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What does Hinduism mean to you?

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s remark that all those who live in Hindustan are Hindus have brought the origin of the word Hindu into focus.

The Times of India’s Sagarika Ghose writes that Hinduism stands for freedom of thought – “Both the atheist and agnostic can exist under Hinduism because belief in a single god, or ‘the single truth’ or the concept of ‘blasphemy’ are hardly central to Hindu traditions.”

Sagarika quotes author Jonardon Ganeri, who earlier this month, talked vedas and karma with Gary Gutting of the New York Times in an article titled ‘What Would Krishna Do? Or Shiva? Or Vishnu?’

In the Huffington Post, writer Rajiv Malhotra offers a Hindu view of ‘Christian Yoga’. He says that Yoga is a do-it-yourself path that eliminates the need for intermediaries such as a priesthood or other institutional authority.