Commonwealth Games: Can Manmohan Singh do a Ratan Tata?

Baichung Bhutia, Sourav Ganguly pass on the Commonwealth Games baton

Baichung Bhutia, Sourav Ganguly pass on the Commonwealth Games baton

Before the Commonwealth Games, the games with the common wealth.

Over the past few weeks, we have been deluged by news of one Commonwealth Games scam after another.

Even the British queen, a report says, is in cold fury over some of these allegations.

But what of the Indian government?

Our learned Prime Minister continues to stick to his mauni baba routine.

As for the Sports Minister MS Gill, he was busy on Sunday lamenting the sad state of Indian football in the country after the Santosh Trophy final that he “watched (on TV) with great interest” and which Bengal won.

With this being the state of affairs, it was left to Corporate and Minorities Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid to state the government’s stand over the weekend.

“Our first priority is the smooth conduct of the Commonwealth Games. Let the games be finished, we are hopeful that the Prime Minister will take an appropriate action (on alleged financial irregularities),” he was quoted as saying.

We are hopeful indeed! What a load of codswallop!

Remember that unlike in the so-called IPL scam, where despite all the sound and fury concrete proof is yet to be produced, there is a pile of evidence at hand in the Commonwealth Games scam already. And yet the need of hosting a successful Games first is being advanced by those in power as a convenient excuse to shield the shocking inaction of the government.

The politics of convenience has already seen the great telecom scandal of our times being virtually hushed up during this government’s tenure. Can we expect any better in a Games scandal that seems to involve not just Suresh Kalmadi and Commonwealth Games committee but also many members of Delhi’s babudom and political class?

In a country where corruption is endemic, can’t the government instead see this as a great opportunity to come down hard on this evil blighting our society? It could spark off the revolution we need, and while nobody wants to see the corrupt hung from lampposts or guillotined, they must be made an example of.

I am reminded in this context of a stirring Tata example of recent vintage, recounted in Morgen Witzel’s just-released Tata – the Evolution of Global Brand.

The biggest financial scandal to hit the Tata Group was the collapse of Tata Finance, its investment arm, in 2002.

The company had been doing very well at that stage, but “some at Tata Sons smelled a rat”.

After the independent review that they commissioned came up with a dodgy report, Tata Sons decided to conduct their own review, which discovered “evidence of widespread irregularities”.

Ratan Tata admitted to Witzel seven years later that the softer option “would have been to quietly plug the hole, make good the financial losses and sweep everything under the carpet”.

“But I could not do that,” the Tata Sons chairman went on to explain. “We would have been allowing the guilty to walk away. I felt that if we did not make this public, then we were implictly saying that this sort of behaviour was tolerable.”

So, he and the rest of the Tata Sons blew the whistle on the scam themselves.

That decision becomes all the more commendable when you consider that it cost the Tata Group a company and somewhere between Rs 500 crore to Rs 700 crore, the money they had to dole out to make good the losses suffered by their customers.

But Witzel goes on to mention how in the long run it only served to enhance the Tata Group’s already shining reputation. When people of India think of Tata Finance today, he observes, what they remember first is not the fraud, but the honourable way that the Tata Group dealt with it and took responsibility.

Probably Manmohan Singh and his band of merry men need to remind themselves that brand India is also in need of a similarly luminous example.

Many a culprit has walked away scot free in the past because of governmental inaction, stoic and otherwise.

At least in this instance, let the government strike when the iron is hot.

We have spoilt those in power rotten till now. It’s high time we followed Ratan Tata’s example.

R Rajesh Kumar

31 responses to “Commonwealth Games: Can Manmohan Singh do a Ratan Tata?

  1. Yes. That was a bold and pragmatic decision taken by Mr Ratan Tata – who was more interested in retaining the credibility of Tata name instead of covering up for some bad hats and to save some millions. It is high time our internationally reputed PM Mr MM Singh did something even if it is hard and cause injury to some in Congress & allies. He should remember the saying that ” AT SOME POINT ONE HAS TO BE CRUEL TO BE KIND”. Will he ???

  2. Abdullah Waziri

    No Man Mohan cannot stoop to the level of Ratan Tata and take sides with a Narendra Modi. You cannot justify building a ‘peoples’ car, that too which catches fire at every turn, by taking sides with a MASS MURDERER.

    • For you everything boils down to who loves and who hates islam isn’t it? Rest of the things don’t matter to you absolutely! See, among the most desirable people are the Modi lovers. Only you all are in the other side. No wonder why you are such a blotch on India’s face retrograders!!

      • Sucheta, if you want to shield Hindu criminals like Modi, then there is the view that Hindus like you should be killed in hotels, trains and temples for what Modi did. After that, we can continue with development. Would you agree ? If you don’t, I shall say for you everything boils down to Hindu interests.

    • it would be good idea for him to retire in his hometown In Pakistan along with “ human rights champions “ like Mr. Waziri to help develop a humane SECULAR PAKISTAN, which will invite back it’s kicked out minorities. Unfortunately, unlike Mr. Tata he is neither greed-free nor surrounded by self less people. He is surrounded by people, who want to ensure throne and prosperity for they’re coming seven generations.

      • Tata ia surrounded by professionals. Modi has brought prosperity in Gujrat. It is difficult for Terrorists to digest this situation. Thay will want kashmir everywhere where Islamist terrorists butchered Hindus and hindu women and total govt . machinery watched genocide hands down. this is absolutely OK for anroshan , abdullah and likes as they do not wnat India to progress like Gujrat. Such anti India people will continue to call patriotic indians as communal.

    • Chutiye ..

    • Mr Narendra Modi is a MASS CREATOR OF PROSPERITY AND SAFETY IN GUJARAT. The state of Gujarat is so lucky to have leader of such outstanding caliber at the helm of state government. Rest of India should clamour for services of Mr Narendra Modi and beg him to take charge of Government of India. If Mr. Modi can do for India only fraction of what he has done for Gujarat, India would be shining lot brighter with progress inspite of hatred and malice displayed by Abdullah Waziri. No mention has been made by Abdullah Waziri of torching the train and burning alive almost hundred men, women and children. What words would he use to describe that even ?

  3. to clear his name as a sleeper PM for cruption matters Mr. Singh should do something concrete and fire Calmady and co from ministership and from OC and set an example of good governace.

  4. Why not the congress which makes hue and cry in Karnataka carry out a march from Kanya Kumari to New Delhi and Gulam Nabi Azad gives a specach condeming the governing body of common wealth. It is true that all the politicians are corrupt. Let no one blame each other. Instead they can say publicly why you did not share with us.

  5. It is foolhardy to assume that a sleeping, no-back-bone, cannot-win-even-a-municipal-election PM, Doctor Manmohan Singh will do anything like Rattan Tata (RT), because he is not in the same league as RT. Doctor Singh (DS) belongs to the league of die-hard corrupt Congress rulers headed by Ms. Sonia. They all need their jobs, which gives them hundred to thousand times their official salaries. Going the RT way means, they will be on the road. So then what will Ms. Sonia, and her beloved DS do? The latter will get another heart attack. Neither he, nor we should want that to happen. You see.

  6. this is tooooo much expecting from a politician.
    Ratan Tataji is a Statesman.Belongs to a Corporate group which accepts the truth for the sake of truth and also work truly towards the truth.

    But politicians work towards power & positions with all negative approach at their disposal(changing sides, purchasing MPs/MLAs …, muscle power etc).
    We should be proud that we are living at time of persons like Ratanji and adapt their atitude in our lives rather expecting frauds or persons suporrting frauds to get changed.

  7. How is it possible that Dr. Manmohan Singh can do a Ratan Tata. Mr. Ratan Tata is thinking his own and living for the country whereas Mr. Manmohan Singh is a scapegoat of Sonia Gandhi & Co. He is unable to take any decision on Naxals, Afzal Guru, thousands innocent Tamils in Srilanka, 26/11 Mumbai attackers, Kashmir Problem, Price rise, Muslim terrorists and even the mass murders of innocent Sikhs in 1984. Now Sonia & Co. is hunting for Mr. Narendra Modi, who is the best Chief Minister in India. To tarnish his image, the congress is playing a dirty politics. So, please do not compare Mr. Ratan Tata with Mr. Manmohan Singh, which is nothing but degrading Mr. Ratan Tata.

  8. You are expecting too much. You are spoiling Rattan Tata’s name by comparing with him MacMohan. Rattan is the most precious RATTAN of India and McMohan is The Slave of India. Pl. donot tarnish the Tata name. They have build it over with generations of hardwork. Choro ke saath unko co compare Karna is not in good taste.

  9. There is a basic dfference between MMS and Ratan Tata. Ratan Tata has a smart and functional brain but MMS is a robot. He lost the power of thinking the moment he assumed office.

    • Nd MMS came to inform you. Not sure why the world doesn’t know you can think so well I think you should have been made PM

  10. When Indians don’t even comment at social evils news from their society bcos that puts blame on themself which cant be shifted to politician. Why should MM be responsible for everything? He only has responsibilty for his own conduct and limited responsibilty for other’s conduct. Enquiry is called now what more you expect before reports? PM can’t take law in his own hand.

  11. A great tycoon cannot be compared with a politican

  12. Unfortunately, our honourable PM perhaps is standing proof for ” How even the most intellegent brain can be destroyed and can be allowed to rot with the introduction into Politics “. What a Pity!!

  13. Our Prime minister is a good man , a good man , just a good man. Predaciment is that while a good man only the mask , behind the FACADE MAN MOHAN is battery of extremely greedy ministers , MPs… This is called UPA. While Facade is MAN Mohak , the real face is a madam whose husband is issued inflammatory statement and tens of thousands of sikhs were butchered , the second madam sympathises with Red Terrorists and calls Police as Murdrers. Then there are series of scams followed by master scams and scams, means the pack of UPA is SCAMASTER.
    How can such a unit either be Tata or Gujrat. Tata and Gujrat will be terror for such people – Always.

  14. Mr Ratan Tata has set a great example for our industry by cleaning up mess at Tata Sons by going public and taking swift bold action. Tata Group of companies have impeccable reputation in India and Ratan Tata maintained it. Indian politics is totally ingrained with corruption and even 60 years after independance we dont see that it is the cancer to our progress and integrity. Not a second be spared to root it out ruthlessly and lock up every person involved in corrupt practice. Even hanging them from trees, if found guilty, would set a good example for other guilty ones. ManMohan Singh must do that before he retires. In fact it is his duty to that as he does not have to run for any more elections and he has nothing to lose.

  15. Here is what I wrote to Times of India about CWGOC – Treasurer -Khanna’s resignation statting he is dosing so to maintain his clean image and infortunarely TOI would not publish for reasons best known to them. The moral is if you do not do anything and watch the corruption it means you not only condone the behavior but you are a passive party to it and this applies to Manmohan Singh as well.

    Here is the letter:

    If Mr. Khanna had resigned before the corruption issue was uncovered we all would have applauded him for his honesty. Now he is only trying to distance himself by taking a high moral ground after this mess. As a treasurer Mr. Khanna should have exercised reasonable care and diligence in managing the affairs of CWGOC. From his assertion it looks he was blindly signing the cheques without due diligence. Had he applied his skills as a Chartered Accountant he ought to be aware that the state of affairs at CWGOC but decided to go along until being caught. Good try Mr. Khanna. I would urge CA Institute which has powers to investigate all its members including those who occupy honorary positions to initiate inquiry and take actions as required. Further ICAI should also review the annual reports of all companies whose accounts Mr. Khanna has signed as auditor since from his statement looks he does not use reasonable care and diligence. The bottom line is if you do not blow the whistle on wrong doing in your organisation and keep quiet then it is implied that you are a party to it irrespective of weather you benefitted or not. You are confusing the issue by injecting patriotism but the truth looks you tried to tag along with the corrupt forces in CWGOC.


  17. There is no accountability in Govt. PM himself is unable to take any decisions and is naive. His tolerance to corruption is baffling. I have followed him from his Finance Secy days. He should retire now for the sake of vibrant India

  18. Dear friends,
    reading all through your comments & this article was indeed a great pleasure that now onwards people have start contributing atleast their ideas. though i take the view of all the comments in great respect but it seems now a days an Indian is just talking about the games. Think about the 80 % of our rural people those seriously dont bother about the games and corruption but are aware of their society needs & respect. the point i want to make here that these days lots of scam & corruption talks are going on and it should be but the most important aspect has to be the discussion over the govt’s planning & functioning policies. Let us be together to pin down the govt continuosly over inflation, education, naxalism, bureaucratic delays, law & order. I have beeen witnessing these corrupt polticos fooling people’s mind over corruption, games and in disguise they have been eating their selfishness & people’s right by dis – illusioning them.
    RTI is the first example where these politicos have been started thinking, so lets fight over the iissues which are current & looking at the population , we need to think about the country’s natural resources & agriculture. I just take a view over the late honourable PM Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri who has addressed over his policies on grassroot core issues.
    RTI is just an policy instrument which can stop the corruption effectively to low level though cant never wipe it out but again its not in taking the view of development policies. Let us be together where each andd every indian know & excercise his rights and lets be together to pin those gguys for not effectively working on core development issues, belive me these guys are taking rides over the scam issues. I dont say that dont pin down over these issues but lets get focus on why the policies are not effective, lets talk about bureacratic ineffectiveness. Hope everybody agrees these issues are not communal, neither personal on an any individual politico.
    even i hope media will always try to highlight the policy in-effectiveness, women safety, child rights, agriculture, natural resources etc which are diminishing day by day.


  20. Dear Indians (in India and outside India),

    Please for once grow up take accountability and do actions to take care of this evident mismanagement and probable irregularities. I am saying probable because I an individual do not have any proof.
    If you cannot take any action to repair the above damage, then I suggest that you keep quiet (like me) because if I am only going to sit outside get angry and coice my opinion without backing it by an action, then I am not very different from the people I am trying to correct.
    Let’s move on from here and raise our voice / heads only if we have the conviction to take action…otherwise lets sit back and enjoy our lives.

  21. If India had few thousands of Rajesh Kumars ,who highlight such good Values,then the standard of India would have been,much much higher than that of today.
    We have many Tatas who ,value the morale and disciplene of a family,society,institutions,but they fail in many cases when the society look them with a worldly eye.But Tata is an exception.I can bet on them.They will not be a party to what is wrong.But ultimately they win with flying colours.

  22. Do not expect these step by greedy politicians. Country need revolution to finish all greedy people in one shot.

  23. this is such a stupid website

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