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Barkha Dutt on the Radia tapes – The bark trumped the byte

On Tuesday night, Barkha Dutt went on air to do something we wish our politicians were brave enough to do – To face questions from a panel of editors on her role in the Niira Radia tapes.

It would have been the perfect retort to the mob flooding social networking sites demanding answers from the NDTV Group Editor, mocking her with Twitter hashtags like #Barkhagate and crying out for more coverage on the tapes.

The debate that the NDTV proudly said was unedited, however, just showed up the cracks in Television debates as we know it in India.

The loudest one (Barkha, in this instance) interrupted the rest; her sentences were so long that you forgot how it began before it ended; and more than one person spoke up when uncomfortable questions came up.

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