Flirting in office: Do you approve?

More than twelve years ago, a woman nearly unseated the President of the United States.

Just a few weeks ago, a woman got a publishing icon fired from a company he had raised.

Before shutting himself off from the world, David Davidar decided to confuse us all with three words – ‘consensual, flirtatious relationship’.

Can flirting turn into sexual misconduct? We spoke to professionals in the media, theatre and publishing industries across India, and here’s some of what they had to say:

“I think it’s essential to have an office spouse.”

“Sometimes, you vibe so well with someone that you like dressing up for that person, you miss that person when he is not around, and work is a lot of fun because of that connection. The colleague I’m referring to is married.”

 “I’ve gone as far as kissing. I do love my boyfriend very deeply. But…”

“You know, honestly, I think women are to blame.”

“An experienced correspondent said he wanted to discuss a story and stayed in the girl’s room until past midnight. Then he told her he could make sure she went places, if she cooperated, and when she asked what he meant, he tried to force himself on her.”

Watch out for the complete article on this weekend! You can read it at

Nandini Krishnan

8 responses to “Flirting in office: Do you approve?

  1. If it helps root out the corruption, specially in India then its OK.

  2. SIR-Absolutely NOT…NOT…NOT…There should be a code of descency and a fine atmosphere in a working place.A descent atmoshphere, a healthy atmosphere and a fine atmosphere. I have ONE REQUEST: The female folks must come in a descent/sobure dress so that they may NOT ATTRACT the other’s attention. They should NEVER…NEVER…NEVER…come in a flerty/undescent/sexy dresses while working. They come in the office for work and NOT TO CREAT a unhealthy atmosphere. To make it more effective the employeers must be strict and must put a condition before taking these femele employees on their pay rolls. with regards….mehta

  3. By flirting in office you put the 2 most important things in your life at RISK…. your family and career. If any one can afford risking both, WHY NOT ??? Go Ahead !!!!

  4. why not if both have mutual consent however it has to be limited and not at cost of family ,career and moral ethics.

  5. Thank God you just asked whether ‘Flirting in the Office’!! I thought differently!!! Why not female staff members do not mind male members can do anything they want.

  6. What will happen if some body flirt somebody’s wife, sister or mother in his presence. Have you become crazy, We are not animals. Even among animals there have lot of discipline. Employers do not pay salary for flirting. Those who flirt require to be notified to his or her family and summarily dismissed.

    • Well spoken. Like a true Indian babuji. Summarily dismissed… haha. Who the hell are you to fire some one for flirtingwith some one else ?

  7. Flirting is human nature. The question is not whether it should be allowed. But you should ask if flirting suits office culture. If a male and female can carry out their office work as required and still find time to flirt then why not? If you don’t allow it in office, they may flirt at the bus stop or at the market or some other place.

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