Remembering the Man of the Moment

Remembering the Man of the Moment
“Why are you hiding YSR? He is the man of the moment.”
My former boss, a guru to many Internet journalists, wasn’t
amused when I downplayed the story of Y S Rajasekhara Reddy’s
huge victory at the Assembly elections in
I justified myself, saying that Delhi was certainly more
interesting than Andhra Pradesh on a day when the Lok Sabha
election results were announced. The entire nation was
animatedly discussing the pros and cons of Sonia Gandhi
becoming Prime Minister.
“You must be able to see what YSR has done and achieved.
Haven`t you heard about his Padayaatra and his mass support?
His efforts are helping the Congress come back to power after
10 years. So put it as the second lead on home page,“ my boss
I grudgingly obeyed,  believing that I knew better.
My ill-will faded when I read the newspapers the next day.
All of them had given YSR great prominence.
I forced myself to read the details of his 1400-km foot
pilgrimage (Padayaatra) to the backward areas of the state,
his humanitarianism and his popular support.
Five years later, during the Assembly elections held in May
2009, there were stories about corruption charges against YSR. I brushed them aside, because I’d read and listened enough to know these stories were not true.
I don`t know what my previous boss would have said to my not
giving importance to those stories.
If he had asked me to highlight those stories, I would
probably have said: “Sir, he will be the man of the hour this
time too.”
On a day when the nation mourns his death, I know the
footprints YSR has left behind will continue to inspire

YSR“Why are you hiding YSR? He is the man of the moment.”

My former boss, a guru to many Internet journalists, wasn’t  amused when I downplayed the story of Y S Rajasekhara Reddy’s huge victory at the Assembly elections in 2004.

I justified myself, saying that Delhi was certainly more interesting than Andhra Pradesh on a day when the Lok Sabha election results were announced. The entire nation was too busy discussing if Sonia Gandhi should become Prime Minister.

“You must be able to see what YSR has done and achieved.  Haven’t you heard about his Padayaatra and his mass support? His efforts are helping the Congress come back to power after 10 years. So put it as the second lead on home page,” my boss ordered.

I grudgingly obeyed,  believing that I knew better.

My resentment faded when I read the newspapers the next day.  All of them had given YSR great prominence — just like my boss had predicted.

I forced myself to read the details of his 1400-km foot pilgrimage (Padayaatra) to the backward areas of the state, his humanitarianism and his popular support.

Five years later, during the Assembly elections held in May 2009, there were stories about corruption charges against YSR. I brushed them aside because by then,  I’d read and listened enough to know these stories were not true.

I don’t know what my previous boss would have said to my not giving importance to those stories.

If he had asked me to highlight those stories, I would probably have said: “Sir, he will be the man of the hour this time, too.”

On a day when the nation mourns his death, I know the footprints YSR has left behind will continue to inspire generations.

Salil Jose

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  1. He is a man who like GOD

  2. YSR took corruption and nepotism to un-imaginable heights.

    • You seem to leave out his accomplishments! What a negative thinker, should I say a purist, who can’t realize ground realities?

    • Rameshwara Reddy

      You must be converted christian like most of the followers. He is a plain bigot, who looted masses and fed his own coffers. The ill-fated trip he was on is certainly a secret one because he was going there on a ‘secret mission’- to establish a catholic vatican missionary in the tribal areas. He made sure both the officers he had were christians- Welsey from Kurnool and Subramanyam from Nellore- both are committed christians working closely with YSR to establish a major catholic center in the tribal areas. Yes, sure only his son knows what is going on and how to continue. The instantaneous support from all congressmen for his son is well orchestrated from New Delhi and overseas.

      • Your observations are a result of looking the world though a filter that sees everything though communal lines.
        No, I am not a christian.
        How pathetic and baseless your thinking is. Just wait until the black boxes are analyzed for the last Minuit conversations in the helicopter.
        I don’t believe you would take off your lenses, though they are blinding you to the facts. You are no less moron than people who blindly believe AP media reports.

      • People like you not only base allegiance purely based on religion/caste, you believe everyone else does.
        Suggesting that all people who appreciate YSR are Christians will only make you look like a moron.
        Do you even realize what is population density in the forests, and does it even make sense for a CM to take time out of busy schedule and conduct a secret mission to convert 100 people?
        Your brain is clearly fu’ed up! Please go and seek psychiatric help before you start biting people.

    • s u said right thing

  3. Supporter of conversions. Spoiled the sanctity of Tirumala by allowing Christian propaganda on the hills.

  4. YSR’s role in the Satyam saga, the undue favours made by AP Govt to his son Jagan’s companies, his role in trying to Vaticanize Tirupati, forced conversions etc. is all well known and discussed extensively by the media in the past. Now in YSR’s death, the media conveniently seems to have put all that aside and have all gathered in unanimously glorifying YSR as some hero who lost his life in a holy war. Your article is no different and is definitely in line with the stories put up by the rest of the so-called progressive, congress (sonia gandhi) controlled, biased, immature, irrelevant, christian, English media. Keep it up.

    • It is not correct to judge any person taking only negative points or only positive points.
      1. It is unfortunate that he had to exit in such a grue some accident. Our sympathies should go to the family
      2. the positive points are -his sincerety to help poorer class and finding innovative ways to help the most needy
      3. Intelligently he built vote banks in muslims BCs .scs etc.
      4. He took large projects and mobilised huge funds creating employment to many. But they only gave scope for making money
      5. A glaring case of using power clout is – In his son;s company which started the SAKSHI, amny people bought shares at above 250. all these people are beneficiary companies in land allotment in prime areas of city.
      6. there were accusations against him of murder politics
      7. He could not tolerate criticism from ENADU and troubled Ramoji Rao a lot
      8. One great thing is he stood firmly against separate Telangana. But for him the state would have become two
      9 Like Indira Gandhi, he did not allow any other politician grow in stature. Now there is vacuum.which may pave way for his son. We cannot say that he did that keeping his son in view.
      Both good and bad (in our view) happened at the will of God

      • Dear Parasar,

        I am not telling YSR did not do any good for the state. There is no denying the fact that as a CM he did bring in lots of innovative schemes to help the poor & needy of the state. But that is not my point. My point is about the role of the media.

        The media has gone overboard in painting YSR as an angel. YSR was no angel. I hope you would agree with that. He was a very smart politician and undoubtedly corrupt. He amassed thousands of crores of rupees of public money as wealth. Also his involvement especially with regard to conversions & Tirupati controversy is well documented. I would not like to go into detail on the scams he was involved in. My concern is purely directed at the media (esp. TV news channels). Their coverage about YSR glorifying him as an angel-CM amounts to distortion of facts and very disturbing.

      • Mr. Karthik,
        Howmany people do you think lived on the earth since beginning of mankind? Howmany of them made to history books? Very few for their good deeds, even fewer for their bad deeds.
        All the people who made it to the history books were not saints. It only helps the mankind to recognize all the good things done so that subsequent generations can carry on the good things; glorifying a person helps that cause, especially if his good deeds helped mankind greatly, people are willing forgive some mistakes, which every human being is guaranteed to do based on the circumstances.
        People are not calling YSR a saint for obvious reasons.
        You are right, he was not a saint. But, his good deeds were much beyond any other contemporary did in similar circumstances. And that the bad things he did were not as bad or detrimental to advancement of mankind.
        Time will prove it when other states in India emulate his development model. Already more than 8 states followed his ‘Arogya Sree’ scheme; it is just a beginning.

      • mmm…

        I have nothing personal against late YSR. I have never lived in AP and I do not know how all his schemes works/worked. I do not want to comment on his schemes purely due to lack of knowledge. I am strictly speaking from what I read and saw on papers, websites and news channels. My only concern was about the role of the visual media. The coverage was not balanced and was given in a very biased manner. Agreed YSR’s death was untimely. But the media used this occasion not onlyto glorify YSR as a larger-than-life angel-like personality but also chose to completely ignore to cover the other 4 lives lost along with YSR. The other 4 people’s lives are no less important than YSRs.

      • Mr. Kartik,
        There is no denying that there was corruption. There are various reasons for it; I will skip it since it is not the point.
        As for as you getting ideas from media- the problem was the media rarely given facts and spun vilifying stories continually. In this case dis-proportional attention was given to corruption and entirely DISMISSED the benefits/usefulness. The eulogy after death is partly acknowledgment to benefits.
        I do agree the media did not give enough attention to others who dies and I do agree any human live is valuable. My sincere condolences to their families.
        In our family, we did notice this and discuss about it. We looked in papers for photographs and live stories about other people. After pondering on this following is my reason, you may not agree with it: The death is perceived to be due to lack of proper responsibility. Media did not want to discuss security lapses, and pilot errors and did not want to draw attention to other people died. Since there was no miraculous escape, pilots did not get heroic treatment, unlike Hudson river landing of an American domestic flight. Since there were some security lapses, security officer did not get praise either.
        Considering the sentiment, I think, media deliberately wanted to avoid attention on other families.
        I already gave reasons on why media gave so much attention to YSR. I believe around 400 deaths followed by YSR’s death only tell how many hearts he touched.
        Please remember: Despite recent spectacular growth, India still has lot of people who can’t even meet basic needs. Disparity between rich and poor is growing tremendously. Policies that balance welfare and growth are much needed in India. He is praised for the audacity, despite unanimous skepticism, to do just that.

  5. He was hand in glove with the Church in encouraging Christian conversions in AP. The Hindu’s who tried to stop Christian conversions had to face false SC/ST cases filed against them.

    • You RSS gays first you remove untouchability and casteism in our hinduism before you start accusing others of conversions!! how can you convert anyone by force?? use your brains for once you RSS Mother F**ers!!

      • Dear Andhrudu
        I am not an RSS man. It is not correct to dub all critics who took objection to conversion activity as RSS activists. Convesrsions are not taking place to remove sting of untouchability. They are done on the false belief of christians that CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY to God and they want to save other believers. But unfortunately they dare not do any such thing in Arab countries. the tolerance of Hindus only made it possible. Use of foul language reflects your culture. In public fourums refraint is appreciated. Do not hate anybody . even RSS. true christian loves everybody.

    • Please don’t talk of the great Hinduism which discriminates people based on caste.Dalits have suffered for many years and now they have become a force,RSS goons like u are out there to proclaim Dalits as your own.In fact many Dalits attained respectability due to their conversion to Christianity.Their children have done well by studying at Christian schools.
      In fact I would like to say that if at all YSR was trying to convert poor people to Christianity,he was doing a great service.It is far more better to be a Christian than an RSS Hindu with 10000 Gods and 10000 castes

      • Mr. Sarath, discrimination based on caste is an unfortunate social evil. This kind of practice is not limited to Hinduism. Muslims have Sunny and Shia sects. Christians have Catholics and Protestants.
        Christianity started as a peaceful and tolerant religion and it turned violent with Crusades that spanned centuries and across continents. On the other hand subsequent religions, such as Buddhism, Jainism, originated in Hindu land are mainly non-violent in nature.
        Even today Hindu’s like myself are non-violent and do not trespass and annoy others with itch to spread religion.
        Pathetic fact about Christianity in India is it is spread based on human vulnerabilities, such as economic state,and not based on spirituality.
        Even after converting to Christianity, they still follow caste system. Christianity is NOT helping majority of them gain human dignity which is a noble goal.
        Remember for every force there is equal and opposite force. If you try to encroach/trespass, others are bound to react, especially when the conversions are based on vulnerabilities.
        Religion’s essential goal in the modern world is to provide spirituality and help heal once soul and make him a greater human being. Anything other than that is a charade.
        I am repeating myself: It is not anyone’s religion that irritates/offends others, but what you do in the name of it.
        Religions conversions based on vulnerabilities are NOT tolerated.

  6. There is a saying in Kannada “Satta goddemmege pancheru haalu”. That means the unproductive buffalo, that is dead now, was yeilding five “seru” (a measure of volume) of milk! That is what the media is doing out of YSR now. He was a pakka congress politician (irony intended!), that is all! He has done all dirty things for power like any other politician. But in addition to that his attempt to christianise Holy Thirupathi, bringing all muslims (including rich) under reservation, encouraging Naxalites for policial gains, giving more prominence to his son’s business interests over the welfare of the state etc are really great crimes which will be pardoned perhaps only in India!

    • Oh, Karnataka! land of Dave Gowda, former prime minister of India, who a huge majority can’t recollect.
      A land which demonstrated every dirty trick known to only Indian politics to put Yeddyurappa as CM.
      A land which could not complete International airport on time, caused Narayanamurty to resign from leading the project. By the way, do you know that Hyderabad/Shamshabad international airport started later and finished earlier, thanks to late YSR?
      Why don’t you take care of shit before commenting on others?

  7. if hes done something good for the people it was his job , hes not a god nor hes spending it from his poket,hes people’s servent.hes getting paid for it, ot of the money hes got if he spends some percentage of it 2 the public not a big deal rest of it is going into his poket ….. plsssssssss indian public get alive n wake up dont get carried away by these t v sagas… jagan is again a big gunda .. and can afford 2 hav one more ……..

    • True, he was only doing his job. Doing a job with commitment is a virtue, especially rare for an Indian politician.
      Could you name one other politician in contemporary AP politics? Pl. gos sake don’t name CBN for it only shows your ignorance.

      • CBN has created wealth. That is the initial stage of reforms. Once the wealth is created, distribution of same to public will have to follow. Unfortunately, by the distribution time, it is YSR’s turn. Ignoring CBN’s contribution to software industry and development of Twin Cities and starting Rythu Bazaars etc., are seems to be conveniently omitted by you that shows your Grand Ignorance. People are fortunate that dictatorialship came to an end, though brutally. Lord Venkateswara won’t tolerate degradation of values.

      • CBN created wealth, huh! Let me throw some light!
        1. It was PV Narasimha Rao, and then finance minister Manmohan shigh who started reforms. Even CBN recentrly said he CONTINUED reforms started by PV Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh.
        2. CBN said he wanted to make Hyderabad into Singapore. In his 9 year term, he concentrated only on Hyderabad and IT amidst numerous suicides by farmers and weavers due to poverty. CBN could NOT improve position of Hyderabad as top IT destination in India. What ever IT grows happened during his era was due to then marketing conditions. Every other place also improved greatly in IT sector.
        Carrying laptop and making power point presentations did not make CBN a great administrator, but helped him fool people like you to believe so.
        CBN was, is , and always will be a cheat; a conniving jackal focuses on image building, dirty politician.

    • CBN created wealth??!!! yes he did!! only it was for himself!! from a 2 acre farmer he went on to become one of the richest in the country! CBN did not go beyond hyderabad that was the problem, whereas YSR concentrated on the entire AP. Massive irrigation projects, Free healt insurance schemes, housing for the poor…he did not neglect the software sector either!! CBN is no comparision to YSR, look at the crowds at his funeral, CBN would not have got even 1/100th of that crowd!!

  8. YSR is the greatest chief minister the country has ever seen! may his soul rest in peace! I have been to all the small towns in AP, you got to see to believe, free health insurance schemes for the poor, Massive irrigation projects, village roads have improved etc. Many who criticise ,do so for silly reasons like he was christian etc. Let us for once jdge the man for the work he has done!!

  9. this guy YSR is just like a mafia leader.
    He and his community looted the state in the name of irrigation projects

    • You seem to be kind of glass-is-an-ounce-empty person, and don’t seem to appreciate that the glass is nearly a liter full.

    • you seem to belong to that caste of chandrababu, the caste which most of Andhra hates!! let us for once judge him on the work YSR has done! not on the caste he belongs too!

  10. YSR death is the best thing happend to state in a decade. May be his goondas elect his son as next CM of AP. god save AP.

    • Another mindless hater. These kind of people make judgment based on caste alone, accuse of others of the same, without even realizing their despicable character.
      Such people who can’t show compassion are just abhorrence to human existence.

      • When you attribute caste to others, why can’t it be attributed to you? Remember, when you show a finger at somebody, four fingers will be showing YOU.

    • well when someone twists the facts and tells blatant lies obviously caste seems to be the reason for such acts and everyone in andhra knows that people from particular caste behave like this, they have this hatred towards YSR despite all the good work he has done.

    • You could. But that’s not the point. The point is harboring hatred to the extent of losing basic human decency, and rejoicing a person’s gruesome death is despicable. A person who kills others due to rivalry/fight etc may make him a factionist, which itself is wrong. If you rejoice death of someone whom you did not even meet, is beyond human nature, makes you a daemon; No, it is not issue of caste or religion, but what you do in the name of those.

  11. May YSR soul rest in peace.We miss u lot Respected Sir.

  12. YSR was great, in the sense that he made an attempt to carry the benefits to the poor and the backward. Tell me how many of you, who are making loose comments about him would dare to get out of our comfortable cocoons and go in to the field to labour?
    If he professed to be a Christian that does not mean that he will be acting against other faiths. It is very difficult for people to understand Christianity as it does not force conversions but only clarifies certain aspects of belief and existence. It is altogether a different thing.
    He was a great man irresepective of his faith and he did a commendable job for the poor. I would be happy to see more politicians following his principles.

    • “Clarification of Certain aspects of beliefs and existence” as done by the Church [of various denominations ]all over the world right from the inception of organised Christianity ruined,extinguished and distorted many an ancient civilization in the name of “Faith” Leave alone conversion!!!
      As it is not proper right now to discuss that let the argument remain so… !
      May the soul of the departed rest in Peace!

  13. Public kindly dont missuse ur language.Try to speak good things about good leader.Poor people know YSR great deeds,you’l may be rich enough to speak rubbish.He was not only a political leader but a brother,father & friend to all.

  14. what a dumb f&^& journo you are..
    unfit for your job..

  15. YSR we will all miss you a lot! Long live the greatest leader the country has ever seen!! His name will be remembered by all the people who have really seen and felt his good work. Couch potatos will just make silly and stupid comments, they are good for nothin! best way to deal with them is to ignore those morons!!

  16. To keep stability in the state Jagan should be elected as CM. He is proved his mettle by taking on the Ramoji mafia! Jagan is honest, shrewd and sincere. most of the bad comments made about him are actually by people from one particular caste, who are scared that he will also be a popular leader like his dad and then it will be goodbye for Naidu!!

  17. He was the only genuine leader who worked for the masses, with very little publicity. unlike naidu who had more publicity and less work! the national media only realised his great work after his recent victory. now after his death the nation has seen the love and affection the public have for him. a great leader, these leaders come once in a lifetime. may lord srinivasa bless his soul!

  18. No body is wrong including the author and public…….. yes he master of nepoism….yes he is supporter of Christianity….. He too supported Muslims…..He Didn’t ignore the Hindus particular Brahmin’s…..(All making comments about Tirumala …please think what is your contribution to Hinduism and Tirumala..) He has the real hero if you take factionalism…He controlled that.. He is the killer of evils (Naxaliasm, separate Telangana)…….I am challenging none other than YSR can handle those two issues.

    He helped his son! yes why should n’t help…Don’t u help you family members? He helped lakhs of farmers by providing water…….Go to villages and enquire if you don’t trust my word.

    Finally I agree that no one is perfect……But I Can say He is great Leader of this age and role model for his determination and for Keeping promises….

    He is “The Raj” and Undisputed leader political Kingdom.

  19. Chandrasekhar, Baltimore USA

    May your soul rest in peace. People should stop talking filth about a person who dedicated his life for the welfare of the poor and downtrodden. Tell me which politician in this world is free of corruption and scams. He is the one who brought a broken party (Congress) under one umbrella in his leadership. Mr. Jagan should be made the CM because the state does not have any choice.

  20. He kept his promises, he said he will give free power and he gave free power, even his last flight was to see if he is programmes were being implemented in villages. The pilots had warned him of bad weather, but he wanted to keep his promise. he was truly a peoples leader, you can say the greatest. we might never get a leader like him! ever!

  21. Fuck YSR, he was corrupt, glad he died a gruesome death

    1. gave 104 seats to Reddy’s
    2. his son jagan amassed a lot of wealth under his rule, yet jagan only declared 80 crores worth of property before elections haaaaaa
    3. polavaram project takes away a lot of land from people, a lot of money for contractors, plus his son owns cement factories
    4. his son owns a media outlet (sakshi)… isnt that conflict of interests
    5. India is not socialist he gave free houses and health care which is good no doubt but he didnt create jobs
    6. involved in Paritala ravi killings

    Chandra babu naidu was also corrupt but created many jobs in IT sector

    • Mind the Context

      Did it occur to you that you are just celf-centered, myopic SOB?
      1. You are more concerned with caste, that’s why you are counting seats by caste.
      2. Can you name few politicians who achieved results beyond their expectation from their role without corruption?
      3. Can you name another fitting place to build a dam to achieve similar objective of Polavaram dam? You can’t build dam in air; Jagan is not the only one who has cement factories; Can you tell us what percentage of cement production from Jagan’s companies is going to Government projects and if it is beyond industry norm?
      4. Yes, he had to open it have a just voice to answer single-minded-blind-TDP supporting, congress bashing, Babu’s Yellow-syndicate.
      5. You are kidding. Do you know the acronym of PCPIR? It is just one example. There are scores of other projects, just read news papers for list of things he did… and yea, don’t blow your fuse the moment you read word welfare… keep reading…
      Moreover, you have no clue on the pressing needs of AP, and no clue of basic human needs.
      6. Do you know that Paritala lived, till he was murdered, a life of despical factionaist life, feared for his death. That is because he killd 350+ people in his times. On the contrary, YSR moved AWAY from his faction background. He converted many enemies into friends.
      If you still thing Paritala was a better leader, you must belong to his caste. CBN made it big issue for political gains, not because Paritala was a great leader.

      CBN concentrated mainly on Hyderabad and IT. You must be in IT and think it is the entire world. It fits for your self-centered, myopic ass. AP governance is not limited to Hyderabad and IT. If you can tell me you knew the meaning of ayakut and ayakut of Polavaram project before you googled for it, I eat my words. Otherwise just accept, you are just a dumb, self-centered, who mistakes ability to make Power point presentations with ideal governance.

    • You are just a mindless hater. Your opening remarks show who you are , despicable human being who is incapable of showing compassion- an abhorrent symbol of humanity.

      • okay, when you talk of humanity, what about tens of Telugu Desam party workers, killed in Rayalaseema during the 1st year of YSR’s rule. What about their families? If he is a true Christian, where is the Love preached by Jesus?

      • Tens of thousands of workers??? Well as per your views and taking into account the sparse population of rayalseema, by now half the population of rayalseema should have been wiped off!!! hey rao, get real dude!! don’t show your ignorance here!! don’t blindly follow your leader CBN, he is one man you can never TRUST!! Also, think beyond your stinking caste!!

      • Mind the Context

        Mr. Rao, just because CBN made a big scene of Paritala’s death neither make Paritala a great leader, not it counts as multiple deaths. Unless you know the numbers/statistics, you are just influenced by the hype/media(read CBN’s yellow syndicate).
        You mentioned in the first year. Then what happened in the following years, you are agreeing that it abated after the first year. It is a GREAT compliment you can give to YSR, for his efforts to curb factionism paid off.
        Just like you can not say CBN is rot of all deaths in this regime, you can’t say YSR is root of all deaths in his time. CBN failed to curb Paritala. Thanks to YSR, today Kadapa and Anantapur are almost faction free.

    • With a name like Bobby, what else can we expect from this moron!!!

  22. Mind the Context

    Everything has context. Even YSR’s saga has a context too. He came from a faction background, but he moved away from it: Proof – YSR’s father, Raja Reddy, was killed by rivals, but YSR did not take revenge.
    Congress is old party and like any old party, corruption is part of it. I urge you to be practical and honest and think if corruption free governance is even possible in current times. In current times, despite this background, YSR took care or roti, kapdaa, aur makaan of poor people, and at the same time brought lot of new industries/projects to the state.
    Be honest to yourself; answer following for your self:
    i) Do you know state budget and spending in 2004 and 2009, and what is difference; If you have no clue, you are probably did not dig into facts, but led by mostly un-qualified accusations of Eenadu group.
    ii) Do you know what is the ayakut of Polavaram project and its estimate? If not and opened your lose mouth, you are just another lazy ass, influenced by Eenadu group.
    iii) Can you list 10 top irrigation projects, pros and cons? If not, you are just opposing them because you are a self-centered SOB, who do not know anything about most pressing issues of AP.

    He is praised for achieving what he did, DESPITE corruption and faction back ground.

    If you still don’t see the point, just look at the response from common public, not just from the media.

    No, I do not approve of any form of corruption, but understand limitations YSR had, and appreciate the work he did and the results he got.

  23. He is not a that great of a politician that some in the media portray him to be. He got lucky with the rains situation and managed to get reelected due to Chiranjeevi’s entry.

    One credit is that he crushed the Naxals and Telangana movement.

    Minuses is that there are troubling allegations that he tried to violate the sanctity of Tirumala and was too lenient to minorities.

    As far as corruption he is no better than his predecessors but not worse either.

    • You got it all wrong! Chiranjeevi’s entry was actually beneficial to TDP! Chiranjeevis caste, kappus, are very strong congress supporters, with chiranjeevi’s entry these congress supporters shifted to chiranjeevi’s party and thus congress lost crucial seats! otherwise congress tally would have crossed 200! may lord venkateswara bless YSR’s soul! he died a hero’s death!

  24. Hai, I want to saysom thing for the people talking about hinduism and Tirumal and conversion shit. I studied in Tirupati and I know what shit goes on there. As long as youknow somebody you can do anydamn thing there(you name it). The man Dr.YSR is a good man and did his best to get things done. Stop shitting about God and conversions. Bye the way I am a HINDU.

    • Please don’t support him being hindu, I know people are corrupt but how does conversion helping indian society in any way.

      1) After conversion, we still maintain castes.

      2) We still want reservation for our Christian Dalits, I thought there won’t be any dalits after conversion.

      3) You should see how hindus are degraded in churches and I don’t see this being done in Hindu temples or Sikh Gurudwaras.

      I have seen it all and I plan to move back to my original religion of my forefathers.

      • That is the spirit Samuel! Go ahead.

      • Let me guess you are wolf in a sheeps clothing!! RSS goon with a christian name…nice try dude!! Also I don’t understand how can anyone force others to follow a certain faith?? it has to come from within!! This force conversion talk is just nonsense!!

      • Hindus being degraded??!! Actually all the other religions happily accept others, it is only in hinduism we have upper castes, lower castes, untouchability etc…it is only we hindus who discriminate our own people!! we first need to change that and also encourage intercaste marriages.

  25. YSR is the greatest mass leader this country has ever seen!! Without any help from a particular caste controlled media he was able to win the hearts of the people! all this because he kept his promises with the people, and tirelessely worked for them! One needs to travel across andhra and see the good work he has done. it is not fair to sit at home and criticise him just because he was a christian and happens to be a reddy! let us go beyond caste and religion for once!!

  26. He was a dirty politician. After taking charge as CM he never walk on road. First cruel chief minister in andhra history. his death is not a heroism. his acts are on par with other worst politician nothing special.

    • I am sure YSR did not try to appease people like you who talk about politics to impress people at get together event, despite having no supporting logic.
      Any moron, just like CBN’s yellow syndicate can make allegations. It takes lot of fact finding to back up any claim.
      A vital challenge India needs to address is to bridge gap between rich and poor. There are lot of people in AP who can’t even meet basic human needs. YSR tried to lift their lives and any one can witness the response in numbers following his death.
      For people like you, donating $100/- in a year is utmost sacrifice. No wonder you can’t think beyond that and can’t appreciate the value of YSR’s work.

  27. Shrewd Politician he is YSR packed his Ministry and studded the CLP with his staunch loyalists. Not just e his minions he manipulated matters in such a way he has a strangle hold on them. Not only the Retention of the booty that was allotted and doled out to them, even their immunity from law depended on YSR. One cannot find any other explanation for the undue and ugly chorus to make his notorious and absolutely unfit son his successor.

    YSR’s Principle – Loot the City, Let alone the Town, Own the Village and Court the Queen. It worked.

    Let there be even a grapevine rumor – Chnadra Babu, Chiranjeevi, KCR and Communists came to an understanding and Chandra Babu is engineering defections of the required number of always-available Congress Dissidents – the chorus will change overnight. “As decided by the High Command” “Sonia Ji” “Unity First” etc. They will at least be afforded some kind of Grade II security.

    If Defection laws come in the way sufficient numbers can be made to resign tilting the balance.

    • What a moron!
      Do you even know how many seats AP Assembly has? Do you know strength of each party?
      Do you know how democracy works and how CM is elected?
      Do you know what it takes for CBN to even dream for CM position in the current assembly,… Yes, LUNACY!
      Though you are such a moron, knowingly or not, you are right on one thing; yea, CBN is such a jackal, people would believe for a moment that CBN could attempt such stupid stunt.
      Such a noble act of attempting to split a party which has convincing majority can only be a dream by jackal CBN, and supported by morons like you!

  28. I do agree he is great in following things

    1) Conversion at any cost, for this reason he even was trying to sell tirumala hills, the laddu contractor is a christian, to Tirupathi Temples. He shouldn’t have messed with lord Venkateswara. His son in law is brahmin converted into Christianity and he is bishop now and claims to have converted close to half a million people in Andhra.

    2) Hijacking Media to issues like Roja, VijayShanti or others joining his party instead of concentrating on AP Development.

    3) Running the mafia inside congress party, free hand to everybody in the government to do anything, corruption has gone to unimaginable heights.

    4) He was using all conversion tactics in politics, here he was converting TDP people to Congress by various means like threatening them with new criminal cases.

    5) Giving free hand to his son Jagan, Jagan not only snatched industries from other people but he also had bad habit of forcing tollywood actresses into his life.

    Sorry for being blunt but everybody needs to know these facts before judging YSR’s achievements.

  29. It is deplorable that such a despicable death came upon the CM but if you take a view of his life he deserved it. He came from family that spread terror and amassed the mines in cuddapah and later developed political ambitions to solidify its hold over the mines. He has killed many opposition leaders, was responsible for the riots in hyderabad in 1989 ( EX-CM chenna reddy named him on the floor of the assembly), destroyed the sanctity of tirumala, nurtured many goondas in all districts of the state and appointed them ministers so that they will be loyal to him. He has sold all the land around hyderabad. Shamshabad airport was conceived and designed in the time of Naidu. The housing projects, tall sky rise builidings in noida, gurgaon and dwarka stand testimony to the wealth amassed by YSR and his cohorts in the name of irrigation projects. He talked of FAB city, nano technology park, etc and nothing came up. In the name of those projects vast am0unts of land have been grabbed by YSR and his henchmen. He has thrown all sense of decency and decorum and appointed his relatives and friends in top positiions. IF this is called extending favours to followers, then we dont need such mafia style leaders as the first citizen of the state. He is just another congress leader who by virtue of his assiduously built up intimacy to the high command managed to finish first five years in office without dissidence. He deserves the fate that has befallen him – body blown to smitherees and putrified to be found only after 24 hours.

    • Oh god, save humanity. People harbor such hatred in their hearts and accuse others for such.
      You are brain washed by CBN’s yellow syndicate. They made a mission to spew baseless allegations every day. They were right in counting on morons like you to believe these baseless allegations.
      Unless you provide proofs, or links to news articles proving these allegations, you are no more than a mindless hater. You are such a moron of many on whom TDP/CBN’s yellow syndicate counts on.

  30. All CMs resign, and their children can succeed!
    If any CM does not resign, remove them by any means.

    After all, Akbar was just 14 when he ascended the kingdom!

  31. in the first term he looted people and realised in his second term. even god doesn’t want good things to happen on the earth. kaliyuga dharma is full of sins and have to wait and see how bad will be further period

    • If some one had sinned, he would have never died such heroic death, you moron!! YSR will live forever! Look at crowds who came for his funeral, amazing!! Not a bird was visible in hyderabad, the state came to a total hault! the entire country shook by his death! may the almighty bless this great soul! criticism and hatred will always be there, even Gandhiji had his own share! let us salute to this great leader YSR!!

  32. politics is not rajarikam to transfer the power to their hirers please think and take action

    • OK! so one should grab power like chandrababu is it? Like the way he backstabbed his Father in law?? If 145 MLAs want Jagan, then the congress high command should listen to them, this is the way democracy should work, not like the way naidu did!!

  33. He was GOD!! YSR was god in human form, many believe that, he was the latest avatar!! what a great man, what a heroic death!!!…Long Live the KING!! KING YSR!!

  34. In 2004 when YSR made padayatra, I became one of his ardent admirers as the padayatra was responsible for Congress to return to power. But during his first five year term what did we see?
    Large scale corruption in land deals, jalayagnam, nepotism favouring gali brothers and jagan. When Karnataka is illegally erecting bridges to deny Krishna water to our state, YSR is mum because his kith and kin have a big stake in the related projects in Karnataka. Paritala Ravi, Moddu seenu and a large number of opposition party workers were slain at the behest of YSR. Who doesn’t know about his carrying bags of loot to the centre to keep the high command happy? I always believed that YSR would meet a violent death as he believed in violence for selfish ends. It came true, nature obliged the wishes of family members of innuemarable victims of YSR. I am not a supporter of CBN or RSS. I believe that a person without moral values can never be called a leader. What you are witnessing in the state and media is just euphoria.

    • Not really! You are witnessing a fitting farewell! You can’t understand it because you always looked through a lens that filters ALL good things and let you see ONLY bad things. You even highlight bad things and attribute disproportionate blame to YSR.
      YSR succeded in curbing Factionism and Naxalism. Few killings like Paritala’s were SPILL OVERS from previour CBN’s regime. In 9 years of CBNs ruling murders were unabated. On the contrary, YSR greatly succeeded in curbing factionism in Rayalaseems.

  35. if it is the that ok, even chandrababu did not back stab and grab the power all the mla’s wanted it to happen like that

    • True, after he paid and gathered all MLAs kept them locked in Viceroy hotel and guarded them…
      If you say CBN did not back stab, it only shows your motives.

  36. Dear All Frends,

    You All Are Must Know that When YSR REDDY Born That Time His Family Having More 10000 Acre Land But This Gentleman Handed over More than 5000 Acre Land To Poor People And Worked For Poor People For Him There is No Religion He is Coverted and Doctrate Not Like you Now a Day Every Body Studying BE That is Also Same Government is Giving Loan Facility You All People Dont Know About Him Because you All Are Working In Software Mental Like so you All Mental peoples I Know Another 10Years Time you Will Be Mad Roaming in Street.MIND IT

    • Prkasham!! Why do you think people of certain profession have no common sense, I don’t get it.
      Look at both sides of the coin, tell me one example of leaders who have donated money selflessly without expecting anything in return. I don’t think anybody in this last 30 years have done that. Please don’t be emotional in your claims, if he was so selfless then he wouldn’t be amassing so many industries. There are lot of folks here in sheeps skin, they pretend to be hindus but they are christian converts(who are looked down upon in US) are supporting YSR.

      • mmm…. Man, you need to remove your RSS lense. Your last statement shows that you ASSUME all people who appreciate YSR’s work are Christians.
        You can’t be more wrong.
        It is his audacity to even dream huge water projects made him a real hero. Do you know there are no major dams (in AP) built after Nehru? People like you try to find only negatives and dismiss all the good work. In the end you say, unless it is perfect, it is worth nothing. That makes you unrealistic and takes you far away from ground reality.

      • Actually ‘Oh God!’ you are sheep in wolf cloth. You stole my screen name.
        So typical of CBN’s yellow-syndicate. You do the wrong things and attribute it to other people. So typical of a jackal CBN follower, CBN hijacked his father-in-laws government. You STOLE my screen name.
        What a shameless, useless life! You can’t even find a screen name, you had to STEAL it.

  37. Hello Mr.Oh God,

    What ever you Saying I am Acepting for Selfish But Some Leader Born In Crore Pathi They Never Goes In Wrong Way May Be His Younger time they Done Goondaism But Past 10 Years What he Done In AP No Body can Done . My Dear Friend When He is Born Know He is Crore pathi He is Not Ordinary Man Dont think about Industries he is Looted if you have any Proof He is looted Not At All That is YSR . If he Interest He can Buy AP. But He think something we have do For Poor Peopls He Done . so that only Now EveryBody Behind and Supported.

  38. YSR was a big farse. He was the most corrupt politician. The money he and his son Jagan ammassed was well dirtibuted to his family members (Gali Janardhan of Karnataka) and percentage of funds to Sonia Gandhi for the Election fund. His motto was – I will siphon the money and would let the contractors (irrgation project contractors ) also siphon the public money. In the end the Andhra pradesh would be drained of the public funds.

    The media is forgetting the high-profile corruption cases (most of them Real estate, SEEZ) etc and glorifying this guy.

    Actually its a Good riddance with his death, but another evil face will show up as Chief Minister
    (I guess his son Jagan). We need a Cief Minister who can take AP’s interest first then personally getting rich

    • Without personally getting rich.., who else can we find?
      Aaah! CBN, the great jackal who STOLE his father-in-law’s democratically elected government. Do you want him to do the same again, by splitting democratically elected Congress party?
      SHEEP like you are herded by CBN’s yellow-syndicate and are made to look at only negatives. You conveniently dismiss ALL good things done by YSR, just as suggested by yellow-syndicate.
      Do yourself a favor, and list all major projects that came up due to YSR. Then ask few others to verify the list. Then you know you didn’t even scratch the surface.

  39. I am YSR’s first cousin who was deeply troubled and sad when the helicopter went missing. After the helicopter crash site was found with the five bodies, I was greatly relieved because I knew that my cousin went to be with God and rejoicing in heaven. In stark contrast to his life on earth, YSR must be kneeling down at the throne of God and surrounded by the Glory of God, the Maker of heaven and earth, the King of kings and Lord of lords. Yet, in spite of this reversal of roles in which he is worshiping rather than being worshiped, YSR must be enjoying the “eternal pleasures” and “perfect happiness,” by being in the presence of Almighty God Himself.

    I am blessed to have had YSR as my cousin, a man who excelled himself and showed himself as “genuine” and “authentic” in purpose and deed, a man who truly loved others and gave himself up in service to mankind, a loving husband, father, brother, cousin, uncle and….the best CM a state could ever have! I thank you, Jesus, for choosing YSR to be your child, and blessing him in the eternal realm with your pleasures which are of far greater value than anything that this world has to offer. May the readers of this also be blessed by your love as they seek to find the truth in Jesus Christ and may God bless them abundantly!

    Please contact me if you would like to know more about this blessed privilege of knowing Christ as your Saviour and to experience the peace of God which surpasses all understanding

    Kind regards,

    Moses David PhD
    Scientist, Minnesota, USA

    • Romans 4:7,8

      “Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are forgiven, and those whose sins are covered;
      Blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin.”

      • At most railway stations in India, few pool beggars surround you for money. I do have pity for their plight and I appreciate people like YSR who try to lift their spirits.
        However, some of those kids touch you with full realization that you throw some alms in disgust and to avoid them not touch your.
        People like you, Mr.David, are much more disgusting than those beggar kids.
        Find a life, and don’t thrust your religion on others by inappropriately hijacking posts and trespassing.

      • You are no better than a swine. It doesn’t matter where you leave a swine, even in heaven, it succeeds to fill its surroundings with its own feces.
        People like you do the same.
        You surround yourself with irritated fellas who don’t give a damn to your inappropriate thrust of religion.
        Really, how do you measure your success? By counting, how many people you irritate in each minute?
        You are a worthless creature and have no soul! No wonder you resorted to this despicable task even after earning your PhD.

    • Matthew 5:14-16

      You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven,

    • Obviously your PhD did not help you grow out of self-centered-ness. You are not only a moron but also an immoral human. You claim to be cousin of YSR, and still hijack a thread devoted to his services.
      Really.. how does your religion pay you? Based on how many times you INAPPROPRIATELY tried to thrust your beliefs on others?
      First find cure for your pathetic self-centered self.

  40. all u gyes just fu**k off u idiot chaps if u cant respect the leader then just let shit be upto u only…..blaming urself does not claim u cool u monks ur pointng at him !!!! then wat hv u done 4ur state……??????

  41. Almighty is one saviour is one. Let each worship his/ her own religion and reach salvation. Let us not exploit poor, innocent by reaching them like snakes in green grass. Moses david sahebs & the like indulge in unnecessary poltics that so n so is only the saviour. Lots of ways are there for all religion followers and leave them to pursue their God. Many times if not always I saw YSR with vermillion on forehead . If NTR/ Chiru was actor first, politician later but YSR the is the other way round. It is obvious Sonia/ Rahul kept him close to chest. If no body contacts Moses David Babu, he will send dollars for these poor for known reasons.

    • Acts 3:6b

      “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk”

      • This inappropriate behavior of thrusting religion on others is what actually IRRITATES other people. It is not anyone’s religion that irritates others, but what you do with it.
        This inappropriate exhibition of itch to spread religion is EVIL. I am sure your god also does not open his doors for you!
        Your life SUCKS, and that lost your senses and started hijacking this post.

  42. We are all one universal spirit!

    Moses David if you are really a good christian then don’t look at caste and marry a Dalit Christian if you can do that I will move to your religion.

    Hijacking of Sanatana Dharma has created current plight of Hinduism, Britishers encouraged western education thus reducing the hindu teaching to masses, which(Sanatana Dharma) teaches Body and Soul are different, one can achieve self realization by winning over your senses. Due to lack of these teaching we are currently being exploited of our poor people’s abject poverty and their slavery towards desire of money.

    The funny part is, Church which is supposed to be sacred is exploiting ones weakness instead of helping them get rid of this weakness. Resorting to all sorts of tricks, converting People at Higher Positions so people below them can be converted using their power.
    Buying Media time in early morning so that Santana Dharma pravachanams are not carried out in the early mornings in major channels.
    Buying JayaSudha and JayaPradha, when they were vulnerable to get converted, thus their fans.
    Distributing lands to those who get converted and remain converted.
    Trying to build churches in major Hindu Monumental areas, so that they create a strong christian presence to people and neutralize current Hindu traditions and support.

    There are things which boil my blood, these people are down to convert and exploit passive Hindus. If you are hindus please support some the grassroot organizations which are trying to educate poor and build them character.

  43. I have encouraged land grabbing in the state. I have benefitted land mafia and the unscrupulous business men whom I have shielded against public outrage.
    I have fumbled several times on how many acres of land my family had and how many acres I have surrendered to Govt. I have placed the interests of my son and relatives above the interests of the state. I told the press immediately on becoming CM for the firs time that my most favourite book is “God Father”. I have emulated the Don and used my office to do what Don has done. I have used unparliamentary language in the assembly to hurt the top opposition leaders. During my tenure corruption scandals were everyday affair and I kept smiling. II have done for the people of Andhra what I am supposed to do as the head of the state. Govt money was spent for the poor with a major share looted by the ineremediaries.

  44. I have encouraged land grabbing in the state. I have benefitted land mafia and the unscrupulous business men whom I have shielded against public outrage.
    I have fumbled several times on how many acres of land my family had and how many acres I have surrendered to Govt. I have placed the interests of my son and relatives above the interests of the state. I told the press immediately on becoming CM for the firs time that my most favourite book is “God Father”. I have emulated the Don and used my office to do what Don has done. I have used unparliamentary language in the assembly to hurt the top opposition leaders. During my tenure corruption scandals were everyday affair and I kept smiling. I have done great things to Pulivendula and Idupula paya what I I have done for the people of Andhra what I am supposed to do as the head of the state. Govt money was spent for the poor with a major share looted by the ineremediaries.

  45. I have encouraged land grabbing in the state. I have benefitted land mafia and the unscrupulous business men whom I have shielded against public outrage.
    I have fumbled several times on how many acres of land my family had and how many acres I have surrendered to Govt. I have placed the interests of my son and relatives above the interests of the state. I told the press immediately on becoming CM for the firs time that my most favourite book is “God Father”. I have emulated the Don and used my office to do what Don has done. I have used unparliamentary language in the assembly to hurt the top opposition leaders. During my tenure corruption scandals were everyday affair and I kept smiling. I have done great things to Pulivendula and Idupula paya what I have not done to any other place in AP.I have done for the poor people of Andhra what I am supposed to do as the head of the state. I have not given any thing from my pocket. Govt money was spent for the poor with a major share looted by the ineremediaries.

    For all the above achievments I would like to be awarded ” BHARAT RATNA”

    • I do not support any group, effort, or organization unless it benefits my region, religion, cast, ultimately ME.
      I blissfully ignore any wrong doing if I am beneficiary; I make it a mission to vigorously object any other effort.
      I can not tolerate anyone being praised. I immediately try to find what is wrong with him and ignore what is he being praised for. I highlight every wrong doing and do not acknowledge any good deed.
      I always measure efforts based on ever elusive, non-existent Utopian conditions, and dismiss all good things done.
      I am proud to be self righteous and to dismiss others the moment I find some wrong doing.
      I demand a leader to be flawless, and dismiss him otherwise.
      When it comes to me…,
      Hey! it is my birth right to spit on the streets, dis-obey traffic laws, look to use influence at the sign of slightest trouble, profit from real estate investments by evading taxes, be intellectually and socially lazy despite ability to read, and I stay negative, … and hey! what else could be definition of freedom.
      I am a proud Indian! I can never be a leader, and can never accept a leader! Just ask me, I will tell you a lot about what is wrong with Gandhi, Nehru, and Indira. Ask me what is great about them – I mince my words.
      Gee, I always show my intellect, as above, at get together parties.

  46. Даринг 2000» всегда даёт гарантию своему Клиенту, что товар, приобретаемый им, будет служить верой и правдой своему хозяину. Нашим основным девизом, рабочим кредо и простым желанием является возможность продавать исключительно нужный и долговечный товар по ультранизкой цене.

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  47. Учеба за границей: причины да виды
    В наши дни про работодателя иначе главен документ, который заверяет об полученном образовании, же абстрактные да практические навыки, что Вы смогли приобрести в ходе учебы. Как не прискорбно, ВУЗы в нашей стране в большинстве случаев никак не способны ударить эти знания да умения, что требует настоящий рабочий рынок. Поэтому с каждым годом всё больше и больше юношей осуществляют разбор для обучения за рубежом. Однако пред ними постает вопрос про то, какой-никакую государство и факультет избрать, какой-никакие програмки обучения наиболее доступны да какие перспективы устройства на работу по завершению обучения.
    По данным статистики, промеж самых популярных англоязычных государств для учебы, США – брать в долг лавровый венок. Ведь Америка – страна больших способностей, а американские дипломы ценятся в мире.
    Какие занятие во Америка имеет преимущества?
    1. Здесь находятся наилучшие институты решетка, поэтому верховное устройство в Америке занимает лидирующие позиции;
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    Четыре. Новые технологии да просторная экспериментальная основа представлены неотъемлемой частично учебы в южноамериканском Институте;
    Пятого. Получая образование в Америка, Вы получаете возможность выбора. В Вашем распоряжении ведь, какой-никакие установки, в каком семестре и какое сумма часов нужно сделать акцент на их изучение. Таковая конструкция позволяет построить удобный график и учит учащегося самодостаточности;
    6. Опыт жизни в кампусе экстремально соотнести со чем-либо ещё. Кампос – сие комфортное местечко про проживания и учёбы, милые соседи из разных стран мира, различные спорт постройки и площадки, рестораны, клубы да ещё многое ради чего стоит получать образование во США.

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