred and terror as in christianity or islam.So wake up terror-minded hate-filled robots muslims and christians please, do not let yourself become just brain-less robots by terror manuals quran&bible and fanatic preachers,please

  42. Ranjan Attygalle

    All the religions made a huge contribution to the world,to desipline the mankind.But scientifically,there is no life or continuity of soul or any thing after the death.It is ridiculus to kill or fight each other,because of one’s religion.All the religions are manmade fictions.

  43. Wonderful comment above by Yashwant Pai and Krishna which explain to some extent why we have been ruled and looted first by muslim invaders and then by british colonizers using british double agents mahatma gandhee and nehru and by the coooked nerhu dynasty for the past 60 years. Shame, Majority Hindus,RSS,VHP,BJP and all patriotic Indians that you have been fooled and looted for so many decades and centuries by crooked operators and enemies. See one cruel paradox, the the man who was accused as the murderer of mahatma gandhee the double agent of non-violence was hanged, using violence to death and not let free.This shows how crooked and hypocritical and wicked were our rulers at the time of independence and there after as well

  44. Some inaccuracies are evident in the article. For one thing, Hinduism is not just 2,300 years but has an unbroken record of more than 10,000 years. Lord Krishna existed before this period and the epics Bhagavata Purana and Mahabharata deal with him. His story is considered to be contemporaneous with the ‘Atlantis’ civilization. Other inaccuracies will also be dealt with separately.

  45. Wonderfully said by Air Marshall Nehra. Look at India today, the common man is a weakling fighting to earn two rotis and a makan. Common citizen has been doing this for centuries. Maybe choosing vegetarianism was wrong. If you read history, you will realize that Hindus were not vegetarians long ago. Why did Ram go after the deer with bow and arrow, just to kill it to bring it back to his wife Sita. Our killer instinct is dead now. Since we are weak, to hide it we say we are ‘tolerant’ – when the fact is that we are cowards, spineless and backstabbers. Which other nation would tolerate being without a Ramjanmabhoomi when Hindus are the majority. Just imagine, would muslims give away Mecca ??? Look at Israel, the size of Kerala, they are such a force, India looks up to them to buy military hardware. Where are our own inventors, scientists, planners ??? It is shameful, we should not even think of becoming a superpower – not when we cannot even safeguard our own produce (wheat and rice). We are OK with it rotting rather than feed our poor. SHAME !!!

  46. Some more inaccuracies also need mention. In the epic Ramayana, Lakshmana disfigured Surpanakha, not because she made overtures to him. But because, she was lusting primarily after Lord Rama and wanted to murder Sita Mata to have her way. But, a careful reading showed that the real reason for Surpanakha’s misbehaviour was to suffer and force her brother Ravana to fight Rama. She (Surpanakha) knew that Lord Rama was Lord Vishnu incarnate and wanted him to kill her brother. Ravana had murdered Surpanakha’s husband and that lady wanted revenge and this was considered the best opportunity. Of course, Ravana’s fate was apparently sealed much earlier, on account of his multi-faceted misconducts. These alone earned him the appelate ‘Rakshas’ or demon, as he was otherwise of noble birth and upbringing.

  47. It is thanks to self-defeating religion like Buddhism that Ashoka the great, lost the empire which his grandfather Chandragupta Maurya founded. I agree with the theory, totally. Buddhism is made us weak and is the bane of us Indians.

  48. Good

  49. Air Marshal Mehra has to realise that by killer instinct or marshall arts you don’t become superpower or militarily powerful, understand humanity first & then Buddhism,serve humanity & then become superpower,it is not the “soft state” approach,it is persistent approach keeping humanity in mind because all bloods are red in colour,ride the bycycle very slowly keeping the balance, that’s the real art and please don’t blame Buddhism for that.

  50. Buddhism was founded by Gautama Buddha about 4,000 years back to fight against political violence. It was given considerable patronage by the ruling elite in various parts of the country. It was mainly a spiritual movement and not considered a separate religion. As far as the common people were concerned, they remained committed to Vedic Hinduism, particularly worship of Hindu dieties like Shiva, Vishnu, etc. There was no quarrel between Hinduism and Buddhism and Adi Shankaracharya was respected by Buddhist monks. Only from 600 C.E., arrogance on account of proximity to power went to the Buddhist monks head and there was friction, which was reconciled by Abhinava Shankaracharya. But, enough damage was done. However, India and the rest of the world suffered on account of ideologies which purported to represent Christianity and Islam, from 600 C.E. onwards. It is necessary to understand the force behind these ideologies as there is a difference between the ideologies and the religions they purport to represent.

  51. Indian should first think about its survival rather than becoing a Superpower

  52. I can observe severe unease as for the first time in people of certain thought. Someone in India probably has attempted to to light the barbaric acts of the Western religions.
    The west only denigrates and attacks brahmin. The west invented Brahmin as we see today to butcher Bharat Mata. The butchery continues till date, and MF Hussain paints this as rapr of India.
    I am more than happy someone has attempted to expose true face of the situation. I am happy at the discomfort some people have …..let the people know truth

  53. Like various institutions, the institution of Buddha was also established. Gautama Buddha was obviously the first Buddha. This institution continued for about 2,500 years. Buddha was believed to have said that a person known as Maitreya meaning friend will incarnate about 2,500 years after his time. The last Buddha was believed to have proclaimed himself as Maitreya and done incalculable damage to Buddhist Hindu relations for some time. Today, some psychic state that Abhinava Shankaracharya was the real Maitreya and he helped reconcile Buddhism with Hinduism. The ideology acting under the name of Islam created havoc in India. Though initially attributable to Buddhists, the real reason was the force of the ideology, which is only now being countered.

  54. Nice

  55. I disagree but slightly. Hinduism is not a ruthless and amoral religion. In fact no faith is like that. Remember Shri Rama and Krishna incarnated to protect righteousness. The martial spirit of the ancient Hindus was tampered with spirituality. Both manliness and saintliness are extolled in Hindu faith. That is what Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj also preached. It is true that Buddhism did convolute the Hindu sense of fairness in the name of Ahimsa.

  56. Hinduism is a comprehensive religion. There is no doubt about it. But over the period of time, and as it suited the rulers – from Akbar to Mountbatten – tags like ahimsa (which basically says do nothing and be proud of it) and karma (which is extremely fatalistic – saying it is God who will punish) started defining the religion. The book brings to light something that was long due.

    It was probably because of the “turn your other cheek to be slapped…” philosophy that we lost Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh to the Chinese after losing half of Kashmir to Pakistan.

    • resurgenthindu

      in its true meaning karma has nothing to do god. the concepts of a all powerful distinct and masculine god , his judgement etc etc where product of dimwitted abrahamic faiths. karma along with jnana for a hindu is a means to overcome the illusions of maya.

  57. The Arab conquest of Sind was facilitated by the Buddists who for tax and other bnefits were willing to support an invader against the Sanatan Dharma followers– Hindu is Arab in origin and there is no word like Hindu in our ancient books.
    From then on Islam took advantage of disunion
    in the people living here who followed Sanatan
    Dharma. Janism, Buddhism bring out the best and most noble humane principles which ensured harmony and Civilization in the world. The early religions support for ethical values brought about their ruin because in pragmatic life, loot, rape, invasion, of spoils of war win more supporters than peace loving Dharmic groups. To kill a Tiger you must be violent too. Prophet Mohamed is the one who perfected loot rape for imposing Islam in a world which was mostly peace loving and all that in the name of religion. He combined in himself Head of State and Religion powers. Killers preach religion and say Islam means Peace it is I -slam you if you dont accept what I say !

  58. Excellent Comment,Ramakrishna. If the mood of the bloggers above is true, india and hindus are preparinhg for a final assult on hate-filled semtiic religions,islam and christianity and for an assault on the crooked rulers who have made majority hindus ennuch,cowards andd thirc class citizens and have thrived so far by appeasing terro filled muslim and christian minrotites with all sorts of appeasing techniques and making them vote banks and have made hindus split and fight and looted them to the bones with all sorts of dirty tricks. Hope the recultion to wipe out all anti-hindu elements from our soil comes sooner than later and patriots i n army,navy and ir force,both ex-servicemens and acting personnel must take the lead for this hindu revolution that is long overdue.

  59. I agree with Air Marshal RK Nehra because according to
    Hinduism every person has a particular role in the society.
    If the Kshtriyas ( warriors ) start thinking and believing
    in non-violence then they’ll not be able to protect the society.
    Their dharma is ‘Protect the Society’ and the people in it &
    practicing that will help them attain salvation ( moksha ).And
    ideas like non-violence , peace & truth are good for preachers ( brahmins )
    to discuss & promote but not good for the warriors to follow, at all.

  60. The Air Marshal is wrong in so many ways. I will only confine myself to some of the more glaring errors:
    1. Badshahi Mosque is the largest and the most magniicent mosque in South Asia. It had the same architect as the Taj. Jamia Masjid is not even half as graceful as the Shahi Masjid.
    2. Emperor Jahangir and Qutbuddin Aibak are both buried at Lahore as well as Anarkali and Noor Jahan.
    3. Pakistan has mausoleums like Rukn e Alam’s Mausoleum in Multan which is second only to the Taj in grandeur and grace.
    Punjab and Sindh are cluttered with Islamic symbols.
    4. You should also know that Muslims in India are 13% of Indian Population and that puts them at 144,000,00 and Pakistan’s population stands at 180,000,000 and the Muslim component is 95% or more than 170,000,000. Yet Indians NEVER tire of saying that there are more Muslims in India than Pakistan. Why say an obvious untruth?
    5. India currently the most belligerant nation of Earth. It is spending billions on nuclear weapons, Aircraft Carriers, most lethal jets and expanding its numerical strength and yet the Air Marshal calls his countrymen; wimps! What if you were even slightly less wimpish? You will probably destroy the world.

    • Mansoor,
      Lets see how correct you are with your stats:

      Point 1 and 3: Beauty is subjective. I feel my home is more beautiful than 100 Taj’s put together..So what!?
      Point 2: RIP 🙂
      Point 4.
      As per Mansoor: Population of Pakistan: 180,000,000.
      As per Population Census Organization (Govt. of Pakistan @ http://www.statpak.gov.pk/depts/pco/index.html) – Estimated Population of Pakistan on Jul 21, 2010: 170,064,500 which translates to 161561275 Muslims @ 95% population being Muslims.
      Projected Indian population in 2010 (http://www.censusindia.gov.in/Census_Data_2001/Projected_Population/Projected_Population.pdf): 1,176,742,000. With Mansoor’s 13% rate Muslim population in India = 152,976,460.

      The reason for ever rising population in Pakistan is clear: Illiteracy and Anarchy which needs structural change rather than mere cosmetic changes.

      Point 5.
      India has to spend to on military owing to “cooperative and peaceful” neighbors.
      A look at spends as per SIPRI (http://milexdata.sipri.org/result.php4)
      Pakistan spent 2.6% of its GDP in 2009 after all the free arms and alms given by US and allies while India also spent 2.6% of GDP without any free aids. In fact this includes all the Peace Keeping initiatives India takes in form of forces in various war/non-war zones around the world.

      Mr. Mansoor any idea how much Pakistan spends on Education as compared to India? Also how much India spends on upliftment of minorities and how much Pakistan spends (if it even cares to spend)?

      Pakistan needs at least 100 years to match India.


  61. Was this blog about hindu & muslims traditional rivalry???

  62. I don’t think we need jihadi hindus to save India. All we need is a good strong federal government that does not have to answer to every whims of its coalition partners. It happened in France, Its about time we do it. Lets move towards Presidential / semi presidential form of government where the leader needs only the direct support of the people and no toppling for his period of term.

  63. I totally disagree on this book and the illeterate Paramnand. Both of them don’t know about The Great Hindiusm. The Buddhist rulers, were originated from Khatriyas and Brahmin and practishing violence. It was they captured many Hindu temples and convetred them to Budhist temple. Not only in India but also in south east asian countries like Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Vietrnam. Where most Buddhist temples are actualy Hindu temples. In Buddha gaya the Bodhi temple was actualy a Shiva temple.
    The Buddhism’s total spiritualism is a BIG ZERO and it has nothing to offer. It is a fake faith and that’s why more and more people are returning to the Graet Hinduism in India and in China, Korea (through Hare Krishna Movement or ISKCON). Many Buddhists adopting Christianity or Islam and many south eastern country, because they are not geetting anything from this Buddhsim which is a FAKE FAITH.
    I would like to tell the both that, India was ruled by the foreigner for only 200 years and not 1300 years. The Sulans and the mughlas failed to conquer The South India.
    The Adi Shankacharya bring back the glory of the Hinduism after defeating the Buddhists, who were capturing Hindu temples and forcely converted many Hindus and their temples in to Buddhist place of worship.
    The Tirupati or other temples were never Buddhist temples as inscriptions of 1000 BC were discovered there. The recorded history of Hinduism is about 4500 years. After the discovery of the Vedic Harappa and Indus civilizations the so-called Aryan theory was rejected by the present day historians. The castes were originated from various proessions and created by the Non- Hindu rulers including the Buddhists.

  64. @Mansoor, Muslims in India are roughly 30% of population and in some places like UP, W Bengal and Kerala we are more. In Kashmir we are a majority. How many Hindus are there in Pakistan, for that matter, Christians or Sikhs. Those that are there are persecuted everyday. So please don’t speak about the greatness of Pakistan and make it difficult for us here. Pakistan is a failed state who have to beg for alms (from China and the US). So, what are you harking about.

  65. Buddhism does NOT preclude violence – Shaolin Temple Monks are the BEST example of this. Their martial art system is valid even till date. Also, Buddhism would have united us better without caste, creed & colour.

  66. Shaolin Kung Fu is more about self defence not about defending the society on the whole…

  67. The writer has all the time in the world to waste time on such ridiculous conclusions.Not only his time but others time as well, obviously he is on Bhang and Charas.
    How does he forget that todays volatile Pakistan and Afghanistan were also under the influence of Buddhism.
    So how does Buddhism influence on India make only us—–Soft.

  68. Indian history form the dawn of Islam and Christian domination could be summed up as
    “Sycophancy or sabotage”as the situation changes
    Present day politicians are following the same trick to loot and dishonour the country,irrespective of the religion,caste or state they belong,The most hypocritial people,Indians of all caste are.

  69. RSS Hindus Hindus typically used to blame Muslims, and if not them, then the British. Now they are blaming Buddhism !! Is it not the same Hindus who say Buddhism is part of Hinduism or part of the same family of religions ? All these complaints come because Hindus are unwilling to face the reality. Indian failure is due to Hinduism and its ethos of graded inequality.

  70. I fully agree with the theories.There were once a mercenery tribe in India called Yoddheya.They even issued coins also.They existed in 2200-2500B.C. and why they just disappeared is the mystery to be solved.We were once a warrior nation now reduced to banana state where anyone can take us for granted and we want to preach Panchsheel whereas world is practising realpolitics.The time is now come up to wake up to realities and stop making vote politics within India and practising high moral ground international politics.

  71. India & Hinduism has survived the test of time. Despite the Muslim & British invasion. The question is — Why was our religion/society unable to protect itself from being run over by other religions…. and I think Air Marshal (retd) RK Nehra is giving us one of the probable answers… its another thing what we can and are going to do about it — other than just debating…

  72. The author don’t know that in the Buddhist/Jaini kingship period from 560BC to 800 AD outsiders could not win over India, including Alexander. That was the valour of Buddhist Kings. Even Martial Art is Buddhist teaching. Outsiders could infiltrate India only after murder of King Harshwardhan by Brahmins. Most of the inventions were done in Buddhist period but Brahmins couldn’t makeout any. Mohammad Gazanvi was brought to India by Brahmin Tilak to destroy Buddhism. Because Brahmins are foreigners in India, and they can not tolerate Buddhism’s tenets of equality, no-infidelity and no-boozing. Brahmins are still trying hard to eradicate Buddhism from India , after appropriating all Buddhist places like Tirupati, Balaji, Kanchipuram, Sri-Shailam, Shabrimala, Jagannath Puri, Pandharpur, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Ambernath, Somnath and all. Nehra’s book is one more effort in this direction, and Ramanand Sengupta, the Bodyi caste descendant of Ballal Sen, native of Karnataka, and a subject of Buddhist Pala king, usurped Bengal by treason, started caste system, and later his son Lakshman Sen ran away when Bhaktiar Khilji’ s troop approached Bengal border from Bihar, without even putting up a fight. Besides, there was no religion by the name Hinduism until the British coined the term to separate it from other religion, which could be better described as Brahminism.

  73. Looking at some of the comments, it would be wrong to find fault with Buddhism. We need to look at each religion, when it was created, what kind of turmoil was there at that time and what were the most pressing issues at that time. As a Hindu, I am perfectly Ok with Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and other religions. Even with Islam and Christianity, however what I would like is for Hindus to unite and come forward – instead of bickering and backstabbing. Of all the people on this blog, who would know – who is a true Hindu ??? One that worships several times a day ? I think early Hinduism was based on giving importance to nature (mother earth, clouds, trees, etc). Now, coming to todays scenario, I fully agree with Air Marshall Nehra that Hindus need to unite and deal with Islamic terrorism. Whenever theres been a need Hindus have created strength from within. Take Sikhism as an example, a good portion of the Sikh community was created from within Hindus to fight against the Islamic invaders. Sikhs today do not agree, but if they look at history, that is what creation of the Sikh pant was. All respect to Sikh gurus. Similarly Buddhism was born when there was a lot of suffering, killing, etc. Ahinsa was the answer to that nonsense at that time. However being tolerant does not mean a person should be weak, because in this world only the strong the powerful get respect. Everyone else gets the boot. Bottomline Hindus need to unite (possible only with the construction of Ramjanmabhoomi). We can peacefully build a mosque for the muslim community before we build the Ram temple, but it has to be done and done NOW.

  74. Dear Blogger Desi, your copmments make NO sense and most likely you are either a jehadi or a pseudo-secular anti-hindu. Read Indian and world histriy to see hwo many millions of others or ofidels have been killed and how many indigenous ciovilcations wiped out by the two most hate-filled intolerant terror religions namley islam and christianity.In a secular country both islam and christianity must be abnned and their terror promoting hate maunal Quran and Bible Must be banned too. Muslims all ovder india want to talk of building one unused mosque like structure but have no words against the demolition of more than 200 temples and places of worship of hindus and sikhs in kashmir state.Here lies the problem.Thes terror religions must be elimainted from india and the world for peace to prevaill in india and the world, Pure and Simple.

  75. Partha Sircar

    Too may inaccuracies have been perpretrated in the letters. Buddhist kingsip did not vanish after Asoka the great. It just started then. And fighting and conquests did not stop either. The Palas were great rulers in East India and they funded Nalanda. There were also other great kings (and conquerors – Cholas, Chalukyas, Pulakesin II. The Cholas conquered Sri Lanka and even parts of Sumatra.The Senas in Bengal were not protectors of Buddhism: they were so intolerant that Buddhists found refuge in Islam. Sankara was no friend of Buddhists, he argued with them and with it, Hinduism was reborn – we had lost our Bhagavatgita and our Upaniishads. Mr. Nehra’s theory that Buddhism may have some slight basis. But has it not been along time since Buddhism has essentially vanished from India: did we not have enough time to correct ourselves? Finally, Mr. Brahmastra seems to have his own version of history – his dates seem to be all wrong.

  76. Non-violence as an ideology is foreign and aberrant to hindus and the greatest crime of Brittsih double agent Mohandas Gandhee faking as a freedom fighter was plotted by the british with liberal helpo by western media and indian media and with liberal logistical help in all levels has converted majority hindus as ennuchs and cowards and vegetables unable to react to any injustice to them. This is exactly what the British masters wanted Mohandas Gandhee to do and the British and western emdia using all sorts of GOebbelian tricks made Mohandas Gandhee as the greatest human being ever born, made him a Saint and this dirty trick helped the British colonizers to rule and loot trillions and trillions of dollars without NAY FEAR OF GETTING HURT OR KILLED BY THE brain-washed ennuch hindu majority

  77. Read Indian and World History and see that NO developed nation has used non-violence to use ANY of their problems although the western nations want the poor nations like India TO USE MAHATMA AND NON-VIOLENCE ALL THE TIME. See the western hypocricy and dirty tricks used by them to keep hindus morons&cowards for the past many decades and centuries.If Lord Ram and Lord Krishna had used non-violence as a policy the world would have been full of demons and demonesses and due to dirty trick of mahatma gandhee and non-violence we have hundreds or thousands of politician demons and demonesses and day-light looters. Shame, RSS,VHP,BJP and all patriotic indians that you have been fooled and looted and made ennuch and cowards for the past many decades and centuries.

  78. All moists and jehadi and christian fanatics must be ruthlessly eliminated if hindus are not to eb extinct and if india want to be a super power in another dew decades. If the CRPF and army men continue to be KILLED &Fatallay Injured by fanatic and terrorist muslims and christians and christians naxals and if christian-jehadi appeasing rulers continue to do ntohing to save lives of our brave crpf and army personnel and to provide due respect and welfare for their familties with adequate pay and other benefits, then patriots in army and crpf must think deeply to take steps to get rid of the crooked anti-majority and anti-army rulers and take control of the country. The majority hindus are mronons and in deep sleep and have silently watched the genocides and looting of trillions and trillions of dollars silently for the past decades and centuries at the hands of british colonizers and nehru dynasty, using the british double agent mahatma gandhi and wicked ploy of non-violence

  79. The majority hindus are monons and in deep sleep and have silently watched the genocides and looting of trillions and trillions of dollars silently for the past decades and centuries at the hands of british colonizers and nehru dynasty, using the british double agent mahatma gandhi and wicked ploy of non-violence allowing the british to rule and lot trillions and trillions of dollars without FEAR of GETTING HURT or KILLED for so many decades. Besides the crooked british agent mahatma gandhee has made the majority hindus ennuch and cowards with his dirty ploy of non-violence and has been the greatest villain and wrecker of india’s history so far. Hindus, RSS,VHP&BJP cadres arise from sleep and time to clean the country of all looters and crooked politicians and looters has come now and eliminate all the anti-hindus from our soil forever

  80. It was wrong to compare Advaniji as another iron man, comparable to great Vallabhai Patelji. Does Advani now that malaysia iwth a muslim population of just 55 percent is another taliban state and depriving minority hindus and sikhs of all rights and trying their best to eliminate them and trying to demolish their places of worship whenever they can? The minoritites there are living in perpetualk fear of being killed and are discriminated and oppressed in all areas of life too. Saudi Arabia too is a ghost nation where hindus and silhs are treated with contempt and there are no minroity rights for hindus,sikhs and buddhists in that ghost country too.What is RSS,VHP&BJP doing to protect the rights of hindus,sikhs and buddhists in ghost countries like Malaysia and Saudi Arabia? NOTHING

  81. What is RSS,VHP&BJP doing to protect the rights of hindus,sikhs and buddhists in ghost countries like Malaysia and Saudi Arabia? NOTHING In fact under Vajpai government BJP doubled Jaj Subsidy to mulsim for trip to Saudi Arabia, recruited more than 5 lakh musilm madrass terror priests and did NOTHING for killed or percesuted kashmiri hindus and sikhs other than some words. Shame Advaniji,RSS,VHP&BJP also for NOT caring for pain or lives of more than 50000 hindus and sikhs killed by jehadi mauslims in kashmir over the past 3-4 decades to get heavn afetr death with virgins and wine as preached by terror manual quran and for demolishing more than 100 hindu temples there. Perhpas as usual RSS,VHP& BJP are just paper tigers and cannot even roar and that is why they has NOT even bothered to file genocide charges agaisnt muslim and christian chiefl minsiters of kashmir for the grursome genocide.Shame, Advaniji,RSS& BJP laders, that you have NOT bothered for welafre and lives of hindus for the apst 60 years other than giving lip service at time of elections.Shame, Hindus,Shame

  82. All Hindus and ALL patriotic indians MUST shout now that enoguh is enough of this ungrateful jehadi muslims and christians and must name India as hindustan and hinduism as the only legal religion. Both christinity and islam are hate filled terror cults and they promise heaven after virgins and wine after death for killing or converting others or infidels and kafurs like hindus,sikhs, buddhists,jains,etc and in a secualr country respecting all forms of religious beliefs including atheists as equal and respectbale the semtic terror religions,islam and christiantiy MUST be banned and their terror manual quran and bible preaching hatred and violence and killings must be banned too. Sadly the fake freedom fighters and british double agents mahatma gandhee and nehru have made a billion hindus ennuchs using their dirty trick of non-violence as instructed bby britisj masters

  83. IN a secular country respecting all forms of religious beliefs including atheists as equal and respectable ,the semtic terror religions,islam and christiantiy MUST be banned and their terror manual quran and bible preaching hatred and violence and killings must be banned too. Sadly the fake freedom fighters and british double agents mahatma gandhee and nehru have made a billion hindus ennuchs using their dirty trick of non-violence as instructed bby britisj masters and suing this dirty trick the british have looted trillions and trillions of dollars fooling majority hindus for so many decades and without the fear of getting hurt or killed.Hindus,wake up, you have been fooled and looted to the bones for the past many decades and centuriies by looters and crooks and this looting is continuing at the hands of crooked nehru dynasty too making majority hindus beggars and third class citizens and making muslim and christian minroities happy with all sorts of appeasement techniques and using them as solid vote banks to trample majority hindus for the past 60 years ,Shame, RSS,VHP and BJP paper tigers and morons.

  84. if the current ‘state-of -the-art’ decadence and degeration continue to prevail in our society, dear ‘thinking bloggers’, we will only have ourself to blame. its high time all thinking, descerning people of this country took it up on themselves to set the nation on the path of correct priorities, instead of frittering away valuable time and energy in playing blame game. As a conscentios and optmistic citzn of India, i believe that things are not yet gone too far, there are still some redeeming features, some hopes that beckon the redemption of our country. As i first step in the direction of nursing my country back to good health, i am in the throes of setting up a “Public Service Media” (both Print and Electronic) only where the true soul of our nation could find its free and fair expression, So dear readers, your views in this regards are solmnly solicited. thanks.

  85. Perfectly true article. Islam succeeded only where buddism flourished in India. Even today, the majority of buddists remain only where Muslim states could not completely convert them. Afghanisthan-Pakistan was ruled by the Last Buddist King of India, Kanishka and look where the buddists of Gandhara remain. Kashmir is a second example where buddhists remain land-locked to Ladakh and will be wiped out the day Kashmir is separated from India. Chittagong in Bangladesh is the last trace of buddism in Bengal where they are struggling to exist. Comparatively no other state in India has a muslim majority where Hinduism flourished.

  86. subhashtewari

    Sidhartha was a born prince who deserted his environment out of personal disapp ointments.But he couldnot renounce his desire to become a king.So he used his philosophy of nonvoilence to raise a religious kingdom.Hindus fed up from voilence of martial irresponsible hindus turned to him and rallied around him.Propagated as enlightened he was crowned as Budha and now reigns half of asean continent.

  87. I think there is a lot of truth in this article. Indian society has been influenced by a lot of external/internal factors. The most important external factor being the muslim invasion. The “sati” system came into place after muslims rulers eyed on Indian war widows. I can relate anarchy, lawlessness, backwardness of a particular state to the number of years it was under muslim rule. All the evil like “purdah”, illiteracy among women, misogyny-ism followed thereafter. The internal forces that influenced Indian society are the budhism/Jainism/Sikhism, that had many good influences. But may be one of the side effects of budhism was extreme non-violence that worked in favor of muslim invaders and worked against India.

  88. Do not agree. By this hypothesis, Japan, Thailand, Srilanka should have made better wimps.

    Imagine how many permutations and combinations work in unique fashion to create our unique behavior. The similarities of our behavorial patterns express themselves in form of our culture. To attribute cultural expressions to one single aspect is foolishness. On the contrary a better argument is “Indians are not aggressive that is why we invented Buddhism”. Not saying this is a correct assertion just that there are more points to defend this assertion.

  89. More than Buddhism it was the British wolves who made indians and majority hindus morons and ennuchs and cowards uisng their double agent Mohandas Gandhi and the using goebbelain tricks of the western media and indian slaves and agents and NOT buddhism at all. Non-violence is foreign to hindus and hinduism and if Lord Ram and Lord Krishna had used non-violence as a ploy there would have been thousands of Ravans and Kams and othyer demons and demonesses and when the British came as traders to our shores india was 95 percent hindu and 3 percent buddhists and 2 percent muslims. But BRITISH sent the double agent Mohandas Gandhee and briefed him to use non-violence as a propaganda and the cunning western media made Mohanadas Gandhee as Mahatma Gandhee and gave him 24 hour news coverage for 24 hours for so mnay decades and made him a SAINT and the greatest humna being ever in the eyes of the gullible and naive hindus. Hindus fell in the British trap set by mahatma and nehru and others and this dirty trick of non-violence made hindus ennuch and cowards and allowed the BRITISH TO RULE AND LOOT trillions and trillions of dollars for many many decades WITHOUT ANY FEAR OF GETTING HURT OR KILLED and made hindus and hindustan the poorest of poor in the world.More than Buddhism, it was British wolves with double agents Mohandas Gandhee and Nehru who MADE US A NATION OF ENNUCHS,COWARDS AND USELESS people.Shame, RSS,VHP,BJP and all patriotic indians that you HAVE BEEN FOOLED SO BADLY AND SO DEEPLY FOR SO MANY DECADES or centuries by crooked British and their double agents and slaves.

  90. Totally stupid book and article by a equally stupid man. who is not aware of history or about tenets of buddhism. This is a half cooked attempt to push the VHP ideology and create anarchy. Buddhism encourages people to have inner strength but never preaches to take any atrocity lying down.

  91. The article smacks of that typical Hindu inferiority complex. Hindus want to be someone (a superpower no less !), they are realising that they are far of target, hence they are venting their frustration. Blame the Muslims, the British – even the Buddhists ! The Hindus do not want to recognise the obvious. India’s failure is due to Hinduism and its system of graded inequality, aka the caste system. Buddhists are now blamed for non-violence, Muslims for the Hindu enthusiasm for sati, and the British for foisting Gandhi and Nehru ! But who is to be blamed for fragmenting Indian society with caste dvisions ? The Brahmins ! The Muslims are not ruling, the British have gone, Buddhism withered away in India, so is there any value in blaming them for the Hindu’s current incompetence ? This mentality itself is proof that the Hindus do not have what it takes to rule India. They are incapable of self-analysis and improvement. They are not capable of leadership. The Muslims could rule India even as a minority and build its great cities and leave the imprints of an aristoratic high culture; the British with their few numbers could leave their education system and modern methods of governance for us to build on; but we have Hindus in their large numbers who prefer wallowing in self-pity (as can be seen here), and the results can be seen !

  92. This kind of article has been coming one after the other in sify – from army and airforce people. They are playing the leading role in demoralising Hindus these days ! Reading these, the Hindu loses his mental equilibrium. The Hindu is made to feel he ought to be someone in the world, but everyone looks down on him; the cause for the Hindus not finding their place under the sun is the Muslims, Brittania and the Buddhists. So how will the Hindu improve when he is constantly told that his inadequacies are due to someone else ? Could sify not find someone to write an article on how the Hindus could raise themselves, without blaiming or botherng others ? If no Hindu can be found, I can try writing an article on guiding the Hindus.

  93. Let us discuss the core cause for India’s weakness, the Hindu caste system. For those who beat their breast about Muslim invasions and British rule, the question to be asked is what is the cause for the Hindus to be defeated so easily. When the Muslims came, they defeated the Hindus with small armies and set up their Sultanate. Hindu society is caste-divided. The Hindu thinks Kshatriyas are meant to fight; if they are defeated, the rest of the populace does not continue fighting. When the British came, they also had the extra advantage of superior technology. Both Muslims and the British had leadership qualities, and so the Hindus collaborated with them. Whatever resentment the Hindus have about Muslims and British, you need to acknowledge also their contributions. The Muslims built many of the great cities of India, and they left their permanent imprint in art, music, language, literature, dress and cuisine. The Muslims spent their time trying to forge India into a unitary state ruled from Delhi; under their rule, India had the largest territorial mass in history, ruled from one centre, Delhi. The British brought the educational and technical knowledge to India, and left all the tools of modern governance. The legal system we have is due to the British. The Hindus never had a concept of universal justice – their justice as prescribed by Manu is caste-based (different levels of punishment according to caste for the same offence). Now, the Hindus are going to be judged by their performance since 1947. This is obviously not great. As soon as power came to the Hindus, they had the country partitioned due to their communalism. To keep the country united, you have to carry both Muslims and Hindus; the Hindus did not have that ability because despite the efforts of Gandhi and Nehru, they had RSS and Hindu Mahasabha promoting Hindu communalism. The process of fragmentation has continued since 1947 with the Hindu penchant for communalism and casteism; these have in fact grown. It will never carry weight in the world if you said present Hindu incomptence is due to the other people of the past. Unless the Hindus address communalism and casteism, India is not going anywhere.

  94. Anroshan, stop talking through your butt. If any religion is rabidly communal, it is yours.

  95. The turn of events is extraordinary. From about 1990 to 2000, the Hindus were optimistic about becoming a superpower; in 2010, the Hindus sound forlorn and desperate. In the 1990s, Advani charged the Hindus up with the slogan ‘garv say kaho hum Hindu hain’. With this false Hindu pride going to the head, Hindu rabble-rousers organised Hindu mobs to demolish the Babari masjid. It projected an ugly image of Hindus and India . Still, the Hindutva Hindus claimed that a historical hurt was avanged and they felt it restored Hindu self-belief. When the BJP tested nuclear weapons, Hindus danced in the street. Yet, in the last 5 years, I note that self-doubt has crept into these Hindus. Nowadays the Hindus have gone to US and UK, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. They have seen the development in those countries, and they can gauge the reality about India’s pretences about being a superpower when they come home . There is the realisation that China is way ahead of India. The Chinese slap India in Arunachal Pradesh, and the Hindus touch their feet, as if they are anxious to avoid the next slap ! A consequence of the Babari masjid demolition is that jihadis from Pakistan routinely come and kill Hindus in temples, trains and hotels, and there is nothing the Hindus can do to stop Pakistan – even nuclear weapons do not help. If the Hindus take out their frustration on Indian Muslims, then they too go on the rampage and start burning Hindu shops. Then the Hindus thought they could attack the hapless Christians in Orissa to show their might, but that brought western condemnation. Finally, we have the start of a Hindu-Hindu caste war in the form of Maoism. Now, we see the Hindus are so demoralised that all they can do is pin their incompetence on Muslim invaders of a 1000 years ago, and the British ! Pathetic lot. To get respect, Hindus need to behave in a way that commands respect. When the Hindus show they can unite the people of India and lead them, people will respect them.

  96. wats the whole point of this article and this conversation ??
    IMO lets try to make the world a better place to live. Leave out the virtual boundaries laid by men. Leave out religions. Just care for ordinary people who toil and suffer every day.
    Violence is a vicious cycle we need to stop it.

  97. Religion is wat we believe in and wat we follow in our day to day life.
    Dont politicise it.

  98. Mr Mritunjay, I think you agree with me that there are more Muslims in Pakistan than India. I just wanted to know why would India perpetuate a lie? For what purpose? The only purpose is to legitimize its enslavement of Kashmiris. How else would you term the presence of a force (Indian Army in Kashmir), which has no component of local Kashmiris, except as an invading force? Pakistan and Kashmir identify themselves more with Central Asia and the Middle East than India. What do the Kashmiris have in common with the Punjabi Sikhs and Hindus across the Eastern border? Nothing. They have been hounded for more than 150 years by Dogras and Sikhs (who continue to do the same in Indian Army uniforms now!) Air Marshal Nehra tried to say that India has deeper Islamic roots than Pakistan. That is patently wrong. Pakistan had become part of the Islamic world between 7th and 9th centuries and it remained that way thereafter except for the Sikh interlude. You should know that Punjabi and Kashmiri Muslims are almost indistinguishable culturally, linguistically and religiously. Lahore was the alternate capital for the Mughals. When they extended their rule to Kashmir, they annexed it to Lahore. The Islamic Sufis who spread Islam to Xi Zang (which you guys call Tibet) they travelled through Kashmir, spreading Islam enroute. And that was in the 8th century! Islam was never spread by the sword in Kashmir. It was also not spread due to Hindus being wimps. It is just personal preference. Hinduism has a great culture spreading all the way to Cambodia & Indonesia and I respect that.
    Air Marshal Nehra should know that India can never achieve greatness unless it frees Kashmir and accept Pakistan as a state. Once that happens then we could write a new chapter in good-neighbourliness. As far as India’s “achievements” go: they go far but fall short of alleviating poverty. India’s poor number 76% (below $2/day) of its population while Pakistan is at 47%. These figures are latest and are now adopted by the UN. Your figures of the educated in India may require some review. Also don’t forget that India is 7 times bigger than Pakistan while quoting expenditures on education.
    Regards and love for my Indian friends.

  99. Mr Azhar, where did you get your “30%” from? The Indian Census states that Muslims are between 11-13%. If Muslims were 30% of the population in India then Muslims in South Asia would be as many as the Hindus! Please go back to learning basic arithmatic. In the population swap during Partition the number of Muslims going over to Pakistan was nearly twice as many as Hindus leaving Pakistan.
    Even if Partition had not happened on 14th August, 1947 the Muslim Homeland would have become a reality within days. Air Marshal is absolutely in a “Partition Denying” mood. I think he would like the newer generation of Indian fighter pilots to undo Partition (something he couldn’t do himself). I think he is in a hurry and wants IAF to do something before they lose all their MIGs in crashes. My condolences to the family of the farmer who was killed in yesterday’s MIG 27 crash. If India continues to spend billions of dollars on MIGs & Sukhois then you will likewise kill millions of farmers due to hunger and many more on ground like the one killed in Bengal.

  100. Just a quick follow up after reading all the mail that followed this article. I find the racist remarks against muslims and their religion true reflection of the hindu mentality, specially when in the very same article thay proudly claim to have in their secular mist the largest muslim population. shame on you people who who write and think that way foe a billion plus believers

  101. I must add the a religion the majority in perpetual enslavement to the minority with promises of a higher return in the next life is beyond me and TRUE PATRIOT must understand, that this will prevent the hindu unity. You cannot blame the influence of another religion on the racist nature of hinduism

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  103. Like the WASPs (Anglo-Saxon White Protestants) who are the core of the USA, the Brahmins are for India. Brahmins decided for Hindus as regards the political structure of South Asia after the British left. To get the Muslims on their side they espoused Secularism. All they wanted was to keep the hundreds of millions of the untouchables and Muslims “in subjugation”. Muslims of course saw through this and escaped the “affectionate” Brahmin embrace! The Dalits were worked upon by Gandhi and through him the INC (Indian National Congress) achieved a “quietus” on the hapless Dalits. Now in 2010 the world is a different place and Dalits are, thanks to the Internet, finding their voice. The time is gone for giving empty promises to them. PM Manmohan Singh has already called it the most serious security issue faciong India. Wait when the ordinary Americans find out about racism in India! Please don’t be denial: India is going to look lot different from now geographically! Air Marshal still believes that one day “Akhand Bharat” will become reality and that India will be less wimpish. Even to think that India is a single entity is a delusion. Under the Moghals and even the British India was a collection of princely states controlled and looted from the centre. The Brahmins thought that they would succeed the British seamlessly by promising the Muslims and Dalits a new world. I would request the Air Marshal to “stand easy” and enjoy his retirement. He is however free to transcribe his dreams whenever he wishes but should know that times have changed. As regards Partition: it would have happened even if India had opted to be one. Gandhi and Nehru knew that if a civil war had erupted the Muslims would have taken area upto Delhi. Partition took place to avoid fighting the highly motivated Muslims of the Punjab, Khyber, Sindh, Baluchistan & Kashmir.

  104. The views expressed by Air Mshl Nehra is absolutely correct. Budhism weakened India militarily

  105. @Mansoor, I have seen a pattern in this type of rants by all islamists. They blame it on brahmins. Can you explain what brahmins did or did not to harm this country? This country was a great before all the invaders landed, now that hindus are aware and gaining momentum as a last resort you ISI elements are trying to create disharmony among hindus by talking caste. Grow up man, nobody believes this Madrasa C***

  106. Sucheta, I will ignore whatever you meant by “C***” and continue to be positive. I have no problem with Hinduism, which I respect. Brahmins have, however, “invented” the caste system to perpetuate their power. Please be human and say something about the inhuman and cruel caste system as it prevails in India. If “educated” people like you accept it then what does India stand for? Secondly all I ask is that India accept the Partition and not be in denial about it so that India & Pakistan could solve other problems like Kashmir and the water distribution. Once these things happen then we will be the best of friends. As far’s your contention that India was a great country before the “invaders landed”. So what country was great? Bengal, UP, Assam, Talngana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu or Maharashtra? India is not a country and cannot remain in its present manifestation for much longer. However it can remain a “Union” even after all the above named countries become independent. As regards Kashmir: please forget it. The Kasmiris have already spoken.

  107. Mansoor, I would advise you to study Indian history(By a good historian say like Sita Ram Goel) before making insensitive wrong irresponsible statements. India was at its best before any foreign invasion and it was called as “Aryavarta”.. Strange, so many people say India never existed as India and existed as fragments. If you go by that there was no country like USA before 18th century. Was there a Pakistan or Kashmir ever? When India got partitioned, 23% of the entire population comprised of muslims, yet ask why did they get 32% of the entire Indian land?Since 1990, 350,000 hindus have been thrown out of Kasmir valley in an attempt of ethnic cleansing and countless others are killed. So, why should India tolerate this nonsense? If Kashmiris are so unhappy with India why can’t they go back to the inflated land space that was allocated to them?Regarding caste and Brahminism, I don’t want to give a lecture here because that is out of scope in the present context.

  108. Sucheta, Mohammad PBUH was born in 570AD. His prophethood occured in the 7th century. Within his life time a mosque was constructed in Kerala and all this happened due to the Arab traders. Similarly Islam spread to Persia (including modern Baluchistan), Bactria, Sindh, parts of Punjab & Kashmir and Sinkiang by the late 7th and early 8th. By the 9th century Islam spread to Tibet through Kashmir. So the entire area of Pakistan has been solidly Muslim since the 9th century! Or for the last 1,200 years! Even the Scandinavian countries did not become Christian before the 13th Century. So Islam is as old, or older, in India as it was in most Arab countries. And Islamic history is all solidly archived. It does not depend on vague fairy tales and is proven by the physical presence of Muslims from Baluchistan, Sindh, Punjab, Khyber and Kashmir. So Pakistan is what it is: A home for the Muslims majority like India is for Hindus. If there are 13% Muslims scattered all over India then what significance does that have pertaining to Partition? There is an 11% Muslim population in France and 20% in Israel and 10% in Russia. But don’t forget that Pakistan has 93% Muslim population as does Gilgit-Baltisten, Azad Kashmir and the Indian Army-held Kashmir.
    As regards a dearth of land for Indians then you should try settling some 200,000,000 people in Russian Siberia. I’m dead serious. I think Russians will consider it favourably.

  109. Sucheta, What’s wrong with the following suggestion:
    1. Kashmiris, India & Pakistan implement a viable solution acceptable to the Kashmiri Muslims, while ensuring the well-being of the Hindu minority, by 2012.
    2. Let the farmers of Sindh, Punjab (Pakistani and Indian), Rajasthan, Haryana & Himachal to benefit fairly from the waters of the Indus Basin.
    3. India & Pakistan declare a “Free Trade Zone”.
    4. Both countries halve their military spending.
    5. Open their borders.

    I think it is possible. But who is standing in the way? That is the question.

  110. @mansoor, Have you ever asked the question that how people in Kashmir or Pakistan got converted to Islam? That is documented elsewhere in history, there was massive blood shed and massive hindu killing. India bled in the hands of Islam since 10th century when Ghaznavi attacked India. My AUTHENTIC history book tells me Islamization of Kashmir and Paki started sometimes during 15th century. So it is 600 years old NOT 1200 years old as you claim!! Time scale does not matter here – what matters is India has suffered a lot in the hands of Islamists from within and from outside. Our leaders during independence should have forced the remaining Muslims in India to go to the 32% space allocated for them. Knowing that the rate of reproduction of muslims is much higher than others, sooner or later they will outnumber the “Original inhabitants” and claim independence or annexure with Pakistan. SO, this is not a solution at all!! Regarding your second soft post on Giving water and other stuff to Pakistan – I ask why should we be soft towards a terrorist country. Did you forget the terror attacks OR the 26/11? Pakistan is a big pain for India, so no one should be soft towards it. Let it suffer for its bad karma!

  111. Sucheta, human blood is precious and kings and conquerors have spilt it freely over the centuries: regardless whether they were Hindu or Muslim or Christian. Yet there is absolutely no evidence that Islam was spread by the sword in India. Can you name even a single region where Islam spread that way? It was obviously not any part of Pakistan where forced conversion happened. Was it in Kerala? Or Bengal? UP? Maharashtra? Assam? Bihar?
    Please be fair and stop saying that Islam spread through India by the sword. Just for your education: Try to find reasons why the entire population of Turkic-Mongols, from Tatarstan to Anatolia, bacame Muslim? Who was coercing the most ferocious warriors in the world to convert? Islamic sages spread the word through China, Russia, Indonesia, Malaya, Siam and Cambodia. No Islamic warriors went to ANY of those places. Only in South America did the Catholics destroyed the Incas, Mayas and the Aztecs to convert them.
    Islam is as indigenous as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. By calling India “Bharat Mata” does not make it an exclusive place solely for Hindu “higher castes”.

  112. Mansoor, either you are blinded by your faith or educated in a Madrasa. You have no idea what so ever on True Indian history. As I said read good books by researchers not by appeasers. One example would be”Arise O India” and another would be “The Story of Islamic Imperialism in India” . Read these 2 books first and then come back with your doubts. If you do little bit of research you will know what does “hindukush” mountain stand for and the barbarity of Muslim rulers. If you can: just think what happened to 30% hindus in Pakistan that were there during its creation. Why their number is now less than 5%. You seem to idolize islam without being aware of what it stands for. You need to educate yourself before commenting. The world now is a very unsafe place because of Islamic up rise. Your “religion of peace” is causing damage to humans and humanity. I don’t need to tell you any further. My question is when India gave away 32% of its land area for 23% of the population why it needs any further division? I can give the Kasmir analogy like this: It is like 2 brothers A and B dividing property. A has 10 kids and one of the A’s kids like to stay in B’s house. And later this evil kid of A’s produces another 10 kids and then kills/displaces all of B’s kids and demands the space from B’s house it was occupying. So, what should B do? Should throw away A’s kid and show its right place or give away the space?

  113. Sucheta, Partition was an unfortunate bloodbath and Sikhs, Hindus & Muslims: all suffered. Nobody knows who suffered more and I for one will not make an “educated guess” because it might be unfair to the unfortunate victims. However I know it for sure that the new country of Pakistan was overwhelmed with refugees from India. I’m sure India had a huge problem as well but comparatively it was easier for India to assimilate refugees than Pakistan.
    India has never accepted Partition and they are increasingly angry with history. I think you would like to do a back somersault in history and shake your ancestors as to why they converted to Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism & Christianity. Do you have to be Hindu to be an Indian? Where is your secularism? However there is room for improvement in religious tolerance in both India & Pakistan and we must strive for an improvement. I think your analogy alludes to Kashmiri Pundits. Think about hundreds of thousands of Muslim Kashmiris thrown out of Kashmir & Jammu border areas and who are now residing in Pakistan.
    Kashmir will liberate itself, 700,000 Indian troops/police/BSF notwithstanding. It may even happen as we exchange these comments.
    Once Kashmir is liberated then you and I could even meet over some Darjeeling tea and talk about the future.

  114. I will not Ask anyone why they ever converted to Sikhism, Budhism, Jainism . Because, Sikhism was created during Aurangzeb’s time to protect hindus from Muslims and each family the eldest son was converted into a sikh. Similarly, Budhism and Jainism are branches of hinduism and people adopted it for their philosophy. There was never a blood bath in that process. However, Islam is a violent desert religion and was spread through massive violence. So, keep your wishful thinking up on Kashmir liberation. Its time India scraps the article 370 in Kashmir and displaces all those rioting people to their motherland(Pakistan).

  115. Only the Indian Army and their mercenaries, the Gurkhas, will be moving from Kashmir to “their” Mata Ji (Bharat Mata). Be ready with your “malas” & Veer Chakkars to welcome home the “victorious” soldiers.

  116. @Mansoor, like your fellow brothers you have no substance! You start of with lies and when confronted withdraw quickly into your den! Typical of your type. Keep hoping and dreaming big for your motherland Porkistan while enjoying your freedom in India. Porkistan is under the grip of Taliban and those foolish Kashmiris have no clue what will happen to them if AT ALL they get annexed with Porki. Thank your lucky stars that you are in India and yet you choose to side Porki, that is what is totally disgusting about you people…

  117. Sucheta. I think you should read this

    A Kashmiri lawyer rang me last week in an agitated state. Had I heard about the latest tragedies in Kashmir? I had not. He was stunned. So was I when he told me in detail what had been taking place there over the last three weeks. As far as I could see, none of the British daily papers or TV news bulletins had covered the story; after I met him I rescued two emails from Kashmir informing me of the horrors from my spam box. I was truly shamed. The next day I scoured the press again. Nothing. The only story in the Guardian from the paper’s Delhi correspondent – a full half-page – was headlined: ‘Model’s death brings new claims of dark side to India’s fashion industry’. Accompanying the story was a fetching photograph of the ill-fated woman. The deaths of (at that point) 11 young men between the ages of 15 and 27, shot by Indian security forces in Kashmir, weren’t mentioned. Later I discovered that a short report had appeared in the New York Times on 28 June and one the day after in the Guardian; there has been no substantial follow-up. When it comes to reporting crimes committed by states considered friendly to the West, atrocity fatigue rapidly kicks in. A few facts have begun to percolate through, but they are likely to be read in Europe and the US as just another example of Muslims causing trouble, with the Indian security forces merely doing their duty, if in a high-handed fashion. The failure to report on the deaths in Kashmir contrasts strangely with the overheated coverage of even the most minor unrest in Tibet, leave alone Tehran.

    On 11 June this year, the Indian paramilitaries known as the Central Reserve Police Force fired tear-gas canisters at demonstrators, who were themselves protesting about earlier killings. One of the canisters hit 17-year-old Tufail Ahmad Mattoo on the head. It blew out his brains. After a photograph was published in the Kashmiri press, thousands defied the police and joined his funeral procession the next day, chanting angry slogans and pledging revenge. The photograph was ignored by the mainstream Indian press and the country’s celebrity-trivia-obsessed TV channels. As I write, the Kashmiri capital, Srinagar, and several other towns are under strict military curfew. Whenever it is lifted, however briefly, young men pour out onto the streets to protest and are greeted with tear gas. In most of the province there has been an effective general strike for more than three weeks. All shops are closed.
    An ugly anti-Muslim chauvinism accompanies India’s violence. It has been open season on Muslims since 9/11, when the liberation struggle in Kashmir was conveniently subsumed under the war on terror and Israeli military officers were invited to visit Akhnur military base in the province and advise on counter-terrorism measures. The website India Defence noted in September 2008 that ‘Maj-Gen Avi Mizrahi paid an unscheduled visit to the disputed state of Kashmir last week to get an up-close look at the challenges the Indian military faces in its fight against Islamic insurgents. Mizrahi was in India for three days of meetings with the country’s military brass and to discuss a plan the IDF is drafting for Israeli commandos to train Indian counterterror forces.’ Their advice was straightforward: do as we do in Palestine and buy our weapons. In the six years since 2002 New Delhi had purchased $5 billion-worth of weaponry from the Israelis, to good effect.
    Demonstrations against Indian security forces escalated in early June this year when it was revealed in the extra-alert Kashmiri press that three young men – Mohammed Shafi, Shahzad Ahmad Khan and Riyaz Ahmad – had been executed in April by Indian army officers. A colonel and a major were suspended from duty, a rare enough event, suggesting that their superiors knew exactly what had taken place. The colonel claimed that the young men were separatist militants who had been killed in an ‘encounter’ near the Line of Control (the border between Indian-controlled and Pakistani-controlled Kashmir). This account is regarded by local police as pure fiction.
    An Amnesty International letter to the Indian prime minister in 2008 listed his country’s human rights abuses in Kashmir and called for an independent inquiry, claiming that ‘grave sites are believed to contain the remains of victims of unlawful killings, enforced disappearances, torture and other abuses which occurred in the context of armed conflict persisting in the state since 1989. The graves of at least 940 persons have reportedly been found in 18 villages in Uri district alone.’ A local NGO, the International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Indian-Administered Kashmir (IPTK), states that extrajudicial killings and torture are a commonplace in the valley and that Western institutions don’t even try to do anything about this for fear of damaging relations with New Delhi. The figures provided by the IPTK are startling. It claims that the Indian military occupation of Kashmir ‘between 1989-2009 has resulted in 70,000+ deaths’. The report disputes claims that these killings are aberrations. On the contrary, they are part of the occupation process, considered as ‘acts of service’, and leading to promotion and financial reward (bounty is paid after claims made by officers are verified). In this dirty and enduring conflict, more than half a million ‘military and paramilitary personnel [more than the number of US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan combined] continue to act with impunity to regulate movement, law and order across Kashmir. The Indian state itself, through its legal, political and military actions, has demonstrated the existence of a state of continuing conflict within Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir.’
    Public opinion in India is mute. The parties of the left prefer to avoid the subject for fear that political rivals will question their patriotism. Kashmir is never spoken of, and has never been allowed to speak. With its Muslim majority it wasn’t permitted a referendum in 1947 to determine which of the two countries it wished to be part of. In 1984, when Indira Gandhi was the Indian prime minister, I asked her why she had not taken advantage of the birth of Bangladesh in 1971 (when Kashmiris had watched with horror how the Pakistan army treated their coreligionists) and allowed a referendum. She remained silent. I pointed out that even Farooq Abdullah, the chief minister of Kashmir, was convinced that India would win if a democratic election were held. Her face had clouded. ‘He’s completely untrustworthy.’ I had to agree, but her refusal to contemplate the Kashmiri self-determination promised by her father, Jawaharlal Nehru, was troubling. These days the very suggestion seems Utopian.

    The Abdullah dynasty continues to hold power in Kashmir and is keen to collaborate with New Delhi and enrich itself. I rang a journalist in Srinagar and asked him about the current chief minister, Omar Abdullah, a callow and callous youth whose only claim to office is dynastic. ‘Farooq Abdullah,’ he told me, ‘is our Asif Ali Zardari when it comes to corruption. Now he’s made his son chief minister so that he can concentrate on managing his various businesses.’ The opposition isn’t much better. Some Kashmiris, the journalist said, call Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the effective leader of the opposition, and his cronies ‘double agents. That is, they are taking money from Pakistan and India.’ He is the 12th ‘mirwaiz’, the self-appointed spiritual leaders of the Muslims in the Kashmir Valley, and is adept at playing both sides. ‘Mirwaiz’s security outside his house is provided by the Indian state,’ a friend in Srinagar told me, ‘his wife is Kashmiri American, he lives very comfortably (without any source of income) and he is engaged in secret talks with India, news of which is constantly leaked. Furthermore, he also makes an annual pilgrimage to Pakistan to keep that channel open as well. He hangs out with “separatists” in Kashmir who are open to being used by both India and Pakistan, for a good price of course. The Indian authorities do not have to do much to crush Kashmiris while there are people like Mirwaiz. So, all in all, our leadership is working against us. India has always used this to its advantage.’

    The Zardari government is silent on the issue of Kashmir and there has been little media reaction in Pakistan to the recent killings. For the ruling elite Kashmir is just a bargaining counter. ‘Give us Afghanistan and you can have Kashmir’ is the message currently emanating from the bunker in Islamabad. Zardari, it’s worth recalling, is the only Pakistani leader whose effigy has been burned in public in Indian Kashmir (soon after becoming president he had seriously downplayed Kashmiri aspirations). The Pakistani president and his ministers are more interested in business deals than in Kashmir. At the moment this suits Washington perfectly, since India is regarded as a major ally in the region and the US doesn’t want to have to justify its actions in Kashmir. Pakistan’s indifference also suggests that Indian allegations that recent events in Kashmir were triggered by Pakistan are baseless. Pakistan virtually dismantled the jihadi networks it had set up in Kashmir after the 1989 withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan not long after 9/11. Islamabad, high on the victory in Kabul, had stupidly assumed that they could repeat the trick in Kashmir. Those sent to infiltrate Indian Kashmir were brutal and mindless fanatics who harmed the Kashmiri case for self-determination, though some young people, tired of the patience exhibited by their elders, embraced the jihad, hoping it would bring them freedom. They were wrong.

    As Indian politicians stood on the battlements of the Red Fort in Delhi to celebrate Independence Day in August 2008, Kashmiris began a mass campaign of civil disobedience. More than a hundred thousand people marched peacefully to the UN office in Srinagar. They burned effigies, chanted ‘Azadi, azadi’ (‘freedom’) and appealed to India to leave Kashmir. The movement was not crushed. It was merely ignored. Nothing changed. Now a new generation of Kashmiri youth is on the march. They fight, like the young Palestinians, with stones. Many have lost their fear of death and will not surrender. Ignored by politicians at home, abandoned by Pakistan, they are developing the independence of spirit that comes with isolation and it will not be easily quelled. It’s unlikely, however, that the prime minister of India and his colleagues will pay any attention to them. And just to show who’s master, the Indian army flag-marched through the streets of Srinagar on 7 July in an awesome show of strength.
    8 July

    The dead are:
    11 June: Tufail Ahmad Mattoo, 17, killed in teargas fire in Srinagar.
    19 June: Rafiq Ahmad Bangroo, 27, beaten by members of the Central Reserve Police Force near his home in old Srinagar on 12 June, died of his injuries.
    20 June: Javed Ahmad Malla, 26, died when mourners, returning from Bangroo’s burial, attacked a CRPF bunker, causing its occupants to open fire.
    25 June: Shakeel Ganai, 17, and Firdous Khan, 18, killed when the CRPF fired at protesters in Sopore.
    27 June: Bilal Ahmad Wani, 22, died following CRPF fire in Sopore.
    28 June: Tajamul Bashir, 20, killed in Delina; Tauqeer Rather, 15, killed in Sopore.
    29 June: Ishtiyaq Ahmed, 15, Imtiyaz Ahmed Itoo, 17, and Shujaat-ul-Islam, 17, died after being shot by police in southern Anantnag.
    5 July: Muzaffar Ahmad Bhat, 17, died in CRPF custody in Srinagar.
    6 July: Fayaz Ahmad Wani, 18, shot by the CRPF during Bhat’s funeral procession in Srinagar; Fancy Jan, 25, the first woman to die, killed when a bullet hit her as she watched events from a window in her house; Abrah Ahmad Khan, 16, killed during protests over Wani’s death.

  118. So, why this propaganda? Why are you filling up the space with nonsense? Go see what your fellow muslims are upto. If they want to get separated let them go live in POK.

  119. Hamid: I read your post. I can ask few questions try and answer those:
    1. Did you copy paste this from some news paper(yes/No)
    2. Did you read the whole thing(yes/no)
    3. Did you hear this propaganda at a mosque(yes/no)
    4. Do you have a serious job?
    5. How much time weekly you spend on listening to this type of propaganda?
    Why I am asking this is, if you had a serious profession for making a living, you will surely not have time to write the whole thing here. Probably, you heard this from one of your muslim friends and used this medium to propagate the lie.
    If I did not have a serious profession, probably I could upload history books on the bloody atrocities muslims did in the past. What you are presenting here is just one side of the story!! Kashmiri Muslims are no saints, they have done enough towards innocent people. Read this link for a change: http://www.faithfreedom.org/articles/op-ed/islamization-of-kashmir-through-media-manipulation/
    As I suggested read books by learned authors who have stated facts and only facts. If you can find a copy also read a soft book titled “Stranger to history” by Ateesh Tasser. Islam is a deadly violent cult and Indian Muslims are just confused brain washed Zombies. They have no idea on the facts what so ever. They somehow tend to believe that they are ARabs, but they are NOT. The sooner they realize this the better for them. If they don’t, its better for them to settle in Porkistan, nobody will stop them!!

  120. To: Sucheta (the seriously employed professional)
    Please read Hamid’s posting before commenting. I’m sure some day Kashmiris will take account of all the missing and martyred people from you all! As I’ve already told you Kashmir is on the verge of liberation and very soon the million strong Indian Army is going to go South using the Samba-Kathua Road, never to defile the Sacred Homeland of the Kashmiris again.

  121. Sucheta
    1. Yes
    2. yes
    3. no
    4. yes
    5. none
    But I do read. I did read the article you recommended. I did find this to be highly imaginative but well written. You give the Paks to much credit. Do you believe that the Paks could have planned all this, at such grand scale and the Indian govt. with its grand plan of becoming a world power, with hundreds of billions of $$ available to buy aircrafts, submarines, tanks, rockets, failed to counter this. No sir, India had
    40 years to counter this threat. they failed. i see this article you have highly recommended as indictment of the failure of the Indian govt. They wanted to annex Kashmir on the cheap. Heads should be rolling in New Delhi for this failure. Please reread the article again and just see how many people the article blames for the failure. Simply unbelievable.
    You know I reread your comments again and again to try and figure out what makes you so angry that you get personal to those who disagree with your views. You know i know of no muslim from India or Pakistan who thinks that they are of arab decent. Most of their forefathers were converts, from the population of the subcontinent, perhaps more willingly than under the threat of the sword. Even today, a large number of the untouchable class in India are converting to Christainity and Islam. You must open your mind to views of others, agree to disagree, perhaps go for some anger management. I will be looking for the book you recommended. In the meantime, do send more links on the situation in kashmir

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