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India calls off talks with Pakistan: Self goal or a show of strength?

The Narendra Modi government has cancelled Foreign Secretary-level talks with Pakistan to protest against a meeting between Kashmiri separatist leaders and Islamabad’s envoy to New Delhi.

In The Indian Express, Praveen Swami calls the move a self goal, saying that New Delhi is shutting off life support to secret dialogue on Kashmir dating back 10 years and more.

On the NDTV¬†website, Sidharth Varadarajan rues that Modi’s unpredictable diplomatic bang has ended in a shabby and all too predictable whimper.

Kanchan Gupta, on the other hand, finds the decision predictable as he writes in ABP Live: That India with a new Government that is far more resolute and clear-headed than its predecessor regime would react in this manner was a foregone conclusion