We are Malayalis, not Madrasis

First of all let’s get the facts right – all Malayalis do not speak with a ‘Mallu’ accent.

Secondly, those of us who do speak with an accent, speak with a very distinctive one, thaang you very much – and we don’t appreciate it when people mix it up with someone else’s.

And thirdly, in these days of Lolakutty and the whole global village mania, it’s high time the “Northies” got their facts right.

What got me on this myth busting mission? The new Idea advertisement.

I don’t have issues with the ad – It is corny, sappy and spells out its message in so much detail that any kindergarten student will get it.

What I do have a problem with is how the Malayali is made to say ‘Ram, Ram’. Listen to it on YouTube and tell me if you’ve ever heard a Malayali speak like that. A Tamilian perhaps, but not a true blue Malayali.

It’s high time that everyone who is not a south Indian realised something – we are not all Madrasis, people.

And considering there is no Madras anymore, officially speaking, maybe those north of our four borders need to be sent back to school! Brush up on that geography!

I’d like to know how a Punjabi would feel if I said he was no different from a Bihari. If I said they spoke the same language, came from the same area and looked alike, too. There would be civil war – that’s what would happen.

Coming back to the ad, I’d like to know how the ad execs do their research? Do they just throw a dart at the map of South India, pick a state to mock, and then look to the office clown to come up with inspiring lines? Or do they have a research team that actually does what it is paid to do?

I highly doubt that.  And my proof:  Another television ad that talks about how you can get your local channels wherever you go.

It shows a Tamil speaking man setting off for a new job – and the local channels that follow him? Those that show Kathakali and Mohiniyattam!

There’s no excuse for such blatant errors. An accent may be confused by tone-deaf people, but facts like Kathakali is a dance form from Kerala? Any high school student will tell you that.

My advice to ad execs – if you can’t invest in a good research team, then do invest in a good computer with internet access. Google is the only way forward for you.

And to the rest of you, Malayalis say Ram the same way a Punjabi or a Lucknowi would.

What we may not say the same way is: Waatch it misterr. Next time will be yourr laast time!

 Surya Praphulla Kumar

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267 responses to “We are Malayalis, not Madrasis

  1. Fully agree with the comments. It is high time to discard the madrasi usage. For consumer products everybody required Kerala and Malayalees, to call later on as non-existent Madrasi.

    • Malayalis are fond of sex & liquir

      • You dont even know the spelling of liquor. So don’t comment on malayalis.

      • And what is wrong with that? Maybe you belong to the 0.01 % who wears a celibacy belt with a lock, and threw your key away. Rest of the world would love a good romp!

      • Maybe you need facts here. If it’s sex between husband and wife, maybe u r right. As for prostitution, The largest no of prostitutes are from Andhra pradesh and the highest consumer of liquor in India is Punjab.

      • why, others, northies, are not potent?

      • C. Chandra Prakash

        What do you know about your own country. You are a narrow minded idiot. The people like you will always think negative. You people will not miss a chance to watch your own sisters bathroom seen. You are a corrupt and can not be corrected. Go to hell you bloody nasty fellow.

      • Sandip,

        Do you mean to say that you are not fond of these two things.. anyways please brush up your spelling and trying not expressing views which you are not good at..

      • Hi,

        dude, we have already beaten Punjab in highest number of consumer-ship in Alcohol and eating non veg. And I am one proud mallu belonging to the same category…

      • All you street urchins, please stop ranting,

      • spoiled brat

        wat do u hav in lyf to d widout sex n wine??? den go n join sum monastery!!

    • Why so much noise about nothing as if the mallus are holy saints?!!

      Look at CMC in vellore and see how they did and do all dirty politics of divide and rule and manipulation of admission process and recruit 95% of mallus in a college in Tamil Nadu. This is the kind of evil character of mallus everywhere they go.
      There is a moral story – when you have one mallu, it is fun / the moment you you have more than one mallu – you can be rest assured that they are up their tricks, and crookedness to divide others and bring in other mallus.

      • some facts about CMC vellore
        It is a Christian run private medical college (the best in the country!) ,is not funded by the govt-central or any state. For a long time it was the Churches in Kerala that was managing/funding this institution.It is also not true that 95% students are from Kerala.They are from all over the country and some from near by countries. ~15% seats are open category and rest for church sponsored seats. No govt involvement- so is the BEST in the country. By the way I am not a Christian but am from vellore.

    • started groupism asusal.. if the author has made the comment or expressed the non-likeliness towards the advertisment company, i will also agree with that comments. Instead it is written against another neighbour state where more number of your relatives are staying and working and earning and living and married.. so stop saying those kind of things and pls stop supporting this kind of comments

    • malayalees are mother fuckers…they know only chaaya , kallu , Meen Kari…..All of them in gulf and their wives in Kerala with other state people… Keralites will sale their wives…All of them are Bastards…

      • Whoever you are .. you are plain jealous of malayalees. Remember that only a tree filled with mangoes gets more stones thrown at it. Malayalees and people from Kerala have all it takes – culture, intelligence, physical beauty (fair skin), physical and mental prowess, and many many more. Considering all this, I totally agree with your agony of throwing stones at malayalees.

        Malayalees are patriots and brave too. In the Indian army, a substantial population of soldiers are keralites. In the Indian Navy, and Air force, every other person is a malayalee. They are brave people.

        This means whereever they live, whichever part of the world, they love their motherland. Not just their state.

        Mind you, I am a kannadiga, married to a malayalee. I worked in Kerala for a long time. I love malayalees more than the bastards tamilians and andhra bastards. Malayalees and kannadigas have so much in common.

  2. Hi,
    I agree with your concern on identifying Malayalees as Madrasis. At the same time I don’t understand why Malayalees are feeling Superior to other races. Especially your reference to Tamilians are sarcastic. I can tell you that your effort to project Malayalees as special is working the other way.
    Malayalees, please stop trumpheting that you are most hard working and brainy people in the world. Malayalees are very well known for groupism and ruthless favoratism.

    • well said. they dont want to work in their state, but want to do “Any” work outside the state, especially in middle east. there they are treated like slaves. also it is 25 strikes in last six months in kerala, u know that. it happens only in kerala, WB, because both are places where people do not want to work but to do bandh. in IT mostly, tamils, Telugu and Kannadians dominate. I could not find the major contribution from malayalees. they know one thing very well, eating any non-veg item. also when a project meeting going on, in a conference hall, within themselves, they start speaking in malayalam, without manners, ignoring other linguistic people..

      • Get your facts right. I’m not commenting on the emotional stuff but the factual part where your misjudged comment”I could not find the major contribution from malayalees” fall.
        Please be noted that Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan and Shibulal among the founders of Infy are mallus. Mr Paul who left Wipro after a stint as CEO was another example. As for the Code Jockeys, Mallus outnumber Kannadigas by a very large extent, you can check this fact from any HR dept. Tamilnadu and Andhra are much larger states and it’s quite natural that they outnumber anyone else. As for people speaking the local lingo in workplace, It’s a problem with all 3 TN, AP and Kerala. It’s not fair to single out mallus there.

      • C. Chandra Prakash

        In India, only two Malayali or two Punjabi used to speak in their own language without any hesitation where ever they are. All others are pseudo
        complex oriented. And the great thing – A Punjabi will help another Punjabi and a Malayali will help another malayali. But what about others, they will shut their door in front of the helpless.

      • C. Chandra Prakash

        You just go to Kerala and make a visit to any village. You can not find not even a single hut. No one will shit in the National Highway. All others in the country is thinking that it is their right to Shit in the public Road. In Kerala, Garbage cleaning, public toilet cleaning etc. are being handles by other state people like you and your sympathizers. Do not make a comment, without knowing the fact.

    • @ Rajarajan – you missed the whole point of this article. How would you feel if I called you a SriLankan just because TN and Lanka lie in close proximity! Tamilians are fantastic, hard working, intelligent people. Why do you feel that Mallus are mocking you guys? And, btw – who is trumpeting that we are the hardest working people…on the contrary, we hardly work!

      The issue here is about mallus being different than tamilians. so please refrain from gross generalizations.

      • The author didn’t put it that way. The whole piece of writing is in such a way that Malayalees are in somewhat superior position compared to other South Indians and are ashamed by the fact that they are classified along with other south Indians. Non-Malayalis here do not subscribe to the Kerala superiority theory and are naturally offended.

    • Please stop this gross generalization about Mallus. The intent of the author is to point out Mallus are not from TN, and they are from Kerala. that is about it. Tamils are hard working intelligent people – so I don’t know why you are feeling inferior.

      Btw – I hardly know Mallus who trumpet that they are hardworking – the whole world knows that we are the laziest bunch. 🙂

      • Agree that they are laziest!

      • C. Chandra Prakash

        Keralities not like a Tamil. Never they will strike for 10 Kg. rice, one sari and a dhothi. Kerala people does not need any thing free like their counterpart in Tamil Nadu. Without getting Free rice, Free Electricity, Free TV, Free Gas and Free cell phone, how one tamilian can live.

    • And to reinforce the point that Mallus are lazy – I am actually replying to convince a stranger like urself that Mallus are different – that is how busy we are at work.
      Btw, just saw ur comments about groupism, favoritism…and all the other “ism”… please be careful abt throwing stones when living in a glass house.. the whole family of Karunanidhi gets to run TN – and that is not favoritism… and I believe, there is no casteism in TN as well…
      so please… these are things that are part of entire India’s landscape…all these “isms”.. so don’t put it all on Mallus!! We cannot handle all these accolades.. being # 1 in everything.

      • Chandraprakash.. what you said is the joke of the decade.. they will not go for strike for 10kg rice etc,,etc.. YES.. they are not dependent on rice or basic needs as those are coming from their son, who is taking shit and giving gulf perfumes.. you kerlites do hartal only not strike !! 😀 LOL 🙂
        and that too if wine shop is closed, toddy shop is closed, shakeela film is banned ! ! ! responsiblity is too much..

    • Excellent.. well said… i fully agree with your comment

  3. vere paniyonum ille….Jai Hind

  4. Sad part is in this work, every one forget their roots.

    Please Sify, Do some history and know our roots. Does Malayalam came on it own

    So be proud if any one address you by our history roots

    Sad when our roots are forgotten, its something you forget your great grand mother eventually your mothers milk

    God Save this people!

  5. You correctly said, these so called Malayalees are very much in groupism, favour for their people even though the person dont know anything, they tell their supervisors, subordinates, that this guy know everything. If 1 mallu got job in any office, they bring 20 mallu after 2 months to replace existing other people.

    These mallus never say they from INDIA, but they say from Kerala. their mentality is to show they know every thing.

    • Mallus that way are more adjusting than anybody else. Certain southern states hate hindi as their national language and plainly refuse to teach their students hindi in school. whereas malayalis easily go and settle in any part of India and lets their children learn thelocal language and merge with the fabric of that place. Any race with this ‘alleged’ superiority complex wouldn’t do that. If two mallus come together, they talk malayalam but then this is true for all communities in India, show me people of a non hindi speaking state who would talk a different language when they meet someone of the same state. Malayalis may not be the brainiest but definitely are among the most adaptable among people of various states in India as they have proved that they can adjust with cranky sheikhs of Saudi Arabia and also the Raj thakerays of Maharashtra and still live in peace.

      • Dear Mallu bro,I would totally give you credit for your adaptability , which however stems from the fact that its your only choice. Since your state is not a happening place , you have to rely upon other states for eternity . Therefore , to save your neck , you adapt . TN on the other hand is a self-sufficient state . Tamilians are under no compulsion to run out of their state for education or jobs . This puts them in a comfortable position to enjoy the benefits of their state without having to learn a new language and when such an interaction is indeed necessary , they have English. Those Tamilians who are in favor of better education and living standards than what’s available in India , smoothly immigrate to the United States or UK and live there . Their ways are simple and work very well for them. Remember , you need them , they don’t need you.

      • Hindi is not our national language. India doesnt have a national language or father of the nation. pls correct urself

    • C. Chandra Prakash

      Poor ABCD, you are still in ABCD. you go and study more and make comment.
      Now you go and have breast milk.

  6. Stupid article written by a Poopular malayali. That’s how you they say popular.

    pathetic creatures

    • C. Chandra Prakash

      The Great Satya, You go and stand in any Kerala- Tamil Nadu border and watch, howmay tamilians are entering to Kerala for better work atmosphere and better salary. Mr. Sen, can you write an Indian name in English without spelling mistake. As far as you people are concerned, Pa, Ba, Fa, Pha are same. But all other Indian language, all these are different characters. Now you tell, who is really writing and pronouncing English (for eg. Hostel you will read as Aastel, Hospital become Aaspital, Plot is Plaat, Onion is Aanian. You go and hang yourself, that will be better than debating on an unknown subject to you.

      • Mr. Chandra Prakash do you have any thing of worth to do in your life? You talk and write like a loser.
        Please take a break and go and have a beer.

      • Mr.chandraprakash, for your information there are lots of Malayalees who got settled and lost in chennai for past 50 years or may be more.Tamilians are now coming to kerala.Mallus go and settle anywhere and they wont return back to kerala.So its better you keep shut!!

      • Haha u should accept the fact that malayali english pronouncation is scary and wierd when compared to the english pronouncation from rest of the world…u should no the fact that english is not malayalam….so the pattern of pronouncation differs..in english “O” should not be pronouncd as O everywere…. u guys while pronouncing “copy,office,all,ball,alright etc ” is really scary to hear.. also ur language may have all sounds than tamil…but it fucks in vocabulary…do u have vocabulary for simple things like bus,laptops,computers,etc in malayalam??? No….rt??? Then shutup and sit quite… vocabulary alone drives tamil to be alive for more than 20000 years…. will urs?????

    • man fuck you malus started all of india for all you know dumb bitch

  7. Well argued,but entirely futile if my 40 years experience with North Indians is any indication.

  8. Malayalees superior ? It is a bloody joke of the century. What makes them special? Is it their groupism and ruthless favorism ? as well said by Rajarajan. They have no recognition anywhere in the western countries except in middle east where there are heaps and heaps malayalees. The only people the world knows whether it is US, UK and entire Europe or pacific are Gujaratis and Punjabis. People in all western countries know very well Gujaratis as patels and punjabis as Singh. There is a great reason behind this unlike Malayalees who are known for narrow mindedness, groupism and favoritism, Gujaratis have done lot of social work and developed religious places which are used by the whole indian community. Gujaratis have built lot of temples in prime locations costing millions of dollars and they are also running balvikas classes for indian kids. Punjabis are knows for their hard work as they lease and own agricultural lands and farms.

    • first of all, can u ask a malayali to pronounce “Zero”, “Coffee”, “Office” etc., they do not know how to talk in english esp in a major client meeting. one good thing is they smile at everybody. may be thats is the reason they could successfully do slavery to their arab masters. they do not have fire in their belly to study and go up in their life. world over it is punjabis, gujaratis dominate in agri, manufacturing respectively and in IT it is tamil & telugu dominate. mallus dominate in non-eating and drinking during day time even. where is the culture of kadakali, in cochin & ernakulam can u show a single event happening every week. in chennai u can see one or other carnatic or bharathanatyam performance happening every week. in kerala, they are good at chopping the hands of their own guru !!

      • C. Chandra Prakash

        You not even know the spelling of Kathakali. Can you write a sanskrit word in English without any spelling mistake. Ganapathi/Ganapati, Lakshmi, Nataraj are writing as Kanabathi, Latchmi, Nadaraj etc. You bloody useless fellow, thousands of Tamils are being raped and murdered in Sri Lanka and the same time you people were supporting the Srilankans. But the malayalis will not do like you people. That is what you people are having jealousy on Malayalis. You go and dip and die in a drop of water. In kerala, you can not find a slum but 70 per cent of your state is slum.

      • Proud Malayalee

        shut the fuck up dick head…..u woudnt find malayalee being a slave in gulf rather they tend to keep arabs between their balls…well …well..which part of kerala did you find people pronouncing these silly words wrongly….im sure u might be a biharii..coz der dey come up wit pig shitt like geroo,kaafii,aafice…..next time before you come up wit des sluttery comments try to bend lick ur own balls or ill bend u lick mine…….

    • I don’t see anywhere in this blog where the author has mentioned that mallus are “superior”. I agree Mallus might not have the same enterprising spirit like the Gujjus or Punjabis. So what? We are fine the way we are. We like our liquor, and we like our beef fry!

      I am lost in trying to figure out your benchmark for excellence… so you want to be recognized by the Western World in order to feel “successful”. I know of plenty of Mallus in US and UK occupying high posts in Fortune 100 companies. As a mallu, I don’t think that is an achievement. Look at N Delhi – most top officials are Mallus.

      Be it Mallu, Gujju, Punjabi or whoever.. we have a habit of patting ourselves in the back for trying to catch up with the West. We can say that we are striving for excellence when we out-think the developed world, and be a mature nation… rather than what we are doing now…squabbling over a blog.

    • yea thats why most doctors engineers come from kerala right dumb fool you dont know shit

    • In my office every Mallu girl licks the balls of her boss, literally. They are worse than prostitutes…

  9. What can U expect from a mallu? As somebody pointed out, mallu’s are popular only in middle east and not even in east asia unlike others. Gujaratis and punjabis are popular in west and US/UK. Madrasis and Telegu people r quite popular in many of the software giants. Mallu’s are good in procession, union and strike. They shouldnt think they are above the rest

    • C. Chandra Prakash

      Mallus will strike for their rights and not like you people for a Kg. of rice, a free TV, or a free Sari for your wife. This is the self identification that how you people are.

  10. Most of the malayalees think the same way the Mr kumar is thinking,He is comparing Tamilnadu with Bihar,For your information Punjab is norwhere near Bihar.He wants to taunt chennaites,Are you from India or somewhere else,tomorrwo he will say he is not from India, why you differentiate kerala from India.Try to think one in India, be it a Bihari,Punjabi, Delhite,Maharashtraian,Kannadika,tamilian or Keralite.Only lanugage(Model of communication differs) otherwise we are all one,Suppose we need One Bihari or Tamilian take a gold medal for our country,credit goes to whole india from Kashmir to kanyakumar and from Booch to Guwahati. Do not think and post these silly illustration where whole country is watching you.

  11. Thank god that Malayalis are not Madrasis. How about Malayalis in Madras consider moving back to Malayalam. Madrasis would be free from these clanish fellows and get some extra space for themselves.

    • C. Chandra Prakash

      Malayalis are never like to call them as Madrasis. How many Madrasis will take bath minimum one in a month ? How many Madrasis will wash their mouth after taking food ? How many Madrasis are having their own house ? How many Madrasis are having Latrine in their house. BUT ALL MADRASIS ARE UNITED. THEIR PUBLIC TOILET IS NATIONAL HIWAYS AND STATE HIGHWAYS IRRESPECTIVE OF MALE OR FEMALE.

      • Are there Malayalis who use soap and shampoo to take bath ? Are there Malayalis who brush their teeth in the morning before breakfast? Are there Malayalis who don’t stink ? Are there Malayalis who contribute anything to the progress of this country ? Are there Malayalis who don’t practice infidelity ? Are there Malayalis who don’t watch p0rn everyday ? Are there Malayalis who don’t drink everyday ? Are there Malayalis who don’t cheat on their partners ? Are there Malayalis who understand hand wash and hand sanitizer ? Are there Malayalis who have heard of anything called university ? I really wish there were some , but unfortunately , I have not come across any.

  12. I sincerely advise the sify readers to (ignore kar-3 idiots style) this particular blog,do not take this Mr Kumars Blog serious.It is shame on sifys part to post this blog,since it is affecting the integrity of the whole india.

  13. Dear All,
    We should take these type of advertisement in lighter vein. Do not take it seriously. you all forgot to notice one thing from this ad – the freedom we got to settle anywhere in this country! and the message that all people living in various part of our country are really helping other state people. Do not devide beacuse of language, which the politicians are trying to get votes & play dirty politics.

    • hello ladies and gentleman pls think all of you where are your roots from they were only one are two languages in India before not even the sanskrit belongs to India in those days it came from outside.
      now we got so many languages either separated from these one or two languages or they came from outside India go check the history you young men if you think your back ground says out side India quite and respect the Indians not to Separates the states. Jai Hind

  14. hello ladies and gentleman pls think all of you where are your roots from they were only one are two languages in India before not even the sanskrit belongs to India in those days it came from outside.
    now we got so many languages either separated from these one or two languages or they came from outside India go check the history you young men if you think your back ground says out side India quite and respect the Indians not to Separates the states.

  15. I am afraid whether we are in India or China? Don’t separate people with their states. We are Indians and want to live and die as Indians. Don’t post those foolish comments which are unfortunate to read. Every one have their own specialities and skills and as such I don’t want to mention anything special to conclude which people of the Indian states are superior< The subject itself is a rubbish! rubbish! rubbish!

  16. Dear Indians,
    stop the nonsense conversations, be a Good Indian.

  17. Totally stupid article ..do you mean to say you belong to a superior race in south ….please..just because you mallus camouflage and bootlick people across states and your state sucks in terms of industrial development you have lost all identity ……tams,telugu,kannads have dignity coz of their states development but you guys do not have that ..so we cannot have a seperate identity for you sychophants ..take a break POOPULAR MALLU

    • Cultural identity is closely related with industrial development.
      A new theory..
      Award him a Phd

    • C. Chandra Prakash

      How many of your people are living without free ration from Government. How many of your people are living in streets. You go to Kerala, ALL BEGGARS ARE BELONGS TO YOUR OWN STATE. Stupid fellow. You can not even find a single beggar in any part of the World. That is called MALAYALEE. & MALAYALEE CULTURE.

      • I have never seen a Malayali who is not a beggar . They go around begging for jobs , accommodation , seats in colleges , spouses , food , electricity and everything else .Those who can find it , settle in other states . Those who cannot , commit suicide . This is perhaps why the suicide rate of Kerala is the highest in the world.


  19. i would concur with mr.kumar regarding coloumn he has flashed.
    Madrasi is not Mallu they both are different indeed, the ad company should take note of that

  20. are`nt we taking the attention off the topic being discussed.. the issue was not to separate anyone but rather to deliberate on the ads and how they twist stuff to market their products… no one seems to be bothered about the core idea.. rather all are pretty much into what they are exactly blaming the author to be…. pot calling the kettle…! well not surprised at all… and to all those who asked the question where does Mal originate from?.. exactly what are you trying to say…. since we all have the same roots it is fine to put all in the same bracket.. then y is it tht u have no problem with the ad….

  21. Where is the author talking about superiority or qualities of Mallus?
    He just talks about the cultural identity of a group of people.
    Is this a stage for anybody to spit their anti mallu venum?

    It is true that Kerala being a small southern state are mistaken as a part of Tamil culture by most northies.
    The author is mostly critisicing the Ad maker.

    Look at the comments by Satya..
    Why so much of hatred?
    Who is really dirty?

    • That is the exact point. the author is saying about cultural identity only not about cultural superiority. it seems some people have uncontrollable ego problems…! marathis are different from gujaratis…thats a fact similarly keralites are different from tamilians..whats the big issue here?

  22. SudhaKaran V. Quilon

    I prefer to be an average Indian rather than a malayalee or a madrasi. Preferably an universal man: creation of almighty god.
    Baaki sab bakwaas…

    • You also belong to bloody Mallu club always giving counter comments,hai reader isko be ignore kar,ignore kar-3idiots style

      • C. Chandra Prakash

        Bala, you want to show that you know Hindi. First of all you go and learn Hindi. Then do not tell this to any of your state politician. They will Kill you. They doesn’t like Hindi and Hindi sign boards in National Highways.

  23. What got into this writer? Why is he going on like a raging bull? Take things in the right spirit! Mallus are so defensive because they have an inferiority complex!! they can never match the flamboyance, high living standards, hard work, international fame and wealth acheived by the Punjabis. So instead they choose to go on crying about the fun poked at the accent, being called Madrasis,,boo hooo!!!
    Look at the Sardar jokes and the loud punjabi accent imitated all the time, but we choose to take them in the right spirit, and show the world entrepreneurship skills to make our country proud. Not run away to the Middle East and work as menial labour all our lives

    • C. Chandra Prakash

      Vandy, have you ever visited Kerala. If not, ask any of your friend or any know person, who visited Kerala or stayed in Kerala, then you make a comment on Malayalis and their living style. Thant will have some sense. By making this type of comment, you are become a fool in front of the whole world.

      • You seems to die-hard malayalee, other indians are not bad,try to think in one & positive way(Do not alway act selfish talking about your home & place,there is more responsibilities for your as a Indian), there is a problem in every political & organisational set-up in entire country,And Kerala or Tamilnadu or Punjab is not exception.Most of Politicians,Central & State govt staff you , me& everybody are corrupted or in the borderline which is big obstacle in considering India as a developed country.Note India will always be stated has a developing country for decades together because of our attitude and selfishness of the people.

    • Well, I like couple of states in India very much and one is Kerala and other is Punjab. Have seen lots of common culture between these two. Great Hospitality, greet people by a smile, Alcohol and non veg part of the culture like none, Women as hard working as men, great soil, laughs loud, loves Bullet ;), All in all great people.

  24. I’m a malayali, i’m not against calling myself an Indian.
    But i do agree that someone calling me madrassi is irritating. Its like calling you with your neighbour’s name instead of your name!

    • You are also in the same club of Mr kumar,Please ignore-kar this mallu club.talk something which is interest of this nation.

      • C. Chandra Prakash

        Why do you have this much jealousy on Malayalis. Defenetely, you are a helper in an organization and other staffs and officers are well educated malayalis. One more thing, by paying money, you people can buy any degree certificate where as in Kerala, you have to study in a college for getting a certificate. So the Certificate will tell the difference between Malayali and you people.

  25. Hi,
    This is NOT nonsense. This is a question of identity: if I am a Telugu I am Telugu not a Madarasi, Mallu or Bihari – of course I am an Indian and an Asian. Its not the question of who is superior or who is inferior but it is the question of how I am different from others. I am son of my mother – be she is beautiful or ugly – I am her son. Do not label someone else as my mother though I respect her equally.

  26. First of all, there is no such thing as Madrasi. That term must be done away with .
    Then, we must stop calling NE persons Chinkies.
    Also, dont most South Indians call North Indians Marwadis?
    And maybe a Mallu who is “bone” and brought up in Tamil Nadu, just might say Ram Ram as Ram Ram.
    And just be thankful that the tea shop wallah was not a “Nair”, the eternal tea shop owner.

    • Ah! would have love to the chai wala a nair… 🙂

      well the author just says lets start to learn of each other, whats point in staying in a country and not knowing each other. A south Indian will see all north Indians as UP wala or Bihari, which is wrong. A north Indian dosent understant the difference between kannada, telugu, tamil and malayalam. and last but not least why all north east are chinkies.. ? Is not educating to know that everyone has their own identity and lets respect them. Mallus are lazy and bloody drunkard, its the fun in us that takes the toll out and makes us and a punjabi to laugh on themself… 😉

  27. @Vandy..
    U dont have to prove everything to others if u r contended with yourself..
    Life is not about proving to others..
    It is being happy

  28. We are fortunate to live in India and enjoy the flavour of so many languages, each rich in its own way, different accents, a large variety of foods and so much diversity in different aspects of life about which we all know. Without being parochial we should appreciate the message rather than pnipricking about inadequate research by creative ad team, though a better job could have been done. Perhaps the team did not have members drawn from those states people from which are shown in the ad or the team members are not widely travelled. But the ovelall concept is laudable.

  29. DAI


  30. I am proud that I come from chennai and proud of the way we speak and try to preserve our culture. This is what makes us tamilians or for the uneducated (madarasis)and I dont care what others think of the way we speak or live – those who criticise should have to look at themselves first.

  31. Well written though am not sure of the facts…But I specifically like the similarities u draw up between Punjabi’s and Bihari’s…Would be worthwhile trying that…

  32. Sify,Please put some useful topic in the blog,where everybody can discuss in the sporting manner.

  33. Don’t bluff guys, i’m livin in N.Y, punjabis are identified in west due to there turban & no one identifies them as punjabis except indians, they are identified only as Indians. About gujarathis, you ask someone here n they’ll ask you ‘wat is it’. There are half a million malayalis in U.S, they adapt most n are often not distinguished from others.


    Dear Praful,
    At least the myth has been exploded. State of Madras has been renamed as TN (Tamil Nadu). None of the modern states in South have changed its name. Long back Madras Province has gone. Still anyone from south are called “Madrasis”. I have lived 41 years in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. At times the use of the word Madrasi has been showered on me. There is an urgent need for people to the reality.

  35. It should be noted that Tamilians are the most intelligent people in whole of India. We are the very good in politics. See the influnece of Tamilians in the last three central government ministry. We are masters in poilitics and like to play the cards very well weather in India or in sri lanka. We know how to
    be cunning at a time to achieve our self interest in achieveing our gooals.
    See we influence the central government to get more water from kaveri.
    So mallus should to proud to be called madrasi rather than mallu.

    • Really…..
      You tamil b****ds are the most corrupt on the planet. Because u guys can stoop to any level to make a fast buck, u have blackmailed the government to get plumb posts for these morons chid***am, raja, maran and the like. That is not intelligence, it is called lechery and akin to bestiality. 80% of tamills are below poverty line. Tamils do not have any self respect and will even work as slaves for a few bucks. They idolise their cine stars and this shows to what level they can stoop to please somebody.
      Shameless morons!

  36. Lungis flying very High

    All you lungis have same mentality hence you are considered one.

    A group of south Indians who understand and speak Hindi will never speak in Hindi even if they know that their own language just irritates others and makes no sense.
    So for us you guys are same ugly fools who are big evil of society and threat to national integrity.

  37. You Sir have misunderstood the Airtel ad. It meant to say that you can take all the South Indian channels along with you when you head north, not just Tamil or Telugu. It depicted all the cultures of South India. Having said that, I do agree with you that North Indians tend to club anyone from South as Madrasis. Only those North Indians who live in the south begin to understand the differences between the southern states and their cultures. You had the right idea but very poor examples.

    • he just took an example to explain his view, and I wouldn’t call it poor, instead it was a real good one. And u said it right Only those North Indians who live in the south begin to understand the differences between the southern states and their cultures. The author just tries to expain only that… and its a great observation from him. I do appreciate him…
      and for all others… Ladayi Jhagda maaf karo… gandhi ji ko yaad karo…!!!

  38. Malayalis are the WORST lot in India.Their tendency to mix only with pure bred fellow malayalis and NO one else makes them a hateful lot.They are completely unfriendly and seem to think that they are a blessing to people around.What is worst is that they fight for everything-for themselves- keeping everyone else out.They are so dumb that they don’t realise they are Indians too.Dodos.May their tribe decrease.

  39. Rahul
    You do not have manners. I am sure no other North Indian subscribe to your views. I pity you.

    KNK Mohan

  40. I used to work in an office full of mallus and they all used to talk exactly like that! They were all nice and friendly people but there was no mistaking their ‘sero’ and ‘zimbly’!

    • But does it actually hurt. Nobody fakes their accents to be mocked at. Just that your vernacular twists your tongue in the childhood in a certain way that’s all. But one area where i find some disparity is that when Pranab Mukherjee says ‘phiscal defishit’ it’s acceptable and i don hear anyone blabbering about the accents of East Indians or when a North Indian says ‘Ishkool’ for school, that again is perfectly acceptable. So pls understand that the queen’s language is twisted by all the states in their own ways. Except the cosmos like Delhi and Mumbai, very rarely does anybody have a neutral accent in any state in India. Then why the hell throw mud at each other.

  41. Hi Rahul

    Do you know that some Americans/Australians hold a similar view on Indians(Asians) ! So, what answer you have? Replicate it.

    Its very bad on your part, Rahul.

  42. God save our country! Why do we need terrorists to split us apart? Here we are, doing the honours ourselves! Gandhi would have wept reading the comments today 😦

    • Shanky,
      Gandhi would have found this article a nightmare & an unwanted c**p. However, there is too much favoritism ( be it job/entertainment etc) on the part of the particular section, who is subject of this discussion and rest of india is relieving their ire. That i s all. Again, it is democracy and anything non-violent is accepted.

  43. Naming southerners as madrasis was in fact in practice untill eighties and by rapid development of IT and media, this is somewhat not in use now, especially among the younger generation. Why I should speak out is that I have been in northern parts of India for quite a biref time.

  44. Dear KNK Mohan,

    That frustation follows how bad you feel when set aside in crowd just for meaningless issues of language or state.

    I face that in South India and am sure you will face it in North India too but its not that common.

    All they understand is we have southern part of India which is famous for its beaches, Idli, Dosa and their language sound common in all four states.

    So let me ask you how much you understand about North East Part of India.

    • hey by the way, besides idli dosa… we have appam, puttu, fish molly, stew, beef dry fry… to name few…

      ..and North East should be stamped the most beautiful place… especially sikkim.. 🙂

  45. sir, reading these mails were quite amusing. What the author was meaning was that malayalis hail from kerala and not Madras and that the Northies should get their facts correct and should not confuse anybody south of vindhyas as madrasis and that there are many more southern states such as karnataka,AP,kerala other than tamilnad. But,I doubr whether north indians appreciate the passions that are aroused consequent to the misrepresentation of the people from south india and broadly treating everyone as madarasis.

  46. Dear Mallu,
    we are all interdependent and so pl do’t compare bihar with TN .Kerala is consuming state where people dependent every thing from other areas.
    this is right to time to keep yourpride as indians not as mallu.
    imagine all mallus come back to kerala where you will not find place to stand

    best wishes.




  48. From the reply it should be noted that the India is truly following the principle of unity in diversity . Has we people have different opinion and contradicatory views we still be Indians. We are accomdative for different types of views and contradiction but still hold head high to be call called Indian. We should swell with pride as Indian.


  49. As if Hindu- Muslim fight was not enough for us, we have blindly decided to degrade ourselves by disintegrating further. The idea of the ad was that in spite of being a multilingual country we as a nation are more connected and strong. Whereas the comments here show that we have clearly missed the point. I do agree that comedy or humour in the name of regional accent can leave a bad taste among the viewers particularly to the people coming from the respective states, but do we have to throw muck on each other calling names and commenting on others lifestyle and attitude. It is a right attitude to be proud of your identity but some of the comments here show their airs about themselves and hatred for others. It is really sad. Folks we need to grow up and so do the ad agencies because not all Indians speak with their regional accents.

  50. Mr Surya Praphulla Kumar is partly correct.
    Not all mallus speak with the typical accent and this is true for all the other language groups as well. But most of the mallus have typical accent and so do the Bengalis, Biharis, tamilians , Telugus and Punjabis. Nothing to get offended after all the reference is made to the MOST and not to the exceptions. If Mr suryapraksh feels so strongly about this , then why is he wasting his time writing such articles. This is not going to help.
    He says”Waatch it misterr. Next time will be yourr laast time!” what a threat !! Is he going to get physical.
    An Unsolicited advice – Why don’t you start an English pronunciation class for all mallus ” I am assuming your pronunciation is correct& OK??

  51. I think the author in trying to convey the frustrations of generalisations could have used better examples. To which state we belong to hardly matters, what matters is our knowledge, education, exposure and upbringing. In this respect you can find all sorts of people from all corners of India having different levels of awareness or ignorance. I am sure we all have friends across different languages and some of them come across as cultured and some not so cultured – it is not a language thing.
    Finally one thing I have indeed noticed having born in Calcutta, educated in Delhi and having worked in Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag etc is that the general tendency of North Indian people to be ignorant of the geographical differences in the rest of India, not because they are less educated or intelligent but because they are more self absorbed. While it takes less than a month for an average South Indian to learn Hindi/Bengali/Marathi etc after relocating, sometimes even after decades an average north indian would refuse to learn the local south indian language.

  52. Guys ( and esp malayalees),

    Get this point fair and square, while every indian recognises the fact that each state cherishes their mother tongue and culture, there are more than what meets the eye in case of kerala.. It is known fact that malayalees prosper in a much bigger way only outside their state & hence malayalees, it is better to deal with your emotions with extreme caution. While you could be proud of your cuisine, dance and backwaters, it is time you guys put some deep thought that rest of the country is paying your existence to keep “God’s own country” intact. So start acting responsibly and If you understand this fact, you will become more responsible with your statements

    • Ramaana,
      You also better get your facts straight. No offense intended. We are one of the most economically advanced states even as per the most recent survey conducted by the Govt. of India. Nobody is paying anything to keep Gods own Country intact. You will not find beggars among Sikhs and Malayalis.

      • Prashanth Gopi,
        Kerala’s productivity is quite less compared to most of the states. There are funda flowing from your own fratenity who is spread across india( rest of india is accomodating your fraternity). I have no intentions to demoralise our multicultural framework, but it is better to understand the underlying reasons for a forward economy in kerala. As far as beggars, it is the same logic. I appreciate that you lobby to make sure your fraternity is not let down, but as long you play a fair game , all is fair. Iam unable to confirm whether you guys play it fair. Only you would know & so does rest of india, who is polished enough not to point out.

  53. The author is trying to project the distinct cultural identity of Malayalis who would always prefer to be called as Malayalis rather than Madrasis. There is no effort on the part of Kumar to highlight that a Malayali is more intelligent or superior than any other person hailing from a different state.

    North Indians tend to generalize all people from South India as Madrasis which is incorrect. It is like calling a Maharashtrian a Gujarati or an Oriya as a Bengali or a Bihari as a UP-ite. As Indians, we need to understand & appreciate the cultures, customs & languages of fellow Indians originating from different parts of India.

    Generalization of anything is incorrect and without proper perspective. There are good & bad people in every caste & creed. There is equal opportunity for everyone to succeed in India. Some make use of that better than others. Ridiculing all Malayis is imprudent & lacks in appreciation.

  54. We still are living in yester years of Madras State

  55. This blog is well written. It is just to say that Malayalees are not Madrasis and that ad makers should do their research. Period. I am proud that I am a Mallu. We are one of the most economically advanced state and arguably we can say that we were the first people to take advantage of labour arbitrage. We exported labout to the Middle east and other other foreign countries and imported labour from neighbouring states whose rates were cheaper. Nowadays, the world calls this Outsourcing. And has anybody heard of Kerala model of socio economic development? Among the tourists, Kerala is called the Gods own country and I am really proud of it. There are a few things that I am not very proud of but then again, like a typical mallu, we dont like showing our armpits and so will not talk about those aspects. But rest assured, we are working to negate those aspects so that we can contribute to this great country India that we belong to. I request all North Indians to come see Kerala. Its a beautiful place inhabited by mostly good people. But those of you, irrespective of whether you are a North Indian or anyother Indian (Red Indians included) , American, African, male/female/trans, Hindu, Musliam, Christian, or from any other religion who think they can insult us can go fudge themselves. This is for people like Sen, Rahul, Ann and others of that clan.

  56. These are things which we should just laugh and move on. I will narrate a amusing incident that happened with a friend of mine. When he introduced his lady colleague in one of the Southern states as a Sikhni. The South Indian man across pointing at her face wanted to know why she doesn’t have a beard.Take it as it comes and learn to enjoy life.We have a lot of misconceptions see the funny side and move on.

  57. And on a separate note, I dont think the author is a mallu. The title Praphulla is mostly from North India. It is not a Malayali surname. I could be wrong here…but this is what I feel.

  58. Buddy,

    First of all let me tell you that when you do not like people from God’s own country are targeted with their accent, you should not indulge in dragging Madrasis into this matter. Please go through the ad and check out once again the guy with mallu accent has pronounced it as Ram not Rem. In fact Rem Rem tahoo is being spoken by the guy who hails from Haryana. I think it’s the ad director’s idea to add humour to the AD. Remember one thing that we are all Indians first. Jai Hind.

  59. The whole situation of calling each others names is ridiculous.
    Fact 1- most persons in the north classify all southies as Madrasees and often in a demeaning tone.
    Fact 2- In the whole of India, states and other smaller classifications are more important than Nationality.
    Fact 3- People from all states in India (and from other countries too) speak in their mother tongues when they meet even in the presence of others…Punjabis, Tamilians, Koreans, Japanese, Dutch, Arabs etc. With the Brits and Amercians, the only advantage is that you understand their mother tongue!
    Fact 4- Kerala is in fact different from other states basically because of the cultural diversity due to the different religions and sailors landing up from different countries.
    Fact 5- “Kathakali” is so obviously Mallu, it is unacceptable to even hint it as any other state’s, including TN.
    Fact 6- Mallus are as clannish as any other person in India. But, Mallus have managed 100% literacy and reasonably high levels of education. Once the others do that, maybe they can also get employment for their cousins, nephews and nieces!

    • Hey guys dont forget the reason why the north Indians call the south the whole as Madrasis, because when the other states was not able to form local governance the Madras state was leading all states in the south until the states became separate and started separate languages then politicians revolutionised some states to we are we they are they then started the border issues, fight between each states some of the political will be enjoying when there is friction between states buses will be torched shops will be disrupted, these are the foolish things were happening in our wonderful world. if you go to foreign countries do you say i am an Indian or you will say i am Mallu or madrasi or kannanda or telangana or andhra.
      we are all Educated Indians lets worry about the Delhi games.

    • Kirian,
      Iam unaware our your age. If you are young and being recruited outside kerala, then please take a moment and think the person who has recruited you. If he is not from your state, then he is a true indian trying to only offer merit its chance. 100% literacy doen’t necessarily mean 100% intellegence & you will always have good people in rest of india. Stop looking at your own nphew/neice/brothers & sisters and start looking at rest of india as your nephews/neices. If rest of india thinks of his nephews/neices then you would not have an oppurtunity outside kerala in the first place. Jai Hind!!

  60. There is only one indian word in all English dictionary:
    That is Coir (malayalam Kayar cord). And if you want u can
    add one more from me Cashnut (Kashinu Ettu)
    means 8 nuts for Re.1.00

    • I always wonder mallus get offended when someone calls you madrasis, can you tell me why? there may be reason but no matter what reason, can your state provide employment to any of you mallus, no because there is no much industrial devolopment but all neighbouring states helps you guys to provide jobs, food, water, place to live. you bring your whole family.
      freinds and relatives. still you are not happy complaining specialy mallus can speak and adapt tamil very easily thats why they got business , worker cleaners, govt servant you name it every feild they are enjoying there life but still you complaining about what? say thank you for all the states that have helped you if go back to kerala do you think you can survive,
      I like kerela because its undisturbed , green and unpolluted. why?
      no much heavy and vast industries. whom doyou think is good for our competetive world. survival?

      • There were references of Punjabis and Gujaratis proudly being in the UK. I don understand how that is praise worthy and Mallus relocating is a shame. If Howard calls L.N Mittal an immigrant rather than a citizen , everybody knows how many eyebrows will be raised leave alone the diplomatic warfare which will follow suit. Scores of cabbies in Mumbai are from U.P, does that mean that MH is accommodating them out of charity. There are a lot of students from Bihar and Jharkhand studying in various colleges in Kerala , should keralites be hostile towards them??. No industries is a situation which has come about because of labor militancy primarily due to left wing politics which thrived in Kerala and Bengal. Also do not forget that Kerala is a very small state with a high population density which actually doesn’t allow huge industrial parks to come up even if there is political will. And finally whatever they’ve achieved outside Kerala is purely out of merit and hardwork. Is it that a mallu was preferred over a local for a job just because the employer was charitable ??? i don think so.

  61. All these comments – the gist of the article, “don’t confuse us with some one else” – has been lost in this endless talk of superiority/stupidity, and scurrilous, demeaning jokes stereotyping each other. That’s the malaise that is destroying India. It only makes us the laughing stock of the World!.

  62. These stupid comments make you blokes sound like confused Englishmen wearing pyjamis during the day. Wake up. We are all one. “Satyam Eva Jayate”. Tamil is Hindu, Malayali is Hindu, Madrasi is Hindu, Punjabi is Hindu, Kashmiri is Hindu, so forget this nonsense. We are part and parcel of this Vedic Science and this Vedic religion. There is one Veda, there is one Bharat, there is one Indian, there is one India, there is one Brotherhood, there is one unity. There is no such thing as North India and South India. There was only one India (unfortunately part of it was stolen by the British and made a Pakistan), there is only one India, and there will only be one India. Forget this petty rubbish that the English taught you when they ruled over you and deprived you of the right of your Vedic thought. Forget nonsense talk because nonsenical people speak nonsense like the cheating English who cheated, robbed, raped and tried to destroy the Vedic of life way while ruling over India which they called their colony. Get away from this business of North India and South India. Their is only one India and only one religion that is the religion of the VEDA. Do not become a cheap import from England. Become a Noble Indian.

    • ” Tamil is Indian, Malayali is Indian, Madrasi is Indian, Punjabi is Indian, Kashmiri is Indian, so forget this nonsense”. You Indians never stop flinging religion at each other, whenever the opportunity arises.

    • Lizabeth is right – there you go again, blaming the Brits for everything while exploiting your own religious sentiments. It seems to come so easy to you self-hating bigots.

  63. [Quote]Listen to it on YouTube and tell me if you’ve ever heard a Malayali speak like that. A Tamilian perhaps, but not a true blue Malayali.[/Quote]

    Actually if the author needed to defend Malayali’s dont speak like that, Thats understanable. But why bring Tamilian’s into this issue. We tamilians also dont say like that.

  64. This blog is not about the greatenss of Mallus /Keralites.
    Since there are a lot of criticisms on mallus
    I would like to mention the following:
    1. The state with highest literacy.
    2. unlike states like other south indian states like TN which is ruled only by Regional parties, Kerala has always voted to power
    parties with national interests like COngress/ Communists
    3.There has never been an Anti hindi campaign in Kerala.
    Children learn hindi from first standard.
    Hindi is compulsory in syllabus.
    4.STATE(Not city) with highest population density, least population growth.
    5 UN studies show the standard of life maintained are close to EU standards in terms of life expectancy and basic health care.
    6.Highest life expectancy.
    7.Best among all indian states in terms of all social development indices.

    • SS,

      100% literacy isn’t 100% intellegent people. If you convert it to absolute numbers, you would see other states would have surpassed that number way ahead.

  65. Why is Kerala 100% (claimed) literate state?
    Because they sent out all illiterates out of Kerala to start tea stalls and bringing down the lietracy levels of the state they have migrated to. Come on Kerala, wake up and shed the tag of a consumer state and start contibuting to Indian economy.

    • It is not easy to start contributing to the economy unless you have land and resources which is god given. If Orissa has a lot of Iron Ore or Bengal has a lot of hilly tea plantations, it doesn’t mean Kerala can just like that, do the same. The state was formed based on the language and not exactly economics. So 60 years after Independence, if somebody is referring to the fact that Kerala does not have an Industrial revolution, they out to get the facts right.
      And all those tea wallahs are very well included in the census in Kerala and would be at least a matriculate before he makes the first cup of tea. In Kerala, they don worship film-stars nor politicians. A politicians son is not exactly an automatic choice for his replacement. Also nobody fights over religion. Show me another state with 30% muslim population where HIndus and Muslims live in peace. All this is nothing but intelligence and literacy at work. And spotting a business opportunity and earning one’s livelihood is no sin. If that is a sin, then the Ambanis are the biggest sinners in India coz they’re India’s largest and sell their products and services throughout the country.

  66. Subhash Narayanan

    What a bunch of jokers fighting each other !! Have they ever heard any non-english speaking guys speaking english…every one contributes their own accent and what the heck if there is an accent !! May be in the years to come BRIC might re-write the whole English language & its pronounciation !! Come on guys ..be a bit more rational & nationalistic !!

  67. Only good thing about Kerala is their beautiful women (thanks to those lonley middle eastern traders)…. 🙂

    Regarding Chettans –>>>> Big A…H…..

  68. hello everyone,
    Honestly bengalis are the best in India. Proud to be a bengali. Banglar Joy Hok.

  69. first of all we try to call ourself indian. why are we segreating ourselves as malayalie ,madarasi,bengali,norhtindian,etc..

    we are all indian..please dont segrate ourselves

  70. No man really u see bengalis are really best in india. In every aspect we r best.

    • Hello man every state like there own language why you fight i am best and you are worst. kids fight? if you love your state good but dont put others down
      stop this idiots and work for country.

    • Bengalis are best in what may i know? i have friends in bengal who tell me sex happens openly in parks & colleges in the open. Their contribution to the indian economy is practically 0%. The communists are the laziest on the planet. They neither get betteer nor let anyone get better.
      Although many of u northies( which includes bengalis) on this blog are shrieking under a veil of national unity, if today we are the most corrupt nation on earth, have nearly 40 % of population below poverty line and can hardly hold our nation unified because of forgien policy, it is because of leaders from the north who have ruled and ruined the country for 63 years and are definitely 3 rd rate and incompotent.


    Changing name from CALCUTTA to KOLKATTA is the only development LOL. Remember what Rajiv Gandhi said long back for CALCU/KOLKA TTA ” The city is dying”.

    Even Ravindranath Tygore was from CHAT GAON, You you were left were with Sharmila, Saif, Mamata, & your favorite Kishan so called kishanjee.

  72. Don’t go down to the level of this idiot. Just sayBad Buzz and show thumb down


    • I see that my ex-subjects haven’t learnt a thing – I can come back to conquer them again, they’re so divisive!. After all, I was declared Empress of India at the Delhi Darbar in 1877, and I believe the venue is still there. Make Way, my ever loyal Hindoo Subjects, Vickie’s coming baack!.

  74. Gujaritis and punjabis did slaveery for English masters and wiped their a*, and landed in western counteries to do slevary working in fields and as servants, this was 40 to 60 years ago. Later their kids became educated and suceeded, so WHATS NEW. The first landed immigrants in these western counteries have worked as sleves and servants, if not ask your grandfather and grandmothres, how they were spit upon and called cocunut and browns, so please do not act superior. The mallus are smarter, these punjabis and gujratis paved the way, now the mallus first generation kids educated in India, have come to dominate these counteries, and give it some time, they will outnumber in trems of people and activity, and public relations, similar to the how they have done in the middle-east.

  75. Dear Rahul,
    Quite a long time back I read a survey report that said only 4 out of 100 US citizens heard of India. Does India’s pride gets belittled with this? Its the GK of those people! If you know only beaches, Idlis, Dosas of South India, I have nothing to say anything. But I would surely say that when I do not know anything of North East, I would rather keep quiet but not make mockery of them. Tell me if you and me are competent enough to comment upon languages that existed before 800 BC! Don’t you know when North India was vulnerable to foreign attacks, it was South India that persisted age old Indian culture and heritage.
    Dear Rahul as you know the Indian ocean and the Pacific may share some water but how much they differ from each other! so do the four Southern languages!! (Please try not to deduce which is higher and which is not – each has its own identity)
    If two South Indians speak their own language ‘setting aside’ a NI, maybe its because they are not conversant with Hindi and/or not getting habituated to ‘mummy-daddy’ culture!! Please think on those lines.
    KNK Mohan

  76. Are these peopleos Hindus from Bharat or India South Asia or Earth?
    Why behave like a monkey in a zoo?

  77. Dear Indians,
    Keralites are good..smiling…beautiful…well adjusted…very friendly. They need to be respected as Keralites and not as Madarasis. The greater divison of Hindustani and Madarasi is outdated. We should be proud Indians. Of course we need to show some sort of inclination to people of our own language.
    But keralites need to identify themselves as Indians wherever they are…they have so many people serving as priests and nuns.Thank God that they serve…most of the time they think about their own people…they bring drivers and cooks and teachers wherever they work…as priests and nuns they have to take care of the people where they are working. Many of the Kerala bishops outside kerala do bring their own people to work thus deprive the chance for others. I would request them to be generous, accomodative and respecting and giving equal chance to all…their hospitals filled with mainly girls from kerala to study nursing…the locals are useless for them.Shame! they dont mind talking in Malayalam even other people are present…lack of manerism! They worry about kerala, coconut and taking money home. Let us not label them as bad …they are good …but they should be generous in accepting others.
    Jai Hind

  78. why fight? We are all indians.

  79. malayalees are proud of sasi tharoor,kk,.AR Rehman is a malayalee.oscar winner.he speaks nice english.
    request that malayalees should practice their accent if they have studied english in local schools of kerala.
    mybe idea’s idea was given by a mallu

    suresh nair

  80. What will happen if we malayalis comment on all our brothers/sisters above the Vindhyas as Punjabis irrespective of which region they belong

  81. People who reside in India are Indians. People live in Bharat are Bharians ans so on Madrasis or not. Let people forget labelling and devisins debasing and destructive. Anybody can label oneself great!

  82. Mr. Suresh,
    Please read the early life of Mr. A.R.Rahman…and comment on him whether he is a keralite or otherwise?
    Shall we work for the betterment of the country? When the country is developed, Kerala will automatically be developed.
    Be happy dear

  83. Steady on ,Surya Praphulla Kumar. Don’t get so worked with the north Indians addressing the Keralites as Madrasis. To many north Indians, all southies are Madrasis. I agree they must make an effort to clearly identify different south Indians. Since most of the Indians in the UK are either Gujaratis or Panjabis, I am often mistaken for a Panjabi, because I speak Hindi. It makes no difference to me. I just correct them. I am from Uttar Pradesh- the land of Ram & Sita.Ram Ram,Suryaji.

  84. Its interesting that we as indians fight over the ad which depicts interstate differences. HSBC bank ads always depicts indians as stupid persons – for example using washing machine to make lassi and so forth. I havent seen any major outcry against this.

    No wonder that we have been always invaded and ruled, other nations would be stupid if they dont take advantage of these divisions among ourselves. They havent bothered to invade since all the money was shipped and was nothing more left when they gave us independence. Given we are again starting to produce serious wealth it will happen in a more subtle way shortly.

  85. First of all it is the height of stupidity for anyone to give such importance to an advt. In this fast deveping world please do not keep barking about one’s language and a language is meant only to convey a message. Once conveyed, the purpose of a language is over. The advertising people are not wisest lot and whatever they portray is only prostitution. As long as phtotographic skill is wasted on filming a female’s breast, naval and thighs sans face, let us stop buying the particular product for which such an ad is made. Will any of these advertising stalwarts display women folk from their own home for such display instead of seeking models who are only after money. And you guys are fighting over who is tamil and who is not. All you guys are a bunch of idiots. I have peprsonal knowledge of many families sendin girls with just school education and nursing diploma to gulf and a bunch of vagabonds sitting in Kerala eating out of the monthly remittances!!

  86. “What I do have a problem with is how the Malayali is made to say ‘Ram, Ram’. Listen to it on YouTube and tell me if you’ve ever heard a Malayali speak like that. A Tamilian perhaps, but not a true blue Malayali.”

    I do not understand what made the author to write this line. Let the malayalee may be different. But how dare the author to comment on others. If you do that you will definitely get back. Remember you are not at all superior to others. In India all people knew other’s negative points than theirs.

  87. hello friends,

    what is this. is this a webforum or paikhana. OK the author of this
    article had some genuine problem and aired it. why not attach some
    motivation and start bringing our all our , our forefather’s mistakes.

    Any state people, any caste people will have both +ve and – ve points. SWOT (Strength, Weakness …). So why make fuss about it? dears?
    Does it not remind us all about the story of Indian crabs in a pit.

    Again it must be a joke writing about Gopalkrishna(Infy) as mallu
    or this and that . He is intelligent and he is there where he is and not because he is mallu or tellu. why do we make such nasty comments.
    Do we say Shahrukh is a good actor and Shahrukh (Muslim) is a good actor? Do we say APJ was our president or do we start applying attributes
    like tamilian muslim etc., etc., Why this nonsense approach. Let us give
    value to their strengths and values they stand for and not divide them
    on caste/religion.
    Secondly we are writing about bandhs/strikes in Kerala. Ya it is problem.
    What is the point in highlighting it. It is as if all malayaalees are very proud of their strikes and bandhs. For that matter we as Indian are very much hypocrites(majority), lost our spine in standing erect. Yes let me explain. We do not think twice in giving bribes. All our babus(southy,northy, mallu or tellu who ever it is sara bharat ek hi hai).are very religious and when it comes to accept bribes do not think twice(sorry there will be few exceptions and I salue to them). but in general it is true. we go to temples,mosques and still take bribes. So what is so big deal or any great story about any state. Tell me is there any state where you get your driving lices/ get your property registered without paying bribes? if yes that is the point we should be proud of. Otherwise all of us (be it tellu or mallu) should be ashamed of our average Indian values. Do you disagree?

  88. Mera Bharat Mahan. It is really Mahan since it is so easy to Divide & Rule it.
    This is what one can summarize after reading these comments.

  89. Mallus. You guys need to get a life!!

  90. After living 1 year in south India and having some genuinely nice mallu friends was the reason i clicked for this blog.
    I must say a Mallu should feel hurt if somebody doesnt know difference between mallu and madrasi .And it is the matter of great shame if you are a Punjabi and is mistaken as Bihari .
    I have a great suggestion for you join politics.You will do wonders there. what an idea sirji,it ll sell as hot cake in the politics market .Look the way people are just following you and doing your unfinished work (quite obvious from the rest of comments).I dont know what kind of satisfaction you had after writing this but reading the responses is really a worthwhile(Please go through each one).Looking at the trends nowadays ,it is quite obvious finding sites to publish such awesome article should not be difficult
    But you know what… Thank God you are not the first Malllu I came across

  91. Kerala & West Bengal. The Most Outstanding states of India. We have the common sense & we are not political slaves as like some others. We won’t worship filmstars or politicians. We responds. We don’t fear any politicians.
    We are hardworking. Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India. We can speak any languages easily than others. One malayali wil help other malayali. what’s wrong in that? We have that helping mentality. Kerala has a reputation of being, communally one of the least sensitive states in India. According to the 2001 Census of India figures, 56% of Kerala residents are Hindus, 24% are Muslims, 19% are Christians, and the remaining follow other religions including Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism. Can you find any other state of this kind. I AM PROUD TO BE A MALAYALI & dont forget we all r INDIANS. Vande Matharam !!

  92. fully agree with the post .
    like malayalis, people from karnataka , andhra too have their own identity. but many people up in north mix all people with a common term “madrasis”
    same care with north eastern people.
    each state in north east has its distinct heritage
    but all are clubbed togethr as “chinkis

  93. Stereotyping never helps promote communal harmony however if you notice that in practically every country there is a definite divide between the north and the south including America ! The southern languages are distinctly different and to the northern ear sound the same so don’t expect anyone to be able to distinguish between the different sub cultures! If only the sotherners would make a serious attempt to learn and teach the common language Hindi, there would be a better communication and dialogue between the north and south. Unfortunately it is at least this readers experience that the southerners are almost militant against Hindi that they refuse to even allow Hindi television channels in certain parts of the south. Combine that with the push and pull of religion and you get pretty complicated situation. We already have clamorings for Khalistan, then someone would want IsaiStan and it would not surprise me if there were clamorings for South Pakistan ! Why not – it is rather impractical to govern 1.25 Billion so break them up and make it easier ?

  94. If I may offer a different perspective ..

    Why the labels? malayali, madrasi, indian, keralite, tamilian etc. etc.

    Once you’ve seen the face of god-divine-source-universe- whatever you want to call it,
    You see that same face on everyone you meet.

    Knowing god is the source of compassion in our lives. We realize that our separation from others is artificial. It is our own egotism that leads us to define ourselves as individuals. In fact, a direct experience of god is a direct experience of utter universality of life. If we allow it to change our way of thinking, we will understand our essential oneness with all things.

  95. Random thoughts:

    Why all the girls from kerala like lollipop?

    Do all the keralite women do lot of “bench presses”?.. their upperbody is very well developed.

    Why kerala women are easy??

    Is infedelity an accepted reality among kerala women.. ?

    • fuck u bastard..how dare u to talk abt women like this?..bloob bastard reveal ur I’ll cut ur throat


  96. fuck u bastard..how dare u to talk abt women like this?..bloob bastard reveal ur I’ll cut ur throat

  97. This post seems to be stupid.The advertisement shows some message in common that could easily be understood by common people.That’s all!. Being thinking himself a perfect gentleman or as a man full of knowledge,the author tries just to establish his foolisness. May be, he may got some silly satisfaction by establishing some deep explanations to an advertisement showing a story of 4 foolish friends got interacted between themselves for survival.Try to do some good work if possible or else go and sleep without disturbing anybody like this,without raising any sensational issues in the Integrated India.

  98. “Hate India” campaigners in Pakistan, China and the terrorist outfits especially in Pakistan will be happy if they get chance to read these comments. India does not need an outside enemy. Her own children will help disinterate this great Nation. Be broad minded – come out of the “regionalism” shell. All are inter dependent and need each other. Be an Indian first. Jai Hind.

  99. this is really sarcastic there is a lot of difference between both Mallu’s & Madrasis. Both M2 are brilliant, dirty minded at same time religious etc one thing to be appreciated is a Nair opens a tea shop when a madrasis rush to it in this we find that both are equally talented… but one min lets not forget that we r INDIAN

  100. Sasidharan Pillai A.K.

    All the people on Earth behave the same way . Differences are because of the Cliamtic, Economic, Social circustances.
    In Underdevoloped Countries we have Regionwise, Languagewise, Religionwise, Castewise Groups and thinking on those lines

  101. shame!!!!!!!!the britishers were right in saying,Bloddy Indians, when we will feel that we are indians,how long we will promote regionalism,this stupid country is already divided in the name of caste, sub caste, religion etc, Churchil had once told, this country will be again didvided in to pieces, days are not far if we continue with this madarasi, bihari, malu, punajabi etc etc;;;spirits, bloddy indians try to unite

  102. It is true that in Germany we have Germans & in America we have Americans. But here in India its always about Malayalis, Bihari, Madarasi, Punjabi, etc. Grow up blogger…I wish you saw the message in the Ad & not read too much into thin lines..The message of the Ad is simple..Language needs no barriers..So just shut up watch the Ad & enjoy & stop blogging non-sense & showing your narrow minded attitude..

  103. we are all indians. Rubbish messages should not be published

  104. Hey Tamil sagas… aren’t u ashamed of urself…. huh… Hw can u even compare us and malayalees??? Dogs always bark at sun …. so no need to be worried.. n there is no reason for u to fight here… behave like a tamilian .. As always forefathers forgive their great grand children.. we r millions of years old n they r jus few 100 years old…. Moreova malayalees i found a comment sayin “U cant find a single hut in Kerala” then y the hell u guys go to some other places for earning?? if kerala is so beautiful …. moreover the secret of the beautiness is thr is no industry in kerala… even if there is an industry thr will be no ppl to work.. bloody jus shut all ur tumphetting mouths…

  105. North vs. South…Niceee..We from the east,specially northeast do not exist and we dont mind.

  106. Well this is a real issue here. If i had a nickel for every time someone said, “hey how come you don’t speak tamil” or “you’re from the south, how come you don’t understand telugu or kannada” , i’d have enough money to get a new Ipod. This Ad, and the people behind the ad, ( who I’m guessing are northies from personal past experience).. have gotten something’s wrong about the south… what they believe is that.. people who have the same skin complexion are the same.. and that’s wrong.. yes India must stay united.. but its equally important to acknowledge and respect different cultures for who they are. So the people behind this particular ad, did it wrong… I would say they are really poor at their job.

  107. shit mallu’s

    You don’t have any source for food… begging other states… first stop going to gellff (GULF) you will sell your own wife’s for your job promotion. you peoples are famous for doing shit jobs.. and you people should find your own source for food…

    STOP your comparison… think that we are all INDIAN’s

    • So much of hate and slander, use of nasty language and capping it off with ” We are all Indian”. You should surely be a politician…. a ‘Truly Indian Politician’ irrespective of your location.. Jai Hind

  108. Guys …settle down… Dont you think we need to look at the bigger picture of US BEING INDIANS THAN MALLUS OR TAMILS OR PUNJABIS…..????

  109. Whats the whole point in fighting here. Any one belongs to a different race if addressed differently wont feel good. The mallu guy in the AD tries to say RAME RAME who the hell pronounces Ram in this way? Every Indian is proud being themselves so why people go furious where the message is simple. Malayalees should be addresses as malayalees and not madarasi. All brainless people fighting for a baseless issue.

  110. First get those Newshens to stop pronounce Kerala as Keral, how would Haryanvis take it,if you pronounce it as Haryan…..
    This thing about may be a true blooded Tamilian was uncalled for, if one has to criticise Malayalees, there is plenty in store,but was that the author’s idea??…I wonder!!

  111. Nikhil Radhakrishnan

    What an idea sirji? So many readers…

  112. mallu men very intelligent and women good looking. The men never honest and women seldom chaste. these mallu men will even pimp for their wives to satisfy their managers for promotions and salary raise and the mallu women are never shy of spreading their legs to get thei thing done.

  113. All you guys need is a good booting. Only then would you guys get on with life.

  114. @quatrocchi…..lol!…you said it,what you left unsaid was,they are ac/dc in addition. So what the boss wants,they get it for the boss.

  115. As a Malayalee, I am of the opinion that Tamilians are much more proud of Tamil Nadu and Tamil than Malayalees are of Malayalam and Kerala. Perhaps only Punjabis equal the Tamilians in their love towards their state.

    I for one have no problem whatsoever in being called a Madrasi, and in fact, am proud of it!

  116. I am a northie and I know how to differentiate a Madrasi and a Malayali or a Telugu. Malayalees are chubby with moustache, cunning, selfish, and look funny. Once I asked a man from kerala are you from Madras, because kerala’s capital didn’t strike to my mind.

    The man didn’t get angry but was trying too hard to explain that he is not from Madras but kerala. That made me laugh and said I know that ur from kerala but the capital didn;t strike to my mind and then the man calmed down. The blogger seems to be doing the same.

  117. cultural identity yes….

    there are a lot of misconceptions in this country …it is due to the huge geographical and cultural diversity …. inferiority superioirity all kinds … everyone doesnt want his “group” to be potrayed in a wrong manner thats all …

    mallus are different than other ppl. … so is the rest of country .. everyone is diferent so what >>???

    why the hell are we fighting over it …

    kerala is a small state run mostly by communist attitude so strikes are higher so lesser industries… it has merits and demerits …

    one labour is valued… now over valued…
    eco system preserved bcuz of that to an extent…..it is on the world tourism map bcuz of that..

    everything every culture, state , countries,ppl have its +ve and -ve … why are we fighting in btwn each other…. shame on all of us …

    i see this article as a general correction of attitudes and misconceptions of ad makers and not the whole of india … if ads are wrong since they have a wide reach … ppl will think wrong…

    all states have an accent of spking english or any language…

    all dont speak neutrally… its just not with mallus… all mallus dont speak like lolakutty ….anyway that programs meant be taken lightly …

    stop hurling arguements at each other … any intelligent person wud stop ranting hatred on each other even if he thinks others are wrong… grow up

    somebody said if u ask a mallu he will say he is from kerala …. that is not selfish … it is called communication…

    all indians speak in their mother tongues when they meet someone from their place… not just mallus… its a bad habit which earned a bad name outside india fo them…. all “isms” take any similar kind of ppl … you will see …

    birds of same feather flock together …. just dont take it too much thats all …i also have had hindi lecturers speaking hindi in a neutral class… its natural to them … they have to correct it though , as it is not good communication…

    everything every culture, state , countries,ppl have its +ve and -ve … why are we fighting in btwn each other…. shame on all of us …
    no wonder our country didnt grow as we should have…



  119. I am proud to be an INDIAN rather than a keralite

  120. I don’t know what the purpose of this article but seeing the comments and remarks from pretty much everyone out in our country it’s clear that we don’t like each other.
    I’m a malayali but that doesn’t make me great or puts me ahead of everyone else. It’s just my ethinicty but i’ll be an Indian citizen no matter which part of the country i belong. No group, community or country can come up if they have differences between themselves. It’s high time we understand our positives/negatives and try to utilize that we improve ourselves and or country.

  121. Malayalees look different, accent is different(positive way),culture,customs too differ in many ways to other south Indians. We Feel Sad if We are compared to Madrasi aka Tamilians as We are different from Tamilians in many ways although our Language Malayalam is similar to Tamil. Ours is a Secular State in most aspects and We don’t feel proud in being called “mallu” or whatever it is. We adpot to where we Live and respect their culture unlike north Indians Who Will not learn the Language of the place where they live.

    good luck 🙂

  122. Identifies as Keralite or Malayali rather than a tamil,telgu,kannada . it is no superiority complex, but personal experience suggests that other south indians are very different in culture compared to Malayalees.

  123. Hello everyone.

    I am a mallu and I love Kerala. But I hate to say that more than half the people from here are narrow minded fussballs who usually find nothing better to do than be fricking opinionated beyond belief. ITS INSANE! Get a life fellow mallus.

  124. its unfortunate that so much importance is given to issues that are hardly relevant. i find it puerile, to say the least.
    Granted, advertisements and the media stoke fires with their revolting ideas, but its absolutely silly to be crying hoarse over issues that ultimately lead to more dissent and prejudice.
    indian states have enough to bicker over without having you to add to the fracas.
    there will always be opinionated imbeciles, but giving them a chance to vent their rubbish is madness.
    Dr. Mallu from madras

  125. Then why the fuck you bloody mallus.. coming to work in chennai.. and sleeping with every one and getting promotion,.. and being good only with mallu people.. blooody assholes mallus



  128. Mallus will appear in any part of the continent whenever there is shortcomings ,lack of leadership and even to civilize the uncivilized. So Muniandys who have abandoned their traditional names need to grasp.

  129. Hi everyone

  130. What the hell is your problem guys ?

    What the author said is RIGHT. Malyalees have their own identity. They are malyalees or mallu’s from Kerala. And all malyalees have the right be proud of their identity. Why the hell are you people from tamil getting a pain in your ass ? If they show some other language as malayalam on national television, it is wrong and should be corrected.

    And there are four states in Southern part. Each different and unique in their own way. The rest of them have to know that.

    Everywhere if they have to show us as south indians first thing they do is paint their face black color. This would change only if ppl realize there are 4 states in south india and each unique with different kinds of people and different cultures.

    • Why are Malayalees desperate to detach themselves from the rest of India ? I have seen many blogs written by Malayalees and they find immense pleasure in associating themselves with the Arabs and hence they are foreigners. Malayalees also happen to be bathroom cleaners in gulf countries.

  131. i had two mallus friend in college.. both slept with college proffessor.. for good grades.. mallu girls most of them are bitches

  132. even i am a malayalee bitch

  133. @Ramanaa… It is best to stick to published facts. 1) Kerala is the most literate state.2) It is one of the top 5 states when it comes to GDP. 3) The number of women outnumbers that of men which is rare considering other states. While you cannot confirm a lot of things these are confirmed facts..as sure as one can be about such matters. And for your information, have you heard of the naval base in Kochi? Do you know how many people from different parts of the country come and embrace Kerala as their own? Travel around a little bit and you will broaden your mindset. Kerala might not be perfect for you..and it is Ok to agree to disagree but telling a mallu that the rest of India is bearng his weight is downright insulting. Forget Mallu..it is the same with any self respecting human being. Like any other polished Indian admonishing a not so polished one…be careful when you go about insulting people in a public forum. Everybody might not be as forgiving.

  134. malayalees are mother fuckers…they know only chaaya , kallu , Meen Kari…..All of them in gulf and their wives in Kerala with other state people… Keralites will sale their wives…All of them are Bastards…

  135. Haha well i didnt know they called malayalis as madrasis… we tamilians in the gulf are mistaken for malayalis and northies and pathans have this thing against malayalis, they corrupt the word “malabari” and pronounce it as “malwaadi” in an insulting tone. whats more? they just generalise tamilians as malwaadis as well.

    Ignorants i say!

  136. keralites are blood sucking parasites they will sell india for sure.

  137. Malayalathans are mother fuckers even the most educated if any turns out to be low life who will suck anything for their needs.
    I am a telugu who worked with some malayalees.

  138. A malayalee is a low life cleaning bathrooms in Dubai and they want Periyar water which is a fundamental right for TN for 1000 years.
    If they would have done this for Andhra things would have been different,
    Since tamils are educated and decent this low lifes are still working in Chennai without any shame.

  139. Yeah Shakila is their identity. Low life shameless MALLUS.

  140. I see no error in the post but I just couldn’t understand what these comments are all about. We ,keralites, are basically happy to here we are malayalis and that is a fact. I also felt that it is unnecessary and unimportant to reply on comments, which are posted here. It just shows hatred towards us. That is all.

    • This does not show hatred towards Malayalees but shows how Malayalees provoke other communities with their third rate clannishness ( in this case north Indians ) and get their own @sses kicked .

      Why is Kerala more important to mallus than India at large?

  141. Kerala is the most backward, illiterate and mentally deranged place in India. http://www.ksmha.org/kerala… By just reading some alphabets, does not necessarily make you civilized. If so, even some animals can be taught. Ignorant educated hypocrites like Amartya Sen and Bill Mckibben praise Kerala for their own selfish career interests. Let them come and live in this pervert state for one month. They will run away freaked with their asses burnt.

    Swami Viveknanda was not an insane person when he declared this pervert state as Lunatic Asylum, almost hundred years back. The objective here is to carry forward that truth with proofs and statistics.

    Watch the channel video. In response to a question about water logging, the highest elected official, the Chief Minister of Mallus says, people can themselves remove the water, since water is natures gift! This is 100% fucking literacy? This is the same man who called a martyr from Bangalore a dog.
    Name: Lunatic Mallu
    Mallus have a demon king Mahabali who lives underground and comes out during the onam festival. Arrogance, pride, hypocrisy, vanity, insolence, haughtiness are all demoniac traits exhibited by the mallus.

    Mallus are the largest drunkards of India. They have the highest divorce and suicide rates. They have carried the suicide tradition abroad also. Recently a mallu killed himself after shooting all his family members including his 11 month baby in the U.S. Almost 100 suicide attempts a day. They have the highest unemployment. They consume 25% of national production of psychotropic drugs.

    The mallu serials promote the demoniac attributes like anger, lust, greed, jealousy, family fights, killings, adultery, pride, arrogance and so on.

    Mallus contribute to terrorism also. Mallus were responsible for Bangalore blasts. One can see Pakistani flags flying freely in Malapuram district. LTTE Prabhakaran a half mallu. Are mallus traitors?

    Mallus are poor even below the national standards. It is way behind development when compared to other cities and states. People die falling into pot holes. One can see the pitiable condition of bus and railway stations.

    They have no importance in national affairs since they occupy the leg portion of India. They abuse the neighboring state people by calling them pandis but the hilarious truth is, the same mallus travel in rail coaches spitted, excreted and used by neighboring states. So who are the real pandis?

    Mallus still are living in stone age coconut jungles like tribals, running around barefooted, in their lungis showing balls, spitting in public and peeing on walls. Even their movies show actors fighting in lungis showing ugly attributes.

    It takes more than five hours to cover the mere distance of 220 KM between Trivandrum and Cochin instead of normal two hours taken by Bhopal Shatabdi for almost the same distance between Delhi and Agra. Mallus take fucking 18 hours to cover TVM Bangalore distance.

    Mallus have never seen a real highway since such things cannot be built in one of the most densely populated places in India. They have pathetic infrastructure, no driving sense and walk on filthy pot holed roads with no footpaths.

    Mallus are famous for bandhs, hartals, rallies and strikes. Mallus dont even have the basic amenities like power and water. Mallu towns stink with sewage water and garbage. Water pipe bursting is a daily affair.

    Most mallus are restless, confused, perverts and frustrated. Maybe that’s why they like hanging themselves and jumping in front of trains a lot. Even in trains especially Kerala express, one can always see the police arresting mallus for intoxication and molesting girls.

    Mallus are famous for sex scandals including their politicians molesting passengers in planes. After all mallus proudly gave India, the first X rated movies with their huge bosom mallu aunts showing off their big ugly attributes. Every month there is a new sex scandal.

    One can see mallus ogling at tourists at the Kovalam beach. They are famous for grabbing the asses of tourists. 26% of mallu women face abuse and sexual harassment. They are famous even abroad for molestations. Designer Anand Jon and many church pastors.

    Mallus due to the backward conditions and unemployment, migrate in large numbers to other states and countries. They do mainly low paying menial jobs like drivers, stenos, typists, laborers, and chaya walahs.

    In fact one can see schools from other states advertising in mallu newspapers for teaching positions for mere two thousand rupees. Pathetic indeed is the life of mallus. Many commit suicide working under hazardous conditions in Gulf and suffer various kinds of torture by Arabs including spitting on their faces.

    The so called literate mallus don’t allow the mallu singer Yesudas to enter inside a Hindu temple.

    A backward mallu will be surprised when he sees Chandigarh. Small towns like Mathura have McDonald outlet, Delhi alone has 50. KFC and such outlets come in places having high purchasing power which mallus lack. Mallus are usually shocked when they see the two crore plus weddings in Delhi.

    The mallu Rajdhani gets the most filthy coaches from the Northern railways since they know mallus are pussies and will never complain. Other Rajdhanis have the new LHB German coaches. Mallus indeed are pussies. The Tamils invaded inside mallu rail zone, divided and took their share so coolly. They also took away the TVM airport.

    Mallu mouths are always open for the rice to arrive from other states. Have you seen mallus stuffing big balls of rice, at weddings and scrambling to eat like animals and beggars, as if not eaten for days?

    Mallus have cheap bakeries and insane jewelry stores every nook and corner. The famous three mallu signs of recognition – chaya wallah, Hindi thoda thoda maloom and ayyo ammachi big probbbllllum.

  142. Hi all.. this is a comment made by a fellow blogger on a different blog..
    Being a Northie (as mallus here call me) and staying in Kerala for more than two Years.. i have nothing here to which i can relate myself… people are bad, Food horrible, Manners absent,
    READ ON….
    “Kerala is among the worst societies in India, live there for a year, and understand what the people say, then you will come to realize it. Anyone who disagrees in their society is branded as mentally ill, threatened, abused, and stigmatized, leading to a high suicide rate. Cunning mindset, control, manipulation, threats are a way of life there. Women are treated like second class, alcoholism is rampant, depression and other mental illness is all pervasive.

    Don’t let the outer appearances of “literacy”, women’s education etc fool you, once you spend some time in depth with the society you will understand the way they look at themselves and at outsiders.

    North Indians and other ethnic groups are often belittled in kerala, abused behind their backs, constant insulting and bullying attitude is prevalent.

    This is a disgusting garbage of a state, unfit and unworthy to be part of India. Their suicide rate is the highest in Asia, speaks for itself.

    If you don’t “conform” to the malayalee society, you will be stigmatized, belittled, and shunned

    An unforgiving, un-civilized, abusive , disrespectful society.

    The number of children raped there is among the highest in India, child sexual molestation is rampant, children are forced to accept this in silence, and in that kind of society such things can brng tremendous shame and stigma, most just bear it and in the end commit suicide.

    The blood of several malayalees cries out from its soil. Dirty place.

    Any foreigner, or outsider who chooses to intermarry or settle there, will have severe problems, let them be fore-warned.

    Malayalees may smile in the front, once your back is turned, they plot against you and plot to stab you from behind, belittle you and bring you down.

    I have lived among other ethnic groups and I can tell you, this is the worst society in India. Thats my honest take on this.

    Don’t tell me all “places” got it”, well all places may have “some” of this , that is human , but not at the INTENSITY at which kerala has.

    in all the gulf nations, keralites are disliked by other ethnic groups, they are allowed to come in just for the sake of the menial work they do there. They smile and may be polite to other ethnic groups, but they treat their own people like trash.

    kerala women are among the most abused, emotional and physical and sexually abused women in India.”

  143. Malayalam might have been developed from proto tamil in 1200(Proto tamil is not the present day tamil and the dialect is different). How ever Malayalam is a distinct and different language which heavily sanscitized(80%) . It started from Dravidian family roots however it is with 80% Aryan language terms and letters. We respect Tamil however it is not our language. The language of Malayali / Keralite is Malayalm which has different grammar, letters, and words. North Indians please remember not to call a Malayali as Tamil as it is just insulting him. Malayalees take great pride in their language Malayalam and their state Kerala. Calling a Malayali a Tamil is just like calling a Punjabi a Bihari.

    • I agree with you . Malayalam and Tamil are different and are unique in their own right . Tamilians are the oldest surviving ethnic group of India who are the winners of natural selection . Their language holds the oldest surviving manuscript of India today and is recognized by UNESCO as a classic language. Malayalam on the other hand, thrives on diversity and is eclectic by nature . They followed a system of marriage called sambantham that allowed Keralites to practice prostitution in a legal way. The current set of Malayalees carry a mix of Indian , Syrian , Portuguese and Arab genes which can be traced back to other cultures , yet they remain unique in their diversity. Therefore , comparing a Tamilian to a Malayali is like comparing Meryl Streep to Pamela Anderson . However , it’s the Tamilians who should be offended by such a comparison . For Malayalees, its a compliment though.

  144. Malayalees are very intelligent and some times hardworking guys in other states (though not in Kerala). It is only their bad attitude that spoils the overall growth of Kerala. They are always known for groupism and favoratism for other mallus. Many of them think Tamils are third rated people compared to them, though they survive and depend on Tamils for may things.. They are so smart that they try to outsmart others. As all Mallus are smart, it does not workout well in Kerala for them. So they all migrate to other states or country. They they form groups and try to help their own state people. Though all other state people also do this a little bit, mallus over do this to a great extent. Most of these are applicable only to Mallu guys. Though Mallu girls also do groupism, they are lot a better than guys and mingle well with others people. Mallus exhibit groupism, caste and other issues and are more vocal like North Indians or Bengalis.

    • Malayalees are far from intelligent , which is why the whole country knows they are anti-social. The whole country has managed to catch up with their cheap tricks and are on the offensive now.

  145. This is the cheapest possible blog in the internet . Please be aware of the fact that both Madrasis and Mallus are Indians .

    Grow up !
    Jai Hind !

  146. True, Madrasis are not Malayalees. Madrasis are those who come from Madras while Malayalees come from a State Kerala that is the largest producer of porn movies in India.

  147. To the author : Is this article really necessary ? You are clearly doing a wonderful job of splitting your own country. Give up your cheap racist ideas and accept the fact that you are an Indian.

  148. Whoever wrote this must have had a hard time with malayalees. I am a malayalee, and I seek to set the perspective write for you.

    – A majority of malayalees are actually light skinned. So your statement that malayalees belong to the Negrito race is untrue. It is like saying Americans belonged to the Red Indian race because Red Indians lived there originally. Negritos are there, but malayalees came from different parts of the world through thousands of years and resided here. For example, the Nair clan is Indo-Scythian, meaning they came from parts such as Mongolia, Iran and Mediterranean which were all called Scythia historically. There are several other castes that came from different mutations of communities. The Christian in Kerala are Indo-Syrian. Their ancestors came from that part of the world. The muslims in Kerala have genetic traces to Persians – given that Persians resided in Kerala too.

    – Secondly, malayalees are an intelligent group given that they have mixed genes, so it culminates into a varied, diverse intellectual capacity. Therefore, you will never find a fool amongst them. Other state people want malayalees to bow down to them, but they wont. Simply because they know a lot. Even an auto driver in Kerala will have more knowledge than many of us. So the best way to deal with malayalees is to not dominate them. Rather, speak with them like you would treat someone “on par”. Do not talk aggressive stuff to them, because showing and displaying aggression in Kerala is considered a sign of weakness, insecurity, and inferiority complex. Therefore you might have seen that malayalees do not talk aggressively, even though most of them are extremely aggressive. Remember that martial arts was born from this state.

    – Malayalees are not clannish. They go with their people simply because the culture of malayalees is very different from all other cultures. They are not able to be compatible with people from other cultures. Therefore, this discomfort leads them to remain within their groups.

    – Malayalees are not cunning. They are only competitive. In fact, their non-aggressive disposition in combination with a competitive attitude might come across as a mismatch – given the fact that aggression and competitiveness is perceived to go hand in hand. Therefore this combination of non-aggressive behavior and competitive attitude is seen as that of a “hyena” in a jungle. Hyenas are considered to be cunning. But Malayalees are very aggressive, just that they don’t show it because it is considered un-cool to display it.

    – Malayalees are very kind hearted people. They are socially-aware. If you have a problem in Kerala, you can reach out to anyone – and your problem is fixed. It is unlike other states, where even if the women of your family get raped, nobody comes to help. But Malayalees ARE NOT LIKE THAT. They will help you. They will form an uprising. They will create the commotion and bring justice to you.

    – Have you seen a slum with malayalees? How many malayalees have you seen in a jail? Very few right? Malayalees enjoy their lives openly. They do not rape women, steal, or cheat others. Although there could be cases, it is generally less than other states.

    – At the end of the day, people are people. Like any community, even malayalees have their share of good people and bad people. But they are the most highly misunderstood people in India. If you come to them with an open heart without prejudice, you will be loved dearly.

    – This is a malayalee speaking, born and brought up in another state and knowing all South Indian languages fluently.

    Take care brother…hope you find peace…

  149. How typical of the author ! Wherever Malayalees go, they start a regional problem. Here is what I don’t understand about Malayalees whining about their identity . Kerala as a state has no identity on its own . Though its language, culture etc.. are all taken other Indian states , why do Malayalees make a big deal out of them being different from other Indians ? If you are so particular about being classified differently and not being associated with other Indians , just get the hell out of other states . Stick to Kerala only and do what can do best . Boozing and committing suicide.

  150. Malayalis and Tamils are same. Their language is also same. Malayali buggers are cut-throat, short cut monging buggers who do not even think twice to cheat others. That is their main business….

  151. Whoever it is- I wanna tell you that you can happily defend your community but don’t look down on others – first of all don’t forget that we all are Indians. You are talking shit about tamilians. Why it is so? And I am from Pune even my great great grand fathers n all- I have malyalee friend – I know how they sound and how tamilians sound- what do you mean by comparing bhihari and panjabi? I think most of the keralite celebrities are flocking to Tamilnadu only to make their career!!! Also don’t forget that malyalees came from tamilians only !!! Read history!!! So next time you can vouch for your people but don’t look down to other communities!!

  152. Behavior of mallus are the worst , their attitude is the worst when compared to other state people. They think themselves as very good but they dont know the real world. Their world is either kerala or gulf, such an assholes and shit people are they that they cant even pronounce a single word properly. I have worked in Chennai and what i feel is that tamil people are better than them in terms of hard work and straight forward mind set. Grow up mallus, i am a mallu but have been raised outside kerala and i am not proud of being mallu as i have seen mallus getting nice beating outside kerala :-). Take the case of Sreesanth, he cried in front of the whole world. Apart from that, none of the asshole mallus workout, they all have rubber tube tummies, even girls also, with big moustaches :-).Some things in the world cannot be changed like the character of these people. God bless them, nothing else can be said, they have made god’s own country as dog’s own country.

  153. pathetic mallu. how much u whine ‘umko indi malum’ northies still call u saalamadrasi. Tamils respect us so get some spine like the tamils.

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